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Designed to delight

We've designed Pathgather to be an enterprise learning platform that both organizations and employees truly value.

Integrations: Unify all your learning resources

Pathgather can integrate with any learning and talent management resources your company may already have

  • Integrate with LMS, LRS, ATS, HRIS and content providers
  • We build custom integrations for your unique learning ecosystem
  • You can also engineer your own integrations via our open API

Search: Discovery made simple

Pathgather’s unified search is fast, comprehensive and personalized

  • Single point of access to your entire internal learning catalog
  • Search across content, paths, and learners instantly with a single search term
  • Every learner receives personalized results based on their skills and interests

Profiles: Show what you know

Profiles enable employees to get recognized for what they’ve learned and stay motivated to learn even more

  • Enable employees to track everything they're learning in one place
  • Empower employees to see what their peers are learning and get recognized for their achievements
  • Set learning goals and receive automated reminders to stay on track

Paths: Turn experts into mentors

Paths make it effortless to curate and share beautiful learning curricula

  • Enable anyone within your organization to curate and share resources
  • Combine resources from dozens of different sources into a single comprehensive learning curriculum
  • Easily create onboarding paths and set up automated workflows to recommend these paths to all new employees

Analytics: gain unprecedented insights

Pathgather’s analytics gives you a single point of insight into your entire learning ecosystem, providing true alignment metrics for your learning strategies

  • Gain insight into the internal and external content that’s enabling your company's learning
  • Powerful filters allow you to drill down into detailed learning records
  • Export analytics data via the Pathgather API or to Excel

Customize: Make it your own

The Pathgather platform lets you quickly customize any element to create a truly unique experience that fits your brand's needs

  • White-label our platform with your logo and brand colors
  • Port in the all enterprise learning content, internal and external
  • Build gatherings and learning paths for your specific departments and interdepartmental teams

Let’s transform the way your organization learns