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Pathgather is a platform that transforms and empowers your workforce



Provide a single point of access to all learning resources, both internal and external

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Search across all enterprise learning resources and find helpful content in seconds

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Enable employees to get recognized and rewarded for their learning achievements

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How it works

Learning resources are scattered

With technology changing faster than ever, the old top-down model of enterprise learning just isn’t cutting it anymore. Today, organizations have more learning content available to them than ever before. Unfortunately, this content is scattered across so many places it’s nearly impossible for employees to discover, share and discuss what they’re learning.


Pathgather ties it all together

Pathgather creates a single, unified learning destination for your employees by integrating with all your internal or external content sources and providing your employees with profiles to track everything they’re learning in one place. That means your employees can finally find what they’re looking for and you get insight into it all.


Personalized learning, powered by employees

Pathgather empowers your employees to curate content for one another, enabling you to get the right learning to the right people at the right time.


What our customers are saying

We partnered with Pathgather to get this whole thing together (Brain Candy) and they have been fantastic partners.

Mike Jordan,
Global Head, Talent and Learning at HP

Mike Jordan

"I love Pathgather's user interface and the experience that it creates, being able to navigate from internal to external content seamlessly.

Minji Wong,
Senior Manager, Talent Management

Minji Wong

We’ve been using Pathgather for over a year, [and] we can say it has totally exceeded our expectations. Every one of our learners is blown away by the experience.

Chris Rutgers,
Executive Director at TYO

Chris Rutgers

WOW! That is all I can say. This is amazing, so easy to use.

Stephanie McMurrey,
Director, Enterprise Talent and Organizational Development at Qualcomm

Stephanie McMurrey

With Pathgather, you can’t help but learn more! It has added tremendous value to our organizational efforts to sustain a culture of learning.

Kenya McIntyre,
Instructional Designer at Choice Hotels

Kenya McIntyre

"It’s an amazing solution that our employees really enjoy and appreciate to fuel their growth at HP."


Francine Rosca

Global Learning Program Manager, HP

Let’s transform the way your organization develops talent