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Pathgather is a beautiful and engaging learning platform for the modern workforce.


Provide a single point of access to all learning resources, both internal and external

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Empower everyone in your organization to curate learning resources for one another

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Enable employees to get recognized and rewarded for their learning achievements

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How it works

Today, organizations have more learning content available to them than ever before. Unfortunately, this content is scattered across so many places that it's nearly impossible for employees to discover, share, and discuss what they’re learning.

Pathgather creates a single, unified learning destination for your employees by integrating with your LMS and any other internal or external content source. That means your employees can finally find what they’re looking for, and you get insight into it all.

With technology changing faster than ever, the old, top-down model of enterprise learning just isn’t cutting it anymore. Pathgather takes a radically different approach by empowering your employees to curate content for one another, enabling you to get the right learning to the right people at the right time.

What our customers are saying

"I love Pathgather's user interface and the experience that it creates, being able to navigate from internal to external content seamlessly."


Minji Wong

Senior Manager, Talent Management

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