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Can You Have Multiple Ebay Accounts?

by Kimi

In 2023, eBay was the sixth largest marketplace and had 135 million buyers and more than 18 million sellers. With such intense competition, many retailers look to gain an advantage by operating multiple storefronts.

Here are tips on how to have multiple ebay accounts and stay safe.

Can you have multiple eBay accounts?

The platform allows you to run multiple profiles as long as you actively manage each one. It involves regular updates, active communication with clients and quick responses to queries. Minting stores to circumvent eBay rules is illicit.

In order not to get blocked follow four rules:

  1. Any store should be registered with its own email and user ID.
  2. The advertisements in accounts must be different so as not to reduce the rating among customers.
  3. Advertising goods from one profile inside another is prohibited.
  4. It is impossible to register a new account until you remove all existing blocks, otherwise there is a high risk of blocking all accounts.

Taking advantage of multiple eBay accounts

While some people are wondering are we allow to have multiple ebay accounts, owners of several stores on a trading platform receive advantages over competitors. For example, they can:

  • Overcome limitations. New accounts can post a maximum of 10 ads at first. Having multiple stores helps increase the limits.
  • Develop different brands. Simultaneously work with individual market segments and realize products from various ranks more effectively through different seller profiles.
  • Reduce risks. Stores that aren’t linked, will lend you a helping hand to avoid losing all your income in case a profile is blocked.
  • Manage teamwork. Creating different profiles for individual team members simplifies access sharing. It will also reduce suspicions of multi-accounting when two devices from two locations login the same profile.

How to run multiple eBay accounts securely

Unlinked stores protect you against blocking and make it possible to give the positive answer to the question can I have multiple ebay accounts.

Except for the unique private and banking information, all the accounts must have different fingerprints. Octo Browser can give you a helping hand, replacing the fingerprints of your device with as many other fingerprints of real people as you need.

Each browser profile will have its own parameters, which means that you won’t be endangered by the risk of being blocked.

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