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Florida Bike Accident Lawyers – What to Know When You Need One

by Kimi

Riding a bicycle on Florida’s roads can be a great way to get exercise and enjoy the sunny weather. However, accidents between cyclists and motor vehicles unfortunately occur all too often. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a bicycle accident caused by a negligent driver, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights in Florida.

This guide covers key laws related to bicycle accidents, building a strong injury claim, and exploring your options after being injured while cycling.

Florida Bicycle Accident and Injury Laws

In Florida, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers on the road. Drivers are legally required to share the road and provide cyclists with at least 3 feet of clearance when passing.

If a motorist fails to do so or operates their vehicle negligently, causing a crash with a cyclist, they can be held liable for any resulting injuries and damages. Being informed will only help you pick the right bicycle accident lawyer.

Key laws related to bicycle accidents and injuries in Florida include:

  • Comparative negligence – Means an injury victim can recover compensation even if they were partially at fault, with damages reduced by their percentage of fault.
  • Strict liability laws – Holds vehicle owners responsible when reckless operation of their vehicle causes injury.
  • No-fault insurance – Requires drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to pay accident medical expenses.

Building a Strong Florida Bicycle Injury Claim

To obtain reasonable compensation after a bicycle crash, evidence must be gathered to prove the negligent driver’s fault and the extent of damages suffered. Important documentation can include:

  • Accident report from police documenting details on vehicle failure to yield right of way.
  • Photographs of road conditions, vehicle damage, and injuries sustained.
  • Medical records related to diagnosis, treatment plans, prognosis and costs.
  • Statements from eyewitnesses regarding observations of which party was at fault.

“Thorough evidence like police reports and medical invoices can help show the insurance provider liability and damages for maximum recovery,” says Florida bicycle safety advocate Jane Davis.

Understanding Your Options after a Bicycling Injury

After a bicycle crash with injuries, it’s essential to consider your options and next steps carefully regarding medical care, insurance claims and potential legal action. Key steps typically include:

  • Seeking prompt medical treatment and following all doctor recommended recovery plans.
  • Reporting the bicycle crash to insurance providers right away to begin the claims process.
  • Exploring legal rights related to compensation for both current and future accident-related losses.
  • Connecting with bicycle safety groups for guidance during recovery and obtaining fair damages.

Being injured in a preventable bicycling accident can lead to mounting bills, lost income and lasting effects. Take proactive steps to protect your health and legal rights after a bicycle crash in Florida.

FAQs Related to Florida Bicycle Crashes

What are common bicycle accident injuries in Florida?

Common injuries include broken bones, head trauma, road rash, spinal damage, and even death. Florida’s no-fault insurance helps cover medical costs.

Is there a time limit to take legal action after a bicyclist injury?

Yes, under Florida law bicycle accident victims generally have 4 years to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Can I still recover damages if I was partially at fault in the bicycle accident?

Yes, Florida follows comparative negligence rules so injury victims can still recover reduced compensation if they were partially responsible.

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