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From Producer to Consumer: Going Green Goes Big in the Tech Industry

by Kimi

Going green is a slogan that many businesses are taking up, and it’s important to look at how different industries are approaching sustainability, eco-friendly operations, and planning for the future of our planet. As we know, the world is under threat from issues like global warming, increased pollution, and rising sea temperatures.

So, it’s taking a combined effort from world leaders, governments, and major industries to all do their part, work together, and try to make a change. In this article, I take a look specifically at the tech industry and see which sectors are taking the plunge and going green.

Why Sustainability and Eco-friendly Business Matters

We need to first take a look at the nuances of going green and the differences it can make, these include

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced negative environmental impact
  • Better prospects and outlook for future generations
  • Improved working conditions
  • Better relationships with local communities

The fact is, businesses can’t continue to operate as they have with little to no regard for the environment. We are already seeing changes in our climate and more freak weather occurrences, and big businesses are key to change and reverting the damage we have done.

Tech Industries That Are Going Green

The tech industry, surprisingly enough, is spearheading the charge, and many sectors are promoting sustainability and going green. This includes some of the largest companies in the world, which is what’s needed, and some surprise sectors like the online casino industry. We can take a look at five key examples below.

Online Casino Industry

The online casino industry is also taking sustainability and environmental impact seriously, and you can find sustainability reports on many of the top online casino and sportsbooks sites. Some great examples are the campaigns for sustainability by SkyCity, and their efforts to go green and lead the way forward in this industry are especially encouraging. With a big focus on waterways, the coast, and green spaces in their native New Zealand – one of the world’s least spoiled places – their efforts are admirable.

Printing and Digital Imaging Industry

Printing and digital imaging can have a negative environmental impact, especially with printer cartridge wastage and packaging, but companies like Hewlett-Packard are going green in a big way. This printing giant is dedicated to becoming carbon neutral by 2040 and using only 100% renewable energy by 2025. They are also a big investor in research towards zero waste operations.

Computing and Networking

Some of the biggest names in the computing and networking tech industry have committed to going green, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Intel. For example, Intel (a major producer of computer peripherals such as processors) has committed to becoming net zero by 2040.

Apple perhaps has the most dedication to sustainability and it is a part of their core business values. In 2020, it was one of the first major tech corporations to become carbon neutral and, since 2008, they have been looking at ways to increase their use of recyclable materials in products like the iPhone and iMacs.

Social Media Industry

With the immense popularity of social media, it’s great that some of the largest social media companies are taking sustainability and going green seriously. One of the top examples is the social media giant Meta (formerly known as Facebook, which incidentally, also owns WhatsApp).

They are committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2030, which is no small feat considering the size and scope of the company. They have also shown ardent support for carbon removal projects in countries like Mexico and Kenya.

E-commerce Industries

Did you know that Amazon, spearheaded by Jeff Bezos, is actually the world’s leader in purchasing renewable energy? This alone shows their dedication to going green, but they have also set a range of ambitious sustainability targets for the upcoming years.

This includes using only 100% renewable energy by 2025 (this has improved as their original target was 2030) and being net-zero in terms of carbon emissions by 2040. Not only that, but Amazon already invests heavily in a range of sustainable technologies and always seeks to reduce packaging waste.

Going Green is the Way Forward to Protect Our Planet

Hopefully, this is just the beginning and it’s vital for more industries, not just in the tech space, to consider their environmental impact and try to work towards a sustainable business model.

You would think that it would be incredibly difficult for tech companies to go green due to the nature of their business, but online casinos, social media giants, and e-commerce companies alike are proving us wrong and leading the way forward in the fight to save our planet.

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