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How to Flush CBD Out of Your System?

by Kimi

One of the biggest concerns for new CBD users is the existence of the cannabis compound in their system.

Whether you are enjoying capsules or using a topical, we’ll answer all your questions so you can take CBD confidently.

After reading, you’ll have far more information about cannabis testing in general. In addition, how various types of CBD interact with our bodies.

Drug Testing for Cannabis

Typically, when you are given a drug test for marijuana, the test will observe the metabolites of THC in your body. This means using CBD (without any THC) will not influence the results.

Drug tests target THC rather than CBD. However, there is a significant amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD products. So, if you are reading this article because you are concerned about failing a drug test, you first need to understand which compound is being tested.

What is CBD Half-Life?

Half-life refers to the time the body takes to eliminate one-half of a substance. Everyone is different, so that half-life time will vary depending on metabolism, weight, tolerance, dose, and other factors.

CBD’s half-life ranges from one hour for small doses to as long as five days. Again, the amount of time depends greatly on many factors, primarily the amount you take and frequency of consumption.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

The total amount of time CBD stays in your system follows the same principle. The time varies depending on your body, the dose, and how you metabolize compounds. The total time is double since the half-life is between one hour and five days. So anywhere up to ten days.

Remember that other cannabinoids, like THC, can take longer to break down. In addition, the test that is used also makes a difference. It could be analyzing a metabolite of the cannabis compounds that stays in your system for far longer than the time CBD takes to leave your system.

How Long Does It Take to Clear CBD From the System?

When cannabinoids break down, they become metabolites. For example, THC is metabolized into THC-COOH, which can stay in your urine for up to a month. Drug screening companies choose to test for the metabolic form rather than the natural compound because there is a more extended opportunity to detect traces of the cannabinoid.

While it is rare, some labs test for CBD metabolites. As a result, these compounds would show up much longer than CBD.

How Long Does Topical CBD Stay in Your System?

A topical product, like CBD cream, does not enter your system. When you apply a lotion, cream, salve, or balm, the product stays on the top of your skin and doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

Even if you used a THC topical, the compound would not get into your system. If you use transdermal products, the active cannabinoids will penetrate your skin and enter the bloodstream.

How To Get Rid of CBD In the Body

The only definite answer to getting any cannabinoids out of your system is time. However, if you need to speed up the process for any reason, here are some general tips that may help:

1.   Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help your body eliminate substances more efficiently through urine. However, don’t overdo it; excessive water consumption can be harmful.

2.   Exercise

Physical activity can increase metabolism and blood circulation, potentially aiding in the elimination of CBD. Cardiovascular exercises like running or swimming can be particularly effective.

3.   Healthy Diet

Consuming a well-rounded diet rich in fiber can aid your digestive system and potentially assist in metabolite elimination.

4.   Time

The most effective way to eliminate CBD from your system is simply to wait. Depending on various factors, it can take a few days to a week or more for CBD to be fully cleared from your body.

5.   Avoid Further Consumption

If you’re trying to get CBD out of your system quickly, it’s essential to stop using CBD products during this time.

How Long Does 50 mg CBD Stay in Your System?

Taking 50 mg of CBD is a significant dose. However, if you only take it once, it shouldn’t take long to get out of your system. Using 50 mg of CBD oil tincture daily will take at least a week to flush out of your system naturally.

Remember that many environmental factors come into play when flushing CBD out of your system. While herbal flush products aren’t 100%, many of them have reported to work. We choose one with a solid reputation and use a home test to ensure the cannabinoids are out of your system.

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