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314 Positive Words That Start with F | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

Tired of the hectic schedule and missing your old friends? So, pick your phone up and call your old friends invite them over and express to them how much you miss them with these fantastically fancy and fascinating positive words that start with F.

Plan a hangout and surprise them, go on a nostalgic time travel with these positive words that start with F. Remind yourself the school days, college days and the days when there were no worries and small things meant a lot, the days when the biggest trauma was that your toy breaks rather than your heart.

We bring you these positive words beginning with F to encourage you to take a break from your professional life and think about where your happiness lies. Take time for your loved ones as these positive words starting with F preach that life is unpredictable especially in these pandemic days so focus on expressing what you sincerely feel with these positive words that start with F.

Embrace yourself and others, stay positive as life is too short to waste on negativity   

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Common Positive Words That Start with F   

We introduce to you the most common positive words that start with F so fish your favorites right away and describe your loved ones. Let’s roll towards the favorably positive words starting with F.

1. Frequent

  • Definition: to re-occur again and again
  • Synonyms: recurrent, repeated
  • Example: He was frequent with his misbehavior.

2. Fragrant

  • Definition: possessing a pleasant smell
  • Synonyms: perfumed, aromatic
  • Example: The fragrant candles were rose scented.  

3. Forward

  • Definition: to move ahead  
  • Synonyms: onwards, further
  • Example: We should leave the bitterness behind and move forward. 

4. Forgiving

  • Definition: the one who forgives
  • Synonyms: merciful, compassionate
  • Example: He possess the forgiving quality that lacks in half of the world.

5. Formal

  • Definition: official wear
  • Synonyms: ceremonial, ritualistic
  • Example: His formal outlook is mesmerizing.

6. Fortunate

  • Definition: having a good luck
  • Synonyms: favored, blessed 
  • Example: They were fortunate that the car crash didn’t kill them.

7. Fruitful

  • Definition: very productive
  • Synonyms: fruiting, fertile
  • Example: The crop turned out to be fruitful this year.

8. Fruity

  • Definition: having a fruit essence  
  • Synonym: rich, full
  • Example: The mango juice is so fruity that it made me refill.

9. Fond

  • Definition: a kind of likeness towards someone
  • Synonyms: enthusiastic about, passionate about
  • Example: He is a fond of Jon Cena.

10. Floral

  • Definition: decorated with floral petals
  • Synonyms: flourishing, flowering, blooming
  • Example: The floral decorations were abloom among the exquisite lilies.   

Positive Words That Start with F to Describe a Person

We bring you your favorite positive words that start with F to describe a person so take out your pen and note these words starting with F to describe a person positively.

1. Faithful

  • Definition: the one who is trustworthy
  • Synonyms: loyal, constant
  • Example: She was faithful to her but it didn’t work out for them.

2. Fabulous

  • Definition: extraordinarily good
  • Synonyms: tremendous, stupendous 
  • Example: He is a fabulous painter.

3. Famous

  • Definition: the one who has a fan base
  • Synonyms: well-known, celebrated
  • Example: Shakespeare is famous play wright.

4. Fantastic

  • Definition: unusually attractive
  • Synonyms: remarkable, great
  • Example: He is a fantastic director.

5. Favorite

  • Definition: to put to priority
  • Synonyms: favored, dearest
  • Example: Messi is my favorite football player.

6. Female

  • Definition: denotes female gender
  • Synonyms: lady, woman
  • Example: There was an attractive female in the office staff.

7. Frank

  • Definition: easy to talk to
  • Synonyms: candid, direct
  • Example: She was so frank that it took no time to break the ice between us.   

8. Free

  • Definition: not bound to anything
  • Synonyms: liberated, unconfined
  • Example: Sara is a free-spirited person.

9. Fresh

  • Definition: natural or new
  • Synonyms: crisp, firm
  • Example: The candidate we meet was a fresh talent.     

10. Friendly

  • Definition: pleasantly kind
  • Synonyms: affectionate, affable
  • Example: The girls of my class are every friendly.

Positive Words That Start with F to Describe Someone

Falling for someone? Don’t waste time and confess your love using these positive words that start with F to describe a person. Let’s take a look at some of the words starting with F to describe a person positively.

1. Funny

  • Definition: able to make people laugh
  • Synonyms: humorous, comical 
  • Example: The joke he cracked reflected his funny and humorous nature.

2. Faultless

  • Definition: not defective
  • Synonyms: perfect, flawless
  • Example: He looked so handsomely faultless that she asked me to introduce her 

3. Fellow

  • Definition: a guy or a mate
  • Synonyms: person, individual
  • Example: The boy I met in the class was a good fellow.

4. Fearless

  • Definition: the one who is not scared
  • Synonyms: bold, brave
  • Example: He was so fearless that he skydived without thinking twice.

5. Fantabulous

  • Definition: wonderfully excellent  
  • Synonyms: fine, awesome
  • Example: She cooked fantabulous food.  

6. Fine

  • Definition standard quality
  • Synonyms: excellent, first class
  • Example: Emma Watson is a fine actress.

7. Fashionable

  • Definition: unique sense of style
  • Synonyms: stylish, voguish 
  • Example: She thought blue hair to be fashionable.

8. Fertile

  • Definition: able to reproduce
  • Synonyms: fruitful, productive
  • Example: She was a perfectly fertile woman.

9. Futuristic

  • Definition: relating to the future, or very modern or advanced
  • Synonyms: modernistic, new
  • Example: He is fascinated by the futuristic modern led lights.

10. Fun-loving

  • Definition: the one who loves to have fun
  • Synonyms: high-spirited, happy-go-lucky
  • Example: Her fun-loving nature is very amusing to all of the students.

Positive Words That Start with F to Keep You Inspired

Hello, free-spirited beautiful people we welcome you to the most fantastic list of inspiring words that start with F so get ready to witness and enjoy some great positive words that start with the letter F.

1. Fame

  • Definition: to be popular
  • Synonyms: celebrity, stardom 
  • Example: His at the height of his fame but he had to leave for studying.

2. Family

  • Definition: parents and siblings living together
  • Synonyms: household, menage
  • Example: My family is my priority.  

3. Feasibly

  • Definition: to be easily done
  • Synonyms: practicability, practicality
  • Example: He feasibly trained his dog to chase.

4. Fulfill

  • Definition: to complete or to be done
  • Synonyms: attain, realize
  • Example: Ashe was very happy because her dream to be a singer was fulfilled.

5. Freedom

  • Definition: the power to act the way one wants
  • Synonyms: privileged, prerogative
  • Example: Pakistan got freedom in 1947.

6. Fervent

  • Definition: embodiment of passion
  • Synonyms: impassioned, passionate
  • Example: He was a fervent football supporter of the NFL.

7. Fit

  • Definition: suitable for a position
  • Synonyms: suitable, relevant 
  • Example: He is fit to be a groom next year.

8. Feminism

  • Definition: a movement that protects women rights 
  • Synonyms: women liberation, womanism
  • Example: Feminism liberated women around the globe.  

9. Fanciful

  • Definition: fantastically imaginative 
  • Synonyms: exotic, ornate
  • Example: Her room was full of fanciful illustrations.  

10. Fundraising

  • Definition: to seek charity for a noble cause  
  • Synonyms: charity, sponsorship
  • Example: My university’s Leading Foundation is doing a great job at fundraising for winter drive.   

Positive Words That Start with F to Keep You Motivated

Motivation is an important part of your life so we add some motivation to your life with these motivational words that start with F so take these words that start with E that are positive into consideration.

1. Fighter

  • Definition: the one who fights
  • Synonyms: warrior, combatant
  • Example: She told him he was a fighter that he does not leave the country and faced the allegations.

2. Finisher

  • Definition: the one who finishes
  • Synonyms: clincher, capper
  • Example: He was the first finisher of the hurdle race.

3. Flourish

  • Definition: to grow and develop to be beautiful
  • Synonyms: thrive, prosper  
  • Example: He flourished and grew to be an exceptionally great writer

4. Fortitude

  • Definition: showing courage in hard times
  • Synonyms: courage, bravery
  • Example: He showed fortitude in the face of a hostile society.

5. Fortuitous

  • Definition: something that happened due to pure good luck
  • Synonyms: lucky, fortunate
  • Example: A series of fortuitous events made him a millionaire.

6. Fondle

  • Definition: erotic and loving way to caress
  • Synonyms: stroke, pat
  • Example: He fondled her for the first time in the room.   

7. Felicity

  • Definition: extreme happiness
  • Synonyms: joy, bliss
  • Example: He experienced great felicity when she accepted his proposal.   

8. Fortunately

  • Definition: very luckily
  • Synonyms: luckily, thankfully
  • Example: He was fortunately saved as the snatcher didn’t notice him beside the car.

9. Fecund

  • Definition: very fruitful with respect to offspring and vegetation 
  • Synonyms: productive prolific  
  • Example: The land in Pakistan is fecund.

10. First

  • Definition: to come prior
  • Synonyms: earliest, initial 
  • Example: He passed his board exam in first attempt.

Positive Words That Start with F to Praise Other People

Praising others is a long-lost story these days so we bring you these nice words that start with F to help you praise your loved one, colleges and friends. Let’s have a look at some positive F words.

1. Frisky

  • Definition: playfully lively
  • Synonyms: bouncy, bubbly
  • Example: He has a frisky outlook that engage everyone.

2. Fascinator

  • Definition: a person who fascinates
  • Synonyms: enchanter Casanova   
  • Example: He is a biggest fascinator of all time.

3. Friend

  • Definition: a companion
  • Synonyms: mate, confidant
  • Example: She is my best friend so she will be my bridesmaid.

4. Follower

  • Definition: the one who follows
  • Synonyms: assistant, attendant
  • Example: He is a religious follower of reality shows.

5. Fab

  • Definition: fabulously wonderful
  • Synonyms: excellent, wonderful, great
  • Example: The art-piece he presented was fab.

6. Fair

  • Definition: to be on equal grounds
  • Synonyms: just, equitable
  • Example: He was very fair with his decision.

7. Fain

  • Definition: willingness under circumstances
  • Synonyms: agreeable, ready
  • Example: He had fain interest in teaching.

8. Fast

  • Definition: to move on a steady pace
  • Synonyms: quick, swift
  • Example: He progresses really fast.  

9. Facile

  • Definition: easily achieved
  • Synonyms: simplistic, effortless 
  • Example: The transition from traditional to modern way of living was facile.

10. Fav

  • Definition: a word used to tell favorites
  • Synonyms: favorite, dear 
  • Example: He is my fav sports person.

List of Positive Words That Start with F for Impressive Resumes

Your resumes are starving for the inspirational words that start with F so let them be the guide and make your resume attractive. Take a glance of this list of positive words that start with F.

1. Flexible

  • Definition: the one who is willing to adjust
  • Synonyms: workable, pliable
  • Example: He is flexible and can multi-task for his company.

2. Fluent

  • Definition: expressing oneself faster with language proficiency
  • Synonyms: articulate, eloquent
  • Example: He speaks very fluent English.

3. Focused

  • Definition: involved in something with all interest   
  • Synonyms: engrossed, absorbed
  • Example: He is a focused engineer.

4. Fortune

  • Definition: very good luck
  • Synonyms: chance, coincidence
  • Example: The fortuneteller told him about his good fortune last year.

5. Forwardness

  • Definition: the quality of being confident and honest in a way that ignores the usual social rules and might seem rude
  • Synonyms: boldness, brashness
  • Example: Sara’s forwardness makes him approach her.

6. Foundation

  • Definition: underlying basics
  • Synonyms: basis, base  
  • Example: Reading is the foundation of knowledge.

7. Founder

  • Definition: the one who takes an initiative 
  • Synonyms: originator, creator  
  • Example: Quaid-e Azam was the founder of Pakistan.

8. Fairness

  • Definition: impartial treatment
  • Synonyms: equity, fair play
  • Example: My brother’s fairness in the distribution of the cake surprised me.   

9. Facilitate

  • Definition: to make things a little convenient for someone   
  • Synonyms: ease, smooth
  • Example: My fiend facilitated me when I went to her salon.

10. Fastidious

  • Definition: very careful with minor details
  • Synonyms: perfectionist, scrupulous 
  • Example: He is a fastidious accountant.  

More Positive Words That Start with F

“F” is a letter for a lot of fun so we bring some good words that start with F for you to make your day a little extra special. Let get into the extremely positive words with letter F  

1. Fantastically

  • Definition: extraordinarily good
  • Synonyms: uncommonly, peculiarly
  • Example: He handled the situation fantastically. 

2. Faith

  • Definition: having confidence in something or someone  
  • Synonyms: trust, belief
  • Example: I have full faith in him, he will definitely win this one.

3. Feeling

  • Definition: an emotion
  • Synonyms: loving, caring
  • Example: Her feelings gradually grew with time but he couldn’t comprehend it.

4. Fervid

  • Definition: intense enthusiasm
  • Synonyms: fervent, ardent
  • Example: He is a very fervid person.

5. Firm

  • Definition: extremely solid
  • Synonyms: hard, compressed
  • Example: He keeps a firm expression on his face.

6. Fiesta

  • Definition: embodiment of celebration
  • Synonyms: festivity, fete
  • Example: Let’s arrange a fiesta in the last year.

7. Fitness

  • Definition: being heathy
  • Synonyms: strength, robustness
  • Example: He is a fitness trainer at a gym.

8. Feat

  • Definition: a success that has a lot of hard work behind it  
  • Synonyms: achievement, accomplishment 
  • Example: It was no easy feat to get him to the barber’s shop.

9. Finely

  • Definition: very skillfully
  • Synonyms: delicately, fine
  • Example: The salad was finely chopped.

10. Festival

  • Definition: a happening event
  • Synonyms: fair, gala
  • Example: We enjoyed wholeheartedly in the festival.

Positive Words That Start with F – Full List (314 Words)

The “F” ride is here for you with its list of positive words that start with F so go and pick your famous “F” words from this amazing and fab collection.

  • Fruitful
  • Favorably
  • Feeling
  • Flattering
  • Fiesta
  • Fashionably
  • Fabulous
  • Flexibility
  • Foremost
  • Fascination
  • Feature-rich
  • Freedom
  • Fertility
  • Fulgent
  • Fruity
  • Fire
  • Friend
  • Foreshadow
  • Fortuitous
  • Forward-looking
  • Fresh
  • Fountainhead
  • Free
  • Friendly
  • Fructify
  • Fellowship
  • Focused
  • Forgiving
  • Factotum
  • Finest
  • Fearlessness
  • Fave
  • Fashionable
  • Finely
  • First
  • Fantastically
  • Forefront
  • Fondle
  • Foundation
  • Forcefully
  • Felicity
  • Fast-paced
  • Famously
  • Forethought
  • Fluency
  • Flower
  • Folk
  • Forthright
  • Finisher
  • Forever
  • Fizz
  • Fast-growing
  • Fetch
  • Fired
  • Foresight
  • Festivities
  • Front-runner
  • Fluently
  • Founder
  • Fast
  • Fervid
  • First-rate
  • Fearlessly
  • Fettle
  • Fare
  • Fecundate
  • Flatteringly
  • Flavorful
  • Fetching
  • Forbearing
  • For
  • Force
  • Florid
  • Fan
  • Feelingly
  • Factual
  • Finesse
  • Futuristic
  • Flow
  • Fervently
  • Fiercely
  • Faultless
  • Favorite
  • Fascinated
  • Flush
  • Fighting-fit
  • Favored
  • Favour
  • Familiar
  • Frankly
  • Fancy
  • Food
  • Fondness
  • Far-out
  • Festivity
  • Functional
  • Fun
  • Fine-tune
  • Fluent
  • Fanciful
  • Facilitate
  • Fey
  • Formalize
  • Fellow
  • Fulsome
  • Fidelity
  • Full-blown
  • Frugal
  • Fascinator
  • Flawlessly
  • Formal
  • Folksy
  • Feasible
  • Felicitate
  • Fortifying
  • Familial
  • Five-star
  • Fulfilling
  • Filigree
  • Favorable
  • Fulfill
  • Flattered
  • Forge
  • Fiery
  • Foresee
  • Fortify
  • Forward
  • Fab
  • Fortification
  • Fortunately
  • Frolic
  • Front-page
  • Fanatic
  • Fortuitously
  • Forbear
  • Flatter
  • Fondly
  • Fertile
  • Favourable
  • Finer
  • Flying
  • Flourishing
  • Fine-looking
  • Fantasize
  • Fortitude
  • Facilitative
  • Fervor
  • Forward-thinking
  • Fullness
  • Famous
  • Friendship
  • Faith
  • Full-bodied
  • Follower
  • Famed
  • Fervent
  • Favoured
  • Forthcoming
  • Fitting
  • Friendliness
  • Flair
  • Foundational
  • Furbish
  • Full-blooded
  • Facile
  • Feminist
  • Fascinatingly
  • Fraternize
  • Fulfillment
  • Flame
  • Flowering
  • Flirtatious
  • Forwardness
  • Finish
  • Funnily
  • Funny
  • Fastidious
  • Fascinate
  • Fantabulous
  • Fruition
  • Future
  • First-class
  • Flavourful
  • Fierce
  • Flex
  • Fool-proof
  • Feminism
  • Forgivable
  • Feasibly
  • Faithfully
  • Fellow-feeling
  • Foxy
  • Forgiveness
  • Fairly
  • Fast-lane
  • Filial
  • Fantastic
  • Funfair
  • Fastness
  • Feisty
  • Fame
  • Firsthand
  • Familiarize
  • Flourish
  • Freed
  • Frank
  • Frisson
  • Forceful
  • Front
  • Financier
  • Footloose
  • Fragrant
  • Fortified
  • Fecund
  • Fashion
  • Fashionista
  • Flowing
  • Fine
  • Febrile
  • Fly
  • Feel-good
  • Fulfilment
  • Freshness
  • Fortune
  • Flash
  • Festal
  • Fascinating
  • Funky
  • Form
  • Fervour
  • Flashy
  • Frequent
  • Fleet
  • Faithful
  • Four-star
  • Forevermore
  • Flawless
  • Fully
  • Ftw
  • Flamboyant
  • Feast
  • Far-reaching
  • Fundraiser
  • Formidable
  • Fun-loving
  • Family
  • Forgive
  • Five
  • Frisk
  • Freely
  • Fond
  • Facial
  • Fealty
  • Felicitous
  • Feature
  • Frugality
  • Fit
  • Faithfulness
  • Full
  • Fair
  • Formally
  • Freedoms
  • Fortunate
  • Fast-track
  • Festival
  • Far-seeing
  • Featured
  • Flexible
  • Ferret
  • Freshly
  • Firm
  • Fancier
  • Floral
  • Fatherly
  • Faculty
  • Fraternal
  • Foster
  • Favourite
  • Focus
  • Frisky
  • Festive
  • Full-marks
  • Fundamental
  • Far-sighted
  • Flutter
  • Fittingly
  • Fighter
  • Fav
  • Favor
  • Fain
  • Frolicsome
  • Fervidly
  • Fizzy
  • Fraternity
  • Feat
  • Flavor
  • Fever
  • Fauntleroy
  • Fearless
  • Fireball
  • Forthwith
  • Fitness
  • Fete
  • Fevered
  • Fairness
  • Foresighted
  • Fanfare
  • Fanatical
  • Felicitations
  • Female
  • Fulfilled
  • Facultative
  • Fundraising
  • Fragrance

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with F

We hope these positive words that start with F have brought a little fun in your life and made you embrace the positivity that resides in you. Goodness stays in the deepest core of your heart but there are some incidents that bring this positivity up to the surface so find your incident with these positive words beginning with F.

Have the back of others and others will route for you, life is always given and take so navigate to your favorite positive words starting with F and exchange complements possessing these beautiful positive words that start with F.

We adore the way you pay attention to every detail on our article, stay exactly the way you are and love us.

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