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8 Steps for Applying for a Personal Loan

by Kimi

If there is an unexpected hospital bill, necessary house remodeling, or car repair standing in front of you, gaining a personal loan is the best option to pay bills.

A personal loan is a sum of money that you can borrow from a bank, online lenders, or credit unions. They can be used for different purposes such as paying debt faster, making a big ticket purchase, paying debt, improving your house model, or paying any college fees.

You can pay the personal loan in fixed monthly installments along with the interest. These interest rates vary by lender.

But to gain access to this loan, you should apply for it. There is an application process that you should know if you want to apply for a personal loan.

What is this process?

Let’s see the steps for applying for a personal loan.

Gather all the necessary documents

Before applying for a personal loan, you should gather all the necessary documents.

The necessary documents for this process are:

  • Personal identification forms such as a birth certificate, passport, ID card, driver’s license, or Social Security card. You should have two documents with you.
  • Proof of income such as bank statements, tax returns, or paystubs.
  • Proof of residence, such as a property tax receipt, utility bill with your name or address, lease agreement, or proof of insurance.
  • Employer’s information.

Make different calculations

You should make different calculations to know how much you have to pay monthly and whether you can afford it or not.

Most lenders take an origination fee, which they deduct from your loan proceeds. You should know how much money they will take, and whether you can manage those fees or not.

These calculations will also help you decide how much loan you can afford.

Determine your credit score

Lenders mostly check your credit score to determine whether you qualify for a loan. So, you should ensure that your credit score is healthy if you want to get a loan.

It is best if your credit score is between 580 and 670. You will get the best loan with this credit score.

But it doesn’t mean that you will not get a loan with a low credit score. There are chances that you will still get a loan, but interest rates and fees will be higher in this situation.

Select the loan type

There are different types of loans for different purposes. You should check all of them and determine which loan type is suitable for you.

For example, wedding loans are best for paying weddings and traveling expenses. You can get home improvement loans if you want to pay for home renovations. Emergency loans are best for different purposes, such as car breakdowns. Debt consolidation loans are the best way to pay off your existing debts.

Choose the lender

Now, you must decide where you want to lend the loan. Whether you want the loan from a bank, online lender, or card union, choose any and approach them.

Different online lenders provide different types of loans. For example, some lenders can provide you with a loan for your business, but some can avoid it. So, you should select the lender who is providing your desired loan.

Moreover, you should also check different options to know where you are getting a low-interest rate.

Search for them and spend time on this step to get a better lender.

Read the terms and conditions

After selecting the lender and negotiating with them, it is time to read the terms and conditions of your loan.

You should know whether there are any extra fees or penalties involved in this process.

These terms and conditions will also make you aware of your rights.

So, read them and be prepared for the next step.

Submit your documents

We have discussed which documents you need to submit in the first step, so gather them and submit them to your lender.

Your lender may ask for any additional documents, so be mentally ready for it too.

Accept the loan

Finally, the last step is to accept the loan when you are qualified for it. Most of the time, you will get the loan within a week after your approval.

So, take the loan and start making monthly payments on time. Keep track of your monthly payment dates so that you will never miss them.

If you want, you can set your account to auto-pay. This will help you pay your monthly installments easily.

Wrap Up

These are the eight steps you should follow while applying for a personal loan. These steps are easy to follow and will not take much of your time.

So, do remember them while applying for your loan.

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