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Your Path to Self-Employment – 8 Unique Business Ideas in Minnesota

by Kimi

With increasing inflation, it seems like everything costs more today. While picking up additional work hours may not always be an option, there may be a few ways to earn supplemental income. Achieve self-employment or supplement your income with these unique business ideas.

Rent Out a Room in Your House

If you have the extra space, you might also be able to rent out a room in your house. Solo or budget travelers are often looking for affordable rooms. You might also consider long-term rentals if you have a furnished space with access to a bathroom and kitchen. Be sure to check the permitting and renting laws of your state and city before doing this, though.

Rent Out Your Backyard

If you have extra land, you might rent it out to others looking to travel to Minnesota. Turn your backyard rental business into a more profitable venture with portable log cabins. Have a portable log cabin built in your backyard or on vacant land you own, and then rent it out to travelers.

If you live in or near any of Minnesota’s most popular tourist destinations, like Minneapolis or Duluth, you likely won’t have a hard time renting it out. Log cabins are also often in demand in more rural destinations like Lanesboro or Wabasha.

There are many perks that come with renting out a cabin in your backyard or on your land versus in your home. Of course, you and your renter can enjoy more privacy with a separate building. You also don’t have to worry about the safety risks that come with allowing a stranger in your home. Another benefit of log cabins is that they don’t usually require permitting or property taxes, which can make them an affordable investment.

Sell Your Hobbies or Crafts

If you have a hobby that you’re good at, such as crafting, you may be able to turn it into a profitable business. Sell some of the crafts you make online or open up a pop-up shop in your home or garage. If you have the space, such as a backyard shed or cabin, you could also teach others how to craft.

Offer an Online Course

If you have any skills, you can create and sell an online course. For example, if you work in marketing, you might help other small business owners by creating an online class. Other popular online class topics include: writing, SAT prep, DIY, or tax preparation. Use one of the large online class databases to easily find students.

Tutor Others

If you have good study skills, you may find extra income as a tutor. High school student parents are often willing to hire a tutor to help their teens earn good scores on college admission tests. You can also help tutor local college students, helping them learn good study habits to successfully make it through college. Other tutor opportunities may include teaching English as a second language or assisting adults with earning their General Education Degree (GED).

Work as a Virtual Assistant

If you have a few extra hours per week, you may be able to earn extra money as a virtual assistant (VA). Small business owners are often looking for assistance with tasks like creating content, publishing social media ads, or completing data entry or bookkeeping tasks. They’re often willing to hire a freelance VA to avoid having to pay a full-time salary, especially if they don’t have enough regular work for them.

Rent Out Your Car

If you have more than one car, or you don’t use your vehicle very often, you may be able to earn by renting it out. Online apps allow you to list your personal vehicle for other travelers who may want something more affordable than renting through a large car rental company. If you’re not comfortable letting a stranger drive your car, you might offer rideshare services instead. You can work when you want, including choosing the location where you want to work, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

Complete Odd Jobs

Make your own schedule and earn when you want with odd jobs. Offer to cut your neighbor’s lawn or plant them a garden. Let your neighbors know that you’re available for a few hours each evening to watch kids. If you have a backyard structure, you could even turn it into an after-school daycare center.

The digital world makes it easier than ever to earn money without having to go to a physical place of employment. Investing in a portable cabin or selling your skills online in the form of a class are just a few ways that you can supplement your money. The great thing about these money-making opportunities is that you don’t have to commit to taking on another job.

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