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134 Adjectives That Start with K | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

This article will offer you adjectives that start with K. As you may know, adjectives that start with K are common in English and are regularly used in daily conversation. Consequently, learning these adjectives that start with K will undoubtedly help you improve your verbal and writing communication skills. Descriptive words that start with K, like all other adjectives, are used to alter and enhance nouns or pronouns.

Continue reading if you’d like to learn about some new adjectives beginning with K. You will surely come across some fresh and exciting adjectives while reading this essay that you will want to remember. You could come across some adjectives that you were looking for.

Prepare yourself first and foremost for the list of adjectives that start with K, and then relax and enjoy the reading process. It will be difficult to remember these K descriptors unless you are already acquainted with them. As a result, the definitions and examples supplied here will be pretty useful. So, let’s look at some of the most commonly used adjectives starting with K.

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Common Adjectives That Start with K

This section is a list of often used adjectives starting with K. The usage of common adjectives boosts our capacity to communicate significantly. These common adjectives that start with K, are regularly used in everyday and ordinary interactions.

1. Kinetic

  • Definition: relating to or being in motion
  • Synonyms: motion, active, moving
  • Example: The students were studying the behavior of kinetic bodies.

2. Kingdomed

  • Definition: consisting of kingdoms
  • Synonyms: empire, monarchy, reign
  • Example: The royal state is a part of kingdomed federation.

3. Knee-high

  • Definition: up to or just below the knee
  • Synonyms: long, high, knee-deep
  • Example: Her knee-high boots go well with her outfit.

4. King-size

  • Definition: of bigger size
  • Synonyms: large, full, big
  • Example: He ordered a king-size bed for himself.

5. Kaleidoscopic

  • Definition: having polychromatic patterns
  • Synonyms: multicolored, colorful, motley
  • Example: The put a big kaleidoscopic painting at the entrance.

6. Kingy

  • Definition: relating to king or monarch
  • Synonyms: sovereign, emperor, monarcg
  • Example: This is the ancient kingy stamp.

7. Kneed

  • Definition: having bent at a sharp angle
  • Synonyms: geniculated, bent, crooked
  • Example: The worms were all curled up on the kneed roots of tree.

8. Kittenish

  • Definition: being playful like a kitten
  • Synonyms: frolicsome, playful, frisky
  • Example: His kittenish face melted her heart.

9. Knuckled

  • Definition: indicative of being restrained
  • Synonyms: deferred, restraint, delayed
  • Example: She grabbed the rod in a knuckled rage after realizing that they deceived her.

10. Keeled

  • Definition: resembling the shape of a ship’s keel
  • Synonyms: carinated, ridged
  • Example: This specie of reptiles has keeled scales.

Positive Adjectives That Start with K

When you want positivity, these positive adjectives that start with K, might help you get through the day. You may even use them to motivate your friends to perform better. As a consequence, reading these positive words will make you and the people around you smile.

1. Kind

  • Definition: being considerate and polite
  • Synonyms: friendly, merciful, gentle
  • Example: He will forgive you because he is a kind man.

2. Knowledgeable

  • Definition: having profound education and knowledge
  • Synonyms: learned, educated, erudite
  • Example: He is a very knowledgeable person.

3. Kindred

  • Definition: being similar and connected
  • Synonyms: like, related, affiliated
  • Example: I like her because she is my kindred soul.

4. Knowing

  • Definition: having knowledge and awareness
  • Synonyms: aware, wise, conscious
  • Example: Any knowing man would be able to get it.

5. Kingly

  • Definition: like a king
  • Synonyms: royal, noble, majestic
  • Example: He is so flashy and always acts like a kingly man.

6. Keen

  • Definition: having an acute and sharp mind
  • Synonyms: eager, enthusiastic, wise
  • Example: He is a brilliant and keen student.

7. Known

  • Definition: being recognized and noted
  • Synonyms: well-known, famous, renowned
  • Example: It is a known fact that hard work pays off.

8. Key

  • Definition: being crucial and cardinal
  • Synonyms: central, important, primary
  • Example: He is the key witness of this case.

9. Kindly

  • Definition: showing sympathy and kind manners
  • Synonyms: benevolent, friendly, nice
  • Example: A kindly old man helped me yesterday.

10. Kosher

  • Definition: fulfilling the conditions of certain rules and laws
  • Synonyms: legitimate, permissible, lawful
  • Example: They were forcing him to sign a not so kosher deal.

Adjectives That Start with K to Describe a Person

Explore our selection of adjectives that start with K to describe a person. Adjectives are used to characterize one of a person’s most essential features. Use them as often as necessary.

1. Kindhearted

  • Definition: being polite and merciful
  • Synonyms: tender, humane, generous
  • Example: His kindhearted father forgave him for his misbehavior.

2. Keeper

  • Definition: being supportive and protective
  • Synonyms: caretaker, guardian, trustworthy
  • Example: Her husband is a keeper man.

3. Kiddish

  • Definition: having a resemblance to a kid in appearance or behavior
  • Synonyms: childish, juvenile, immature
  • Example: Though he is above 30, he still looks like a kiddish boy.

4. Kinky

  • Definition: being strange and unusual
  • Synonyms: eccentric, bizarre, queer
  • Example: This kinky person is beyond my understanding.

5. Kleptomaniac

  • Definition: having the tendency to steal out of psychological issues
  • Synonyms: klepto, thief, stealing
  • Example: He is a kleptomaniac person and always steals wallets.

6. Knackered

  • Definition: being drained of energy and strength
  • Synonyms: exhausted, weary, fatigued
  • Example: She is not ready to enjoy another round of swings because she is a knackered person.

7. Kenyan

  • Definition: belonging to kenya
  • Synonyms: African, black, kenia
  • Example: The race was won by the Kenyan man.

8. Killer

  • Definition: having killed someone
  • Synonyms: assassin, murderer, slayer
  • Example: The killer woman was finally arrested.

9. Knaggy

  • Definition: being rough and cross in temper
  • Synonyms: twisted, knotty, cross
  • Example: He has a knaggy personality.

10. Kin

  • Definition: having relation owing to blood
  • Synonyms: family, relative, cognate
  • Example: I know her well because she is a kin person.

Adjectives That Start with K to Describe Someone

It is easy to utilize K words to describe someone, and it impresses readers or listeners when you do. Notice how much more clever you feel after these describing words beginning with K that describe a person become a part of your language.

1. Kuwaiti

  • Definition: belonging to Kuwait
  • Synonyms: Asian, koweit, arab
  • Example: A Kuwaiti woman came to teach us.

2. Kempt

  • Definition: being tidied up
  • Synonyms: groomed, tidy, neat
  • Example: He finally looks like a kempt boy after washing up all dirt from his face.

3. Knightly

  • Definition: having the attributes of knight and knighthood
  • Synonyms: gallant, valiant, chivalrous
  • Example: A knightly man saved the boy from drowning.

4. Korean

  • Definition: belonging to Korea
  • Synonyms: East-asian, hanguk, Asian, oriental
  • Example: Doing plastic surgeries is normal for Korean people.

5. Kickass

  • Definition: being forceful and angry
  • Synonyms: aggressive, enraged, furious
  • Example: He is a kickass leader of this team.

6. Kingless

  • Definition: without a king or sovereign
  • Synonyms: leaderless, unled
  • Example: The time was to select a new king for kingless people.

7. Knowable

  • Definition: being capable of knowing
  • Synonyms: cognizable, intelligible, comprehensible
  • Example: One must understand one’s knowable self.

8. King-like

  • Definition: being royal and kingly
  • Synonyms: royal, noble, splendor
  • Example: His little king-like act was adorable.

9. Kabbalistic

  • Definition: being secretive or mysterious
  • Synonyms: covert, hidden, cryptic
  • Example: She is a kabbalistic woman and lives a private life.

10. Killjoy

  • Definition: who spoils the fun and joy
  • Synonyms: spoilsport, party-pooper, wet-blanket
  • Example: Why did he invite this killjoy person?

Popular Adjectives That Start with K

The popular adjectives that start with the letter K in the following list can help you make your speech more polished and clear in its meaning. These common adjective words that start with K are thoroughly analyzed, with meanings and synonyms.

1. Kooky

  • Definition: being silly and foolish
  • Synonyms: wacky, nutty, loony
  • Example: Their car was being chased by kooky animals.

2. Knotless

  • Definition: lacking in knots and complexities
  • Synonyms: simple, plain, easy
  • Example: Her modest and knotless personality is admirable.

3. Krumhorn

  • Definition: of a woodwind musical instrument
  • Synonyms: crumhorn, krumporn, musical
  • Example: He has set the krumhorn sound as his ringtone.

4. Knock-kneed

  • Definition: having closed knees and open ankles
  • Synonyms: bend, dwarfed, deformed
  • Example: He thinks it’s fun to walk in a knock-kneed posture.

5. Knee-length

  • Definition: up to knees
  • Synonyms: long, lengthy, mid-length
  • Example: She wore a knee-length skirt in the party.

6. Knockdown

  • Definition: which can be mantled and dismantled
  • Synonyms: demountable, collapsible, removable
  • Example: She purchased a knockdown sofa from an online website.

7. Knurled

  • Definition: having knots or ridges
  • Synonyms: rough, knotty, lumpy, uneven
  • Example: This tool has a knurled handle.

8. Keyed

  • Definition: being secured with a key or code
  • Synonyms: coded, encrypted, enciphered
  • Example: You are not allowed to see these keyed files.

9. Kimbo

  • Definition: being bent over at an angle
  • Synonyms: crooked, arched, folded
  • Example: Her kimbo figure scared him.

10. Khaki

  • Definition: of beige and skin color
  • Synonyms: brownish, beige, hazel
  • Example: He always weary khaki pants with his magenta T-shirt.

Useful List of Adjectives That Start with K

There are several K adjectives in the English language that are useful in ordinary discourse. Using the list of adjectives that start with K may help you speak more clearly and effectively. How many of the following adjectives are you already familiar with?

1. Kinaesthetic

  • Definition: involving kinaesthesis or relating to one’s awareness of movement of body parts through senses
  • Synonyms: physical, bodily, corporeal
  • Example: She was devising a learning plan for her kinaesthetic students.

2. Kindled

  • Definition: which is aflame or set on fire
  • Synonyms: ignited, lit, burning
  • Example: He was holding a kindled candle in the dark.

3. Kippered

  • Definition: having been smoked
  • Synonyms: salted, smoked, seasoned
  • Example: She served us kippered beef steak.

4. Keyless

  • Definition: having or requiring no key or keys
  • Synonyms: u-lock, deadbolt, codeless
  • Example: With this digital device, you would have a keyless access as well as security.

5. Kissable

  • Definition: relating to or arousing physical attractive
  • Synonyms: adorable, lovable, cuddlesome
  • Example: The kid was wearing a kissable fairy costume.

6. Kilted

  • Definition: having pleats or gathered up on one side
  • Synonyms: pleated, folded, gathered
  • Example: The kilted skirt is a part of this school’s uniform.

7. Knockabout

  • Definition: involving practical jokes and not spoken ones
  • Synonyms: lively, boisterous, slapstick
  • Example: They really enjoyed this knockabout comedy.

8. Knifelike

  • Definition: being severe and sharp like a knife
  • Synonyms: sharp, piercing, acute
  • Example: I am having a knifelike pain in my stomach.

9. Kleptomaniacal

  • Definition: of showing the tendency to steal out of nerves pressure
  • Synonyms: klepto, thief, kleptomaniac
  • Example: He is a kleptomaniacal person and must be given adequate treatment.

10. Knitted

  • Definition: produced by interwoven threads and wool
  • Synonyms: woven, braided, crocheted
  • Example: Her grandmother sends her a knitted cardigan yesterday.

Negative Adjectives That Start with K

Below is a list of negative adjectives with letter K. We hope this list will help you learn negative adjectives that start with K. Continue to study and take notes on what you’ve discovered.

1. Knavish

  • Definition: being guileful and crafty
  • Synonyms: cunning, clever, foxy
  • Example: He is a very knavish boy and always irritates others.

2. Knotty

  • Definition: being full of knots and tangled
  • Synonyms: complex, complicated, intricate
  • Example: She is stuck in a knotty problem.

3. Kissy

  • Definition: showing exaggerated affection, esp by frequent touching or kissing
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: He was making a bunch of kissy sounds.

4. Klutzy

  • Definition: with no grace in movement
  • Synonyms: clumsy, awkward, graceless
  • Example: She is pretty but a klutzy dancer.

5. Killing

  • Definition: being able to kill
  • Synonyms: slaying, lethal, fatal
  • Example: He is suffering from a killing disease.

6. Knee-jerk

  • Definition: which is automatic and thoughtless
  • Synonyms: instinctive, sudden, abrupt, spontaneous
  • Example: He gave a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction on her comments.

7. Killable

  • Definition: which can be killed
  • Synonyms: slayable, vulnerable
  • Example: They were aiming at the killable turkeys with stone and sticks.

8. Kindless

  • Definition: lacking in kindness and compassion
  • Synonyms: mean, evil, vile
  • Example: Some kindless men killed him in the park.

9. Knobby

  • Definition: of or having knobs
  • Synonyms: lumpy, irregular, uneven
  • Example: It’s uncomfortable to wear this knobby coat.

10. Knarled

  • Definition: being tangled in a very convoluted manner
  • Synonyms: complicated, interwoven, complex
  • Example: He was engrossed in detangling the knarled rope.

More Adjectives That Start with K

This section contains adjectives that start with K to assist extend your thinking and enhance your communication abilities. Please feel free to share our collection of descriptive words beginning with K with your friends and family.

1. Knucklehead

  • Definition: being dunce and foolish
  • Synonyms: stupid, silly, fool
  • Example: Don’t expect any sanity from a knucklehead man like him.

2. Kayoed

  • Definition: being out of senses and stunned
  • Synonyms: unconscious, stunned, ko’d
  • Example: The kayoed boxer stood up and fought again.

3. Kazakhstani

  • Definition: belonging to or relating to Kazakhstan
  • Synonyms: central-asian, kazakh, kazak
  • Example: She is married to a Kazakhstani man.

4. Kookie

  • Definition: being eccentric and unusual
  • Synonyms: crazy, foolish, silly
  • Example: He does some kookie things when he is nervous.

5. Kerned

  • Definition: being processed to a thicky state
  • Synonyms: granulated, thickened
  • Example: She always eats kerned yogurt with bread in breakfast.

6. Ko’d

  • Definition: being made unconscious and out of senses due to a heavy hit
  • Synonyms: stunned, unconscious, kayoed
  • Example: The ko’d player of first round won the second round.

7. Kitschy

  • Definition: being overly garnished and emotional
  • Synonyms: gaudy, showy, trash
  • Example: That was a typical and kitschy melodrama by her.

8. Knock-on

  • Definition: causing a ripple and domino influence
  • Synonyms: secondary, cumulative, indirect
  • Example: The poor health care system would have a knock-on effect on community health centers and hospitals.

9. Koshered

  • Definition: following certain laws and rules
  • Synonyms: lawful, legitimate, factual
  • Example: A koshered agreement was signed by both of the parties.

10. Kaput

  • Definition: being destroyed or broken
  • Synonyms: finished, ruined, devastated
  • Example: The team was retrieving the kaput car.

Adjectives That Start with K – Full List (134 Words)

We’ve analyzed 80 adjectives that start with the letter K in detail. Check out the list of adjectives that start with K below to go through all of the adjectives mentioned above and some extra dose for you to learn yourself. Please keep them in mind and try to utilize them as often as possible.

  • Kissy
  • Knee-jerk
  • King-like
  • Kidding
  • Knaggy
  • Keeper
  • Knockdown
  • Kenspeckle
  • Kind-Hearted
  • Kafkaesque
  • Kaleidoscopic
  • Keen
  • Knotted
  • Kinesthetic
  • Kissable
  • Knockabout
  • Kingly
  • Knackered
  • Knitted
  • Kex
  • Kechuan
  • Kindless
  • Knowable
  • Kitschy
  • Kiplingesque
  • Knobbed
  • Knock-down
  • Karyokinetic
  • Kin
  • Knock-on
  • Keyless
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Kinic
  • King-Sized
  • Krumhorn
  • Kookie
  • Knee-Deep
  • Klutzy
  • Keynesian
  • Knuckled
  • King-size
  • Katari
  • Kyphotic
  • Kneed
  • Kleptomaniacal
  • Kimbo
  • Keyable
  • Knock-Kneed
  • Knurled
  • Kickable
  • Knucklehead
  • Kittenish
  • Killing
  • Kitteny
  • Kinky
  • Kindly
  • Knocked-Up
  • Kamikaze
  • Killer
  • Kantian
  • Kingy
  • Kippered
  • Kabbalistic
  • Kampuchean
  • Known
  • Keyed
  • Knarled
  • Kurilian
  • Keeled
  • Kind
  • Killable
  • Koshered
  • Kicky
  • Kinglike
  • Kindled
  • Keynote
  • Knavish
  • Kilted
  • Kindhearted
  • Kif
  • Koranic
  • Katharobic
  • Keratinophilic
  • Kazakhstani
  • Knowledgeable
  • Katabolic
  • Kurdish
  • Kiddish
  • Kiddyish
  • Kinetic
  • Kayoed
  • Ko’d
  • Kempt
  • Kingless
  • Kindred
  • Kyrgyzstani
  • Knarred
  • Knotty
  • Khaki
  • Kick-ass
  • Kosher
  • Kingdomed
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Kenyan
  • Korean
  • Knobbly
  • Knockout
  • Knackish
  • Kinder
  • Knacky
  • Kinless
  • Knifelike
  • Knowing
  • Knotless
  • Kokka
  • Katabatic
  • Kitchen
  • Kashmiri
  • Kidney-Shaped
  • Killjoy
  • Kooky
  • Kilig
  • Kaleidoscopical
  • Kerasine
  • Knee-high
  • Knightly
  • Kentuckian
  • Key
  • Kerchieft
  • Knobby
  • Knee-length
  • Kaput
  • Kuwaiti
  • Kerned

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with K

These adjectives starting with K will help you be more comprehensive and exact in your writing, helping you to express your views to your audience in a clear and engaging manner. So, in order to learn more rapidly, make every attempt to use these adjectives that start with K wherever feasible.

These descriptive words that start with K will surely aid in the expansion of your English vocabulary. Before you use them, make sure you review them numerous times. We are convinced that if you use these adjectives, you will wow your friends with your command of the English language.

We hope you were successful in locating what you were searching for. Congratulations, and thank you for taking the time to read our article on adjectives that start with K. As you’ve already seen, adjectives play an important part in our everyday talks.

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