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8 Best Entertainment Platforms for Asian Content Lovers in USA

by Kimi

In today’s connected world, the love for entertainment knows no borders. For those who enjoy Asian content and live in the United States, staying connected with the latest movies, dramas, music, and more from their home countries is now easier than ever. Thanks to many entertainment platforms, enjoying Asian content has become simple.

However, despite having many options, some streaming sites might not be available in the USA due to licensing issues. One such site is JioCinema. Initially, accessing JioCinema might be a challenge for US residents due to these licensing issues. But with a few simple tricks, you can unblock JioCinema in USA and enjoy its content with ease.

In this article, we will explore top 8 entertainment platforms for Asian content lovers in the USA. So let’s just begin!

Top 8 Entertainment Platforms in the USA for Fans of Asian Content


JioCinema presents a diverse entertainment platform suitable for all. Housing an extensive range of films, TV series, and original content, it guarantees continuous engagement. The interface is user-friendly, facilitating seamless navigation and language-diverse content exploration.

Additionally, it provides subtitles ensuring everyone can enjoy it. It’s budget-friendly and accessible at your convenience.

Whether it’s Bollywood hits or regional gems, JioCinema brings a world of entertainment to your fingertips.


Viki stands out as a high-quality streaming platform, providing a wide range of Asian dramas, movies, and TV shows. It’s loved by viewers around the world due to its multi-language subtitles. Whether it’s Korean dramas or Japanese anime, Viki has a complete selection.

Viki offers a unique option where users can form fan collections uniting fans through comments that pop up at particular times. Furthermore, their Learn mode assists users in learning languages from the content they’re enjoying.


Hotstar is a flexible entertainment platform that offers a wide range of content. With a vast library of movies, TV shows, sports events, and original productions, it caters to diverse preferences.

Its user-friendly interface makes navigation effortless. Hotstar’s unique feature is its provision for live streaming of major sporting events, keeping sports enthusiasts engaged.

Views can enjoy a mix of current shows, classic favorites, and even international series. The platform offers both free and premium subscription options, enhancing accessibility. Whether it’s catching up on beloved TV series, tuning into live sports, or discovering new movies, Hotstar provides a comprehensive entertainment experience.


Voot is a lively streaming platform that offers a variety of content. With a wide selection of TV shows, movies, original series, and programs for kids, it caters to a diverse audience. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to explore, and the availability of content in different languages makes sure everyone can enjoy it.

Voot’s standout feature is its exclusive content, including original shows and web series. It also provides access to reality TV and popular Indian dramas. The platform offers both free and premium subscription options, enhancing accessibility.

Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, or reality TV, Voot provides a vibrant and engaging entertainment experience for viewers of all ages.

Eros Now

Eros Now is a comprehensive platform that offers a broad array of content, including an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, and music videos. It caters to diverse preferences and even allows users to explore content in multiple languages. Notably, Eros Now stands out by producing exclusive shows.

Users have the option to create playlists of their preferred content, which can be easily shared with friends.

This platform effectively balances classic and contemporary content, ensuring there’s something appealing to everyone. With user-friendly navigation and accessibility across various devices, Eros Now provides an enjoyable destination for movie, show, and music enthusiasts.


Crunchyroll is the top streaming service for anime lovers, providing a wide range of anime series that include new releases and timeless classics from Japan. Featuring an extensive collection of about 900 anime shows and 200 dramas, which include popular titles like Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist, Crunchyroll is a standout.

The platform offers options for both free and premium subscriptions, ensuring a seamless way for anime fans to enjoy their favorite shows.


VIU stands as a dynamic streaming platform, serving a diverse audience through its extensive content selection.

Ranging from captivating dramas to exhilarating variety shows, VIU offers a wide array of choices for entertainment enthusiasts. Renowned for its emphasis on Asian content, the platform presents a rich assortment of Korean dramas, Japanese anime, and more.

Subscribers can enjoy content with subtitles in various languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

VIU’s user-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation, complemented by its exclusive releases and original content. With options for both free and premium subscriptions, VIU stands as a dependable destination for those in search of a captivating Asian entertainment experience.


Catchplay is a versatile platform that offers a rich collection of films and more. With its extensive film library, users can explore a wide range of options while getting detailed information about what they’re browsing. Additionally, Catchplay provides a rental service for the latest movies, giving you access to recent releases.

Another convenient feature is the ability to switch between devices without any interruptions, ensuring a smooth viewing experience. Whether you’re into classic films or the latest blockbusters, Catchplay has something for everyone, making it a go-to destination for entertainment enthusiasts.

Even though we’ve shared enough streaming platforms, but one can ask about cheap options. For those, can look for how to save money on streaming platforms.

Wrap Up

As the entertainment landscape keeps changing, these platforms remain reliable portals to a realm of captivating Asian content, offering a safe space for fans to stay connected with their origins and interests.

In this era of digital interconnectedness, these entertainment hubs serve as bridges that bring cultures and interests together, making the world seem smaller and the enjoyment of Asian content easier than before.

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