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New Hobbies to Try Out This Year

by Kimi

What exactly is a hobby? Are playing sport, digging your garden or watching TV all hobbies?

Generally, social experts consider that a hobby is an activity done regularly as part of your leisure time. You do it for pleasure and relaxation rather than as a job.

But not that they said, ‘an activity’. Yes, it’s something people do because they enjoy it or find it helps them unwind daily life.

But a hobby has to be something that requires a little action and effort. Hobbies can be passive like collecting stamps to painting, but merely lying on the sofa or sunbathing are NOT hobbies.

History of hobbies

In fact, the whole idea of having hobbies has evolved over the ages. Leisure activities were once reserved for the rich elite who had time and freedom to enjoy hunting, falconry or even jousting.

Everyone else just worked and survived.

Slowly though the general population began to have their own leisure time. After the Industrial Revolution more people had spare income and time.

In the 20th century hobbies expanded madly. Often, they became more important than someone’s job.

Hobbies continue to evolve in the digital age. Online communities and social media platforms provide spaces for hobbyists to connect – and for many, social media IS their hobby.

The history of hobbies reflects the changing cultural, social, and technological landscapes.

The benefits of hobbies

Wellness experts say that exploring new hobbies can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons:

  • Personal Growth: Trying out new hobbies exposes you to different experiences, skills, and knowledge.
  • Stress Relief: Engaging in enjoyable activities is good for you! It can reduce stress.
  • Social Connections: Whether it’s joining a club, attending workshops or participating in online forums, hobbies provide opportunities to build friendships around shared interests.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Trying out different hobbies exposes you to new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • Improved Well-being: Engaging in hobbies contributes to your overall well-being by boosting your sense of purpose.
  • Adaptability: Being open to new things and learning new skills enhances your resilience by cultivating curiosity, flexibility and willingness to embrace new challenges.

When searching for a new hobby, look for activities that ignite your passion. Don’t be afraid to try something completely new.

New hobbies to try this year

Here are six of the best potential new hobbies to try:


Online casinos have transformed the world of gaming. It is now one of the most popular hobbies enjoyed all over the world.

From immersive video games to classics like bingo, there’s a vast variety of gaming experiences available.

And you can make it social by joining online bingo sites communities or just wander along to local bingo events.


Digital photography allows you to capture moments, express creativity and explore the world.

Whether you simply learn to use your smartphone with more skill or acquire a stand-alone camera, there are endless possibilities to experiment with techniques, subjects, and styles.

Join a club, do a course, read about techniques – or simply enjoy the fun of taking pictures.

Cooking and baking

TV shows like Bake Off and celebrity chefs have made the kitchen cool. All forms of cookery can be practical and creative.

Try new recipes, ingredients, and techniques. Master classic dishes, explore international cuisines or create your own dishes – there’s always something to enjoy in the kitchen.


Gardening used to be a chore for many who had to grow food or maintain their surroundings – but it is now considered one of the most rewarding and therapeutic hobbies.

It allows you to connect with nature, cultivate beautiful plants and create tranquil spaces.

Gardening provides opportunities to learn about plant care, experiment with growing techniques – best of all, enjoy the satisfaction of watching your garden grow.


Today’s craft world has taken giant steps forward from old pastimes like knitting and woodturning. The spread of crafts available is astonishing.

From carving tree trunks with a chainsaw to making tiny jewellery out of pottery, or from decorating pebbles to making your own candles, DIY crafts allow you to express your creativity and make handmade gifts.

Ways to start these types of hobbies is by researching how to articles or how to videos as it makes it easier to achieve. The platform TikTok is helping a vast majority of people start new hobbies. You may even discover a new career.


Simply going for a walk can be the easiest and most fulfilling of hobbies. Explore nature and landscapes, escape the stress of normal life and get great fresh air and exercise at the same time.

From strolls along the canal tow path to mountain hikes, you can connect with the wonders of the natural world while exploring new destinations.

Of course you can always spend your leisure time watching TV, eating take-aways and playing with your phone. Some might even call these things hobbies.

But experts suggest that engaging in active hobbies that contribute to your overall health and happiness is a much better way to find long-term enjoyment – and boost your mental health.

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