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What You Didn’t Know about the Dead Sea: A Guide for Tourists

by Kimi

The Dead Sea is a unique wonder of nature. Located between Israel and Jordan, this water body attracts 800,000 tourists a year. This salt lake is located 427 meters below sea level, making it the lowest elevation on Earth.

The Dead Sea has various properties that attract visitors. For instance, the location is perfect for bird-watching and relaxing at a luxury hotel. But the main attraction is its hypersaline properties, with 34% salinity. As a result, you can effortlessly float in this body of water.

However, many are unaware of the rejuvenating health benefits the Dead Sea offers. In this blog, we will discuss the health benefits of visiting the Dead Sea and more.

5 Rejuvenating Benefits of the Dead Sea

For thousands of years, the waters of the Dead Sea have been recognized for their unnatural capacities. Cleopatra discovered the healing powers of the Dead Sea mud. The unique geographical features make the mud and silt rich with healing minerals.

Similarly, the floating properties of the water body make it perfect for helping with stress and anxiety. Other than that, the main benefits of the mud and the water include the following:

  1. Treats psoriasis and reduces impurities in the skin
  2. Soothes chronic joint pain and gives you relief from arthritis
  3. Refreshes your mind and gives you mental peace
  4. Relaxes your body by boosting blood circulation
  5. Stops hair loss, treats acne, and repairs tissue damage

Furthermore, floating in the Dead Sea water and using the mud can boost energy and strengthen bones. Other than the mud and the water, the air in the area has 8% more oxygen. It is allergen-free and has less humidity. Therefore, people with respiratory issues can breathe easily.

Since it is situated 427 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea area is safe from harmful solar rays. The light passes through air molecules and aerosols, making it pleasant throughout the year. That means people with sensitive skin need not worry about sun rashes or sunburns.

Is Visiting the Dead Sea a Worthy Journey?

The Dead Sea is not only a major tourist attraction due to its health benefits. There are world-class historical sites, botanical gardens, and national parks that you can visit. According to the U.S. News, recent investments in tourism have improved access to the Dead Sea.

As a traveler, you can now access remote locations and have better experiences without sacrificing modern conveniences. Tourists can also relax at luxurious Dead Sea hotels. You can access first-class facilities at these resorts, too.

Examples include massages, Dead Sea mud baths, and other detoxification treatments. You will truly feel like royalty while relaxing at such hotels.

The Dead Sea’s extraordinary beauty and cultural significance attract visitors to these fascinating resorts. The best Dead Sea hotels have advanced saunas, jacuzzis, and fitness rooms available for you.

Other than that, the food in this area is worth it. You can indulge in local cuisines or choose from Indian or Middle Eastern food. In short, the cities on the Dead Sea’s shorelines are a must-visit for everyone.

Health Risks Due to Dead Sea Exposure

Even though the Dead Sea has immense health benefits, there are a few negatives. For instance, you should only use mud for external purposes to avoid toxic exposure. Similarly, the water can be detrimental to your health if ingested.

Never try to ‘swim’ in this water body. Instead, you should only lay on your back and float. Moreover, you must float in the designated tourist spots. Ideally, too much exposure to the Dead Sea mud and water can have toxic effects on your body.

What happens if you don’t follow these rules? Then, floating in the Dead Sea can lead to dehydration and skin irritations. Additionally, ingesting this water containing heavy contaminants like nickel and lead can cause metal poisoning. The high-saline water can also irritate your eyes, leading to blindness.

Prolonged exposure to the Dead Sea’s water can also cause sodium imbalances, pneumonia, and pulmonary disorders. That is why you should follow the rules stated by your tour guide. For instance, you should only be in the water for 10 to 15 minutes and avoid shaving before getting in.

The Bottom Line

The Dead Sea is a great vacation destination for rejuvenation and relaxation. However, research shows that the water levels are depleting. Scientists have been studying a steady 4-foot drop every year. They speculate that freshwater diversion for irrigation has contributed to this disaster.

In August 2023, an eight-year-old boy died while hiking near the Dead Sea. This incident happened due to the unstable ground around the depleting lake, causing him to slip and fall. The Dead Sea can disappear or become more fragile without a freshwater source.

That is why revival projects are going on to ensure the preservation of this natural wonder. Hence, you should visit this water body soon if you want to experience its health benefits.

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