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Drive to the Best Beaches: Summer Beach Escapes Near New York

by Kimi

Summer is here! And in New York City this means more outdoor events, epic picnics, and lavish dining. On the flip side, it also means bizarre street smells, more traffic on the roads, hot subway cars, and heated sidewalks. 

As the temperatures become sticky and the city becomes loud, you’ll need an escape from the hustle and bustle to a quiet place where the weather is warmer. Here’s where New York beaches come into the picture! 

A few miles outside the Big Apple, you’ll find various beaches from lively and bustling ones to the more peaceful and serene ones. Check out some best beaches to drive to for a summer escape near New York.

Coney Island Beach 

At the southernmost point of Brooklyn lies the iconic Coney Island founded in the 1800s as a resort and has developed over time to become an amusement park drawing crowds from all corners of NYC. 

On the Coney Island beach, the sun, sand, and sea offer a lively ambiance. Spanning up to 3 miles of coastline, the beach is the perfect place to soak up in the sun and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. 

You can stroll its iconic boardwalk, build sand castles, or visit Luna Park a few steps from the beach to play games, ride roller coasters, and take a spin at the popular Coney Island Cyclone. 

Don’t forget to take a bite of Nathan’s famous hot dog for brunch. Wrap up your day by having a Russian feast in the neighborhood of Brighton Beach.

Rockaway Beach 

Rockaway Beach is one of the best beach getaways from NYC. Being on the map since the 1970s, this perfect summer destination boasts a serene atmosphere, a long stretch of sandy shore, and good dining options. 

Located in Rockaway Peninsula, Queens, the beach is NYC’s only legal surfing beach. So if you’re a surf enthusiast, grab your board and go surf under the smiling sun. 

There’s also a Local Surf School where newbies can learn surfing and shops where experienced surfers can rent boards and surfing gear. 

Scattered around the boardwalk are barbeque pits, snack bars, and concession stands where you can grab a quick meal. There are also showers, restrooms, and a spa to make your summer weekend escape more memorable. 

Long Beach 

Lying on the South Shore of Long Island, Long Beach is a blend of city and coastal vibes. One of the biggest pros is how easy you can get there from NYC, within an hour your feet will be dipped into its sandy grounds. 

If you’re looking for clean beach towns near NYC, then ask no more! Long Beach is ranked by the National Resource Defence Council as one of the cleanest beaches in the States. Its rounds are free of dirt and you can roam around barefoot. 

The beach has a vibrant boardwalk and an array of local eateries to satisfy your food cravings. 

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Midland Beach 

If you’re searching for a ‘beautiful beach near me’ search no more, Midland Beach is a scenic beauty, a blend of rich history and diverse activities giving a mix of past and present in an eccentric way. 

After driving to Manhattan, you’ll take the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island, home to the family-friendly Midland Beach. 

The list of things to do in Midland Beach is endless, you take a leisurely stroll across the beach promenade while mesmerizing by the beauty of the Atlantic. Lay down and get soaked up by the sun while watching the sandy shores and clear waters of the beach. 

If you’re on a family trip, there’s a playground, a handball court, and a turtle fountain to keep the kids busy. For history enthusiasts, there are many veterans memorials honoring locals who fought in World War I and World War II.

The beach is also a food paradise, from food trucks to cafes, Midland offers a wide range of dishes to satisfy your taste buds. 

Orchard Beach 

Also called the ‘Riviera of New York’, Orchard Beach is the only beach in the Bronx. The trendy summer destination boasts of calm waters that lack ocean waves making it ideal for swimming. 

Created in the 1930s by Robert Moses, Orchard each spans 1.1 miles and 115 acres. From the beach, you can have a scenic view of City Island. 

Orchard Beach is always full of life, so if you want a quiet place, it’s not the ideal option. Stretching for over 13 miles of sandy shores, the beach has a playground, a hiking trail, handball, volleyball, and basketball courts, golf courses, picnic areas, many restaurants, and snack bars making it a hot spot all summer long. 

Jacob Riis Park Beach 

Nestled between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the Jacob Riis Park is also known as the “People’s Beach” because of its access to public transit. After being overshadowed by its baby neighbor Rockaway Beach for years, the Jacob Riis Park beach has gradually come back to life. 

This wide beach provides a serene atmosphere for thousands of sunbathers each summer. Its eastern side is a historic LGBT+ site and boasts of a deck bathhouse, concessions galore, and a golf course. 

For food lovers, get ready to enjoy mouth-watering fried clams, lobster rolls, and frozen guava margaritas from the uber-popular Riis Park Beach Bazaar. 

Bennett Beach 

Few miles from the south of Buffalo lies the sandy Bennett beach. With its freshwaters, calm waves, grassy fields and beautiful flowers, the beach is a sight to behold. 

It promotes a quiet and serene atmosphere with no loud music or booze. Also, visitors are only allowed to swim under the supervision of a lifeguard. A drawback of this beach is that furry friends aren’t allowed as well as flotation devices, rafts and kayaks. 

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