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Be Mesmerised by Jaipur’s History and Culture with a Virtual Tour

by Kimi

Have you ever experienced the rich culture and history of Jaipur in Rajasthan in the comfort of your place?

With the Jaipur virtual tour, you can have a great time exploring the royal palaces, historical forts, heritage havelis, great karkhana workshops, and lively markets or bazaars.

You will have an immersive experience of various attractions and activities in Jaipur on a virtual tour. Explore the unique aspects of Jaipur, from its intriguing history to local attractions, exciting activities, traditional products, vibrant markets, and fun trivia.

With narration, video, interactivity, still images, audio, and other multimedia formats, the storytellers will skillfully build an informative tale that will take you on a fantastic virtual tour of popular locations and immerse you in Jaipur culture.

Discover Jaipur Going on a Virtual Tour

Jaipur, a culturally rich city in the eastern region of Rajasthan, was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The state’s largest and most populated city is the capital.

The first stop on your virtual tour will be the City Palace, a symbol of the city’s regal past. You will be astounded by the palace’s opulence, as well as the stunning interior design and antiques, as soon as you walk in. The City Palace, which formerly housed the Jaipur royal family, was divided into two parts. The royal family’s current palace is located in one of the portions, while the other contains several courtyards and museums.

The architectural design of The City Place is a magnificent blend of European, Rajput, and Mughal elements. This palace was constructed with a mix of pink and red sandstone, and it has several arched, smaller palaces that surround spacious courtyards. These small palaces are currently being turned into museums. The other places you can visit on a virtual tour are Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Sheesh Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, and Bahngarh Fort.

Exploring Jaipur’s Karkhanas and Lively Markets

The Jaipur virtual trip will take you through the main markets, located within the walled city. You will first stop at Johari Bazaar, an old market known for beautiful and well-crafted Jaipuri jewellery, including gold, emeralds, diamonds and silver. The 360-degree images and videos provide close views of polishers, gem cutters, and meenakari artisans at work.

Bapu Bazaar is famous for its traditional pink shops, which sell everything from Bagru-printed kurtis, Jaipuri quilts, and sanganeri bedsheets to sarees and lahariya and bandhani dupattas. You will also find shops dealing with handicrafts, artificial jewellery, toys, and mojaris.

It is a lovely sight to watch travellers walking casually through its narrow alleyways and pausing for a quick bite of steaming hot kachoris or pani puri. Tripolia Bazaar is renowned for its extensive assortment of lac bracelets. You may observe lac bangle artisans creating elaborate lac bangles.

The immersive images using VR photography offer a shopping experience at Chandpole Bazaar for handicrafts and lac artefacts. There are designer souvenir shops like Rajasthali and Jaipur Pink, offering a great shopping experience. You can find a large collection of blue pottery at the Jaipur Art Centre.

Jaipur’s delectable treats are popular, and one of them is ghewar, which is made using flour, milk, sugar, and ghee. You can watch the preparation of this traditional sweet live at any of the popular sweet shops in Jaipur. MasterCard holders will find exclusive offers for an exciting Jaipur virtual tour.

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