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The Best Tips for Leveling Up Your Rank in Apex Legends and Which Agents Are Best to Increase It On

by Kimi

In games in the battle royale genre, which is Apex Legends, your skill in killing, surviving, shooting and selecting agents plays an important role, and then your Apex Legends rank boost will be constant, or at least not decrease.

To progress in your rank and level of play, you need to carefully select your landing point, be able to survive the first stage in which the largest number of players take part and where the prospect of moving on to the second part of the match is decided.

The Best Tips for Leveling Up Your Rank in Apex Legends and Which Agents Are Best to Increase It On


If you need stable progress in which you will receive a higher rank for your character in Apex Legends, then you need to either master the mechanics of shooting and weapons and be able to play on a variety of agents.

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You will be able to log into your account, check the result and change your password and continue your games in the ranked system, which will teach you a lot in games against stronger players and even if you cannot play consistently and get a rating, the shooting experience and tactics gained will help you return to Apex rank in the future.



When you are flying on a plane and preparing to land at the desired point on the game map, you need to carefully monitor the bulk of the players, because there is always a point at which a large number of gamers land, and you need to try to avoid this.

No matter how cool you play and shoot, landing a large group of players where everyone is an enemy always introduces an element of chaos and confusion and the chance of sudden death will be great.

If you die at this stage of the match, then your experience and boosting in Apex Legends will be rather negative, which is not advisable.

You need to choose a safer zone while ignoring the edges of the map and areas with a lot of players.

Choose a location with a couple of buildings where you can be guaranteed to get your first weapon and equipment, several accessories and grenades, medicine and armor modules that will help you prepare for the first battles and move into the combat zone when it is first outlined and everything beyond it soon time will take damage if you do not reach the circle.

Weapons and useful equipment

First of all, you need to find a weapon, because you never know where and in what form you will meet opponents and their number.

In the first minutes, any weapon will do, but it is better to switch to assault weapons as the main one and sniper weapons as a backup as quickly as possible, because pistols, shotguns and machine guns are ineffective for certain situations, and assault weapons allow you to fight at any distance and receive rank boosting progress in Apex for kills that you will commit with a high chance.

Next, you need to find ammunition and have a supply in case of protracted battles. Look for accessories that will enhance the combat capabilities of your weapon – sights to increase visibility, silencers and flash suppressors, fire stabilizers will suit you, and then your fire will be targeted and hidden for many players.

Then look for medicine and armor modules so that you can always restore your gaming potential after difficult battles in Apex Legends.

Look for grenades and use them in battles to knock enemies out of cover and prevent them from chasing you.

Agents and their differences

Apex has a developed system of agents who have different skills and abilities that will complement the shooting potential and will influence your gameplay.

Some agents are good for beginners because they have easier gameplay and good potential for surviving combat, at least until you learn how to shoot and take cover, and then you can move on to more complex agents that require a better understanding of the mechanics.

Lifeline is a hero who can use first aid kits without having to look for them on the game map. You will be able to use drones to reconnoiter the area and restore fallen allies.

Octane is a hero who can use acceleration during battle and at moments when the character does not receive damage, his health will automatically be restored.

Wraith is a hero who can create portals, between which you can move on the game map.

At any moment, you can use invisibility to leave the world and lose the ability to attack.

Gibraltar is a character who, at the time of battle, can protect himself from enemy attacks that fly at you.

You will be able to use a circular shield that will block all damage to you within a 360 radius.

At any time, you can use artillery targeting at a selected point and inflict damage that will destroy enemies located behind cover.

Then you can choose the hero Bangalore, which is a full-fledged attacking character.

You will be able to direct artillery at enemies and release smoke screens, under which you can disguise an attack, or cover a retreat, or your offensive.

You will be able to accelerate your movement speed and for this you will gain mobility and the ability to outflank your enemies.

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