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10 Dating Tips to Help You Build a Strong Relationship

by Kimi

A serious relationship necessitates many sacrifices, but it is also one of the most fulfilling aspects of our lives. If you’re planning to get serious about dating, these 10 tips will help you out:

Set your boundaries and respect your partner’s

A prime reason many relationships don’t manage to last is because the two people end up unintentionally or intentionally crossing each other’s boundaries.

Before getting into a relationship, it’s important for both parties to establish what they like and don’t like, what they expect and don’t expect, and agree to it. After you’ve established this, you must be careful not to cross any boundaries set by your partner and apologize if you do.

Hear out your partner and never dismiss their emotions

This goes for all kinds of relationships, not only romantic ones. When your partner is evidently going through a hard time or struggling with something, approach them and take as much time as they need to listen. Don’t interrupt, don’t twist their narrative, and try your best to empathize without judging.

Let your partner know your thoughts and needs

In a relationship, it’s important for two people to be free and open with each other. Your partner might have done something that bothered you, or there is something you want them to do for you. Instead of stubbornly expecting them to figure it out from your hazy hints, tell them straight out not to complicate things.

Try to notice the little things

Pay attention to everything your partner says and does. You don’t need to ask them their favorite foods, books, movies, or colors; you can figure it out yourself if you are observant enough. Notice them, remember them, and surprise them later with your knowledge. You’ll see how happy it makes them.

Indulge on their interests and hobbies

Your partner may have hobbies and interests that are far from your own. Your partner might like to visit art galleries, while you find them boring. Your partner may have an unhealthy obsession with Astrophysics, but you don’t understand a thing about it. It doesn’t matter, go take them to art galleries. Ask them questions about Astrophysics; they’d love to answer them for you. It’s the least you can do!

Give yourself and your partner space when needed

Though humans are social beings, we all need our alone time. There might be periods when you don’t enjoy your partner’s company and would rather buy by yourself. There might also be times when your partner is not replying to your messages. In both cases, you both need to take some time off for yourselves and get back to each other when you’re ready.

Solve conflicts together with patience and rationality

Conflicts are bound to arise in relationships. Fights make your bond stronger, but not when you turn it into a blame game and attack their weaknesses. Instead, give each other time and then sit down to find the root of the issue. Take accountability if it’s your mistake, request your partner to do the same if it’s theirs. Don’t say things like “I’m sorry you feel that way”; say “I’m sorry for hurting you.”

Show your affection through words and actions

It’s hard for some people to be openly affectionate, but it’s extremely important in a relationship. Insecurities easily arise in relationships, so your partner needs a constant reminder that you love them. Let them know how much they mean to you when the mood is right. Cook their favorite food, give them gifts you know they’ll like. If your partner likes physical affection, make sure to give them that too.

Focus on the present and future, not the past

You should never carry your past traumas into your present relationships. Learn from your past, but don’t take it as a template for your future. Focus on what the present has to offer you, and dream of a better future with your partner.

Maintain your own individuality

“Be yourself” might seem like cliche advice, but it’s an important reminder in a relationship. Some people get so blinded by their love that they let go of their own opinions and wishes to adjust themselves according to their partner’s. However, if it’s a healthy relationship, then you’ll never have to change yourself for another person.

In conclusion, the key to a healthy relationship is not losing sight of yourself while being immersed with your partner and taking care of them selflessly.

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