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10 Strategies for Weight Loss That Work Great

by Kimi

If you’ve finally decided to lose some of your extra weight to begin a more healthy lifestyle, just know that while it won’t be easy, it will certainly be fulfilling. To help you out on your journey, here are 10 strategies you should apply.

1. Form the habit of taking meals at regular intervals

Set a specific time period for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and try to stick to that schedule no matter how busy you are. That way, your body clock will adjust itself in a way that you will only feel hungry during those hours of the day and won’t think about food the rest of the time.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is a crucial part of dieting. This does not mean you should substitute water for food — that’s extremely foolish. However, there are times when you feel like you’re hungry when you actually just need some water. When the hunger is low and not too bothersome, drink a glass of water, and it will disappear.

3. Eat in small bowls

A famous tip for losing weight is to eat in small portions. Take a small bowl or plate and fill it with food when it’s time to eat. Your brain will trick you into thinking that you are eating a lot when you, in fact, are not.

All you have to do is control the urge to go for seconds. If it’s too difficult at first, you can start off with five meals a day in the small plate within regular intervals of time, as long as it’s within the calorie requirements limit. Then slowly reduce it to three meals a day.

4. Eat foods containing high fibers

Foods with high fiber don’t contain many calories, but the fiber will make you feel full and chase your hunger away. The plus point is that high-fiber foods are all plant-based, so you can also do this if you want to go vegan. These foods include oats, whole grain bread, pasta, brown rice, beans, peas, and lentils.

5. Exercise regularly

This will probably be your least favorite tip on the list, but it’s not one you can avoid if you intend to lose weight. Even if it’s just walking for one hour every day, make a habit of exercising regularly to burn calories. However, make sure not to avoid overexerting yourself.

6. Eat slowly and in small bites

Science says that your brain takes 20 minutes to process and that your stomach is full. That’s why you should take it slow. Eat in small bites and chew your food properly so that it’s easily digested without letting any fat accumulate. Tire yourself out eating as slowly as you can, and there’s a good chance you won’t feel like eating any more after a while.

7. Give yourself an occasional treat

Setting bans on your favorite foods will only make you crave for them more. Instead of forcing yourself to ignore those foods fully, turn them into a gift for yourself. For example, you can decide that if you lose 1kg in a month, you will let yourself have fast food for a day.

8. Cut down on alcohol

Did you know that alcohol has as many calories as chocolate? Drinking too much also makes you lethargic, restricting your physical activity and hampering your sleep cycle. So make sure to cut down on it when you’re dieting.

9. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers and contain lots of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. Eat as much of these as you can during your weight loss journey.

10. Do not starve yourself

Losing weight is difficult, but it should not be dangerous. No matter how motivated you are to get rid of that extra fat, completely giving up on eating will do you more harm than good. This is how many people develop eating disorders, which is not an easy battle to fight.

Dieting isn’t about starving; it’s about controlling and planning. Plan yourself a balanced diet and control your urges for anything outside, and you’ll be good to go.

And that’s all you need to know. Keep in mind that losing weight slowly is normal and healthy while losing it rapidly is a sign of serious health issues.