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5 Favorite Teams to Make It to the 2024 Stanley Cup

by Kimi

The road to the 2024 Stanley Cup promises to be thrilling, with several teams showing potential to claim the title. Based on their recent performance, roster depth, coaching, and player development, five teams are considered favorites to compete for the prestigious trophy.

If you are an avid fan of the NHL or a passionate bettor, knowing who these five things are will change your Stanley Cup experience. So, without further ado, here are the five teams to watch out for this NHL season that will likely make it to the Stanley Cup 2024.

Florida Panthers

As of writing, the current favorite to make it to the Stanley Cup 2024 is the Florida Panthers, with a Stanley cup odds of +650. They were last season’s Stanley Cup finalists and have risen to dominate the Eastern Conference as the last quarter of the season approaches.

Their recent streak of impressive performances and strategic trades before the deadline have propelled them to the forefront of betting favorites across several leading sports betting applications.

The Panthers have won nine out of their last ten matches, achieving a winning streak of six consecutive games. They recently added right winger Vladimir Tarasenko from the Ottawa Senators to their roster in exchange for two draft picks this Wednesday.

Occupying the leading position in the Eastern Conference, Florida approaches the final 20 games of the season with a critical advantage.

If the Panthers face challenges maintaining their lead, the Bruins and Rangers are closely positioned to overtake their top spot. Nonetheless, barring any setbacks, the Panthers are well-positioned to vie for the 2023-24 Presidents’ Trophy.

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers are the second favorite to win this year’s Stanley Cup. They had a strong first half of the season. The Oilers have equaled the NHL’s second-highest consecutive win record by securing their 16th straight victory.

From December 21, 2013, to January 27, 2024, the Oilers maintained an unbeaten streak, concluding with 16 consecutive victories. This remarkable run ended with a 3-1 defeat against the Vegas Golden Knights on February 6, which also halted Edmonton’s franchise-record streak of nine straight wins on the road.

Although they didn’t surpass the NHL’s record, the Oilers stand among only three teams in the history of the League to achieve a winning streak of 16 games.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado holds the third-highest odds of winning the 2024 Stanley Cup, sharing its position with Edmonton and only surpassed by Carolina. Both teams have come close to clinching the title in recent times.

Yet, the Avalanche has previously secured it, positioning them strongly for a potential chase for their second championship within three years.

While historical achievements may not always predict future victories in the constantly evolving realm of sports, the Avalanche have a robust base of accomplishments from recent regular seasons to support their aspirations for the 2023-24 season.

Beginning with the 2020-21 season, Colorado ranks second in total wins (146), boasts the second-highest points percentage (.705 PTS%), and shares the top spot with the Boston Bruins for the greatest goal differential (+182) through this period.

Since making their initial playoff appearance under Jared Bednar in 2018, the Avalanche have played 70 postseason games, ranking fourth overall.

They’ve secured 43 victories, the third-highest total, and were among just five teams to clinch the Stanley Cup in those six years. Although this history may not directly influence future decisions, their substantial postseason experience should bolster confidence in their ability to achieve such success again swiftly.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes are fourth on the list with Stanley Cup odds of +750. As of March 12, they had 84 points, placing them second in the National Hockey League’s Metropolitan Division, just four points shy of the leading New York Rangers.

Additionally, the Hurricanes have secured the Metropolitan Division championship three times in a row. In the Eastern Conference standings, the Hurricanes are positioned fourth in terms of points, trailing behind the Florida Panthers (92), Boston Bruins (91), and the Rangers (88).

In a strategic maneuver at the trade deadline last week, the Hurricanes executed a noteworthy transaction and an unexpected deal, aiming to bolster their odds of clinching the Cup. The athletes they brought on board come with the prestige of having clinched the Stanley Cup with previous teams.

The Hurricanes have added forward Jake Guentzel to their roster through a trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins, sending forward Michael Bunting, two conditional draft choices, and three prospects the other way.

Guentzel has a record of 22 goals and 30 assists, totaling 52 points from 50 games played. He is currently recuperating from an upper-body injury and is anticipated to debut with the Hurricanes within the week.

Dallas Stars

Having failed to qualify for the playoffs two years ago and suffering an early exit the following year, the Dallas Stars were considered strong contenders for the Stanley Cup.

Despite the challenge of overcoming the reigning champions and another dominant team from the Western Conference, the team’s well-rounded and deep lineup, experienced coaching leadership, and impressive goal differential led them to end the regular season as a fashionable and wholly plausible choice.

Last season, the Stars finished as runners-up in the Western Conference and are now vying for the top spot in the Central Division against teams like the Avalanche and Jets. With two appearances in the NHL’s semifinals over the last four years, the team has a solid foundation of playoff experience.

They’re dedicated to adhering to Coach Peter DeBoer’s defense-centric game plan. DeBoer has yet to capture the championship despite leading two teams to the Cup Final. Whether Dallas can overcome the final obstacle and claim their first Stanley Cup since 1999 remains.


While the 2024 Stanley Cup path is filled with unpredictability and stiff competition, these five teams have shown they have what it takes to vie for hockey’s ultimate prize. With their combination of talent, coaching, and experience, they stand out as the top contenders.

However, as always in sports, surprises can happen, and dark horse teams could emerge to challenge the status quo.

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