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Why Is Horse Racing So Popular?

by Kimi

There are few sports that have stood the test of time as much as horse racing throughout history. The sport has played a pivotal role throughout history, with races having been staged since 4500BC.

The birth of racing in the United Kingdom took place in 200AD, with some of the biggest events on the calendar having been staged for over 100 years. But, what makes horse racing one of the most followed sports on the planet?

Exciting Action

There are few sports that can claim to be as exciting as horse racing, as each race sees the goalposts moved slightly. Whether that means that it will be run over hurdles or fences, or whether it will be run over a slightly longer or shorter distance. Races entice all viewers to get closer to the action, as there is nothing that comes close to finding the winner in one of the big races on the calendar.

Family Day Out

While many days out surrounding the racing are male-dominated, there is a growing number of families that enjoy a day out at the racing. It is a perfect day out for the family, with a number of racecourses offering free tickets for the younger visitors.

Meanwhile, the sport does an excellent job in attracting families, while also showcasing exactly how the sport works and the benefits. These include masterclasses from some of the leading jockeys, while younger visitors can also test out riding a mechanical horse to understand what it is like to be a jockey.

Opportunity To Get Dressed Up

There are few more social events on the calendar than some of the biggest racedays on the calendar. Events such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup are noted in calendars among millions across the world, even if they aren’t the biggest of horse racing fan. That is down to the events being huge social events, where friends can meet up and enjoy a day out together.

These events also entice millions to get out their finest pieces of clothing, and show off their style to the rest of the world. As well as hosting some of the biggest equine superstars, the biggest racedays are also among the most significant in the fashion calendar.


Millions of fans from around the world enjoy a flutter, and there are few more popular events among bettors than those on the horse racing schedule. Similar to NFL betting, events are staged throughout the year, with thousands of courses in all four corners of the globe hosting racedays for fans to attend.

Placing bets on the action is one of the main reasons why the sport is so popular, as bets can be placed on the outright winner of the races that are staged, while also being able to bet on the runners that finish second and third.

Of course, the biggest races on the calendar are among the most popular with bettors, but long-term followers will also wager on racing action taking place on the smaller tracks throughout the season. According to TwinSpires, the second leg of Triple Crown is happening already next Saturday so it might be a good time to wage.

Legends Are Born

Horse racing is one of the few sports that sees the story of legends passed down through generations. Superstar performances are remembered by those that watch the racing, and the stories are then told to the younger generation; heightening their interest in the sport moving forward. Special performances on the track, such as Red Rum in the Grand National, and Secretariat in the Triple Crown make global mainstream headlines, which only shows how cultural the sport is throughout the world.

Meanwhile, one of the most exciting factors surrounding the sport is that we could see a legend born in the space of two minutes, meaning that you can never take your eyes off the action, especially around the Classics and Triple Crown races that are staged.

The Future

Horse racing has long faced a battle to ensure its future, with hundreds often looking to study incorrect facts surrounding the industry. However, the vast majority of fans across the world love the sport, and that ensures that it will continue to play a prominent role for years to come. The online betting scene is continuing to thrive, and that only promises to benefit horse racing over the next 50 years.

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