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162 Positive Words That Start with J | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

Have you ever played crosswords or jumbled words? You would have hardly thought of any positive words that start with J while doing so. Well here comes the “J” words to the rescue. Allow yourself to go through this wonderous article full of positive words beginning with J to describe who and whatever you want pleasantly and confidently.

How about adding a little spice in the game by teasing your scrabble partner? Let’s just flip the board over and run away only to make it up to them with these juicy and fun positive words that start with J. Little things can create great magic, and the real magic lies in the sweetest words so flick your wand and add magic to your boring life with such beautiful positive words starting with J.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight so avail this chance to be happy and smile as it is the feeling that resides in you but you keep searching for it in the external world. keep smiling with all your heart and make others smile with incredibly awesome positive words that start with J.

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Common Positive Words That Start with J

Be ready for the most common positive words that start with J although you still may not use them that often, but now is the time to utilize these thought provoking “J” words. Let get yourself into these uniquely wonderful positive words starting with J.

1. Jazz

  • Definition: a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans, with a rhythm in which the strong notes often come before the beat
  • Synonyms: boogie, bop
  • Example: He is a great performer on jazz music.

2. Jeez

  • Definition: a soft expression to show astonishment
  • Synonyms: oh, wow
  • Example: Jeez, you look attractive.  

3. Jest

  • Definition: something said in amusement
  • Synonyms: joke, witticism  
  • Example: Jest hides many a true feeling.

4. Jewel

  • Definition: wearable ornaments
  • Synonyms: gem, gem-stone
  • Example: Her necklace contains a precious jewel.

5. Jig

  • Definition: a happy dance
  • Synonyms: dance
  • Example: The child was taking a jig as his father arrived.

6. Join

  • Definition: to connect
  • Synonyms: unite, fix
  • Example: He rightly joined the two puzzle pieces.

7. Jumbo

  • Definition: something larger than usual
  • Synonyms: large, big
  • Example: They ordered a jumbo pizza.

8. Jampacked

  • Definition: extremely crowded place
  • Synonyms: brimful, brimming
  • Example: The concert was jampacked and an immense success.

9. Joke

  • Definition: something, such as a funny story or trick, that is said or done in order to make people laugh
  • Synonyms: humor, pun
  • Example: He tried to cheer everyone up by telling a joke.

10. Jitterbug

  • Definition: a 90’s dance form  
  • Synonyms: jive, razz
  • Example: We used to jitterbug at the weirdest songs.  

Positive Words That Start with J to Describe a Person

Are you ready to juggle with the most joyful and positive words that start with J to describe a person? So, c’mon drag your mind to the best words starting with J to describe a person positively.

1. Junior

  • Definition: a young person below a particular age who is involved in an activity, especially sport
  • Synonyms: youngster, youth
  • Example: Saturday morning sessions are for juniors only.

2. Jolly

  • Definition: cheerfully happy
  • Synonyms: fair, impartial 
  • Example: His jolly nature made him popular in the school.

3. Just

  • Definition: someone who is morally right
  • Synonyms: fair, equitable
  • Example: The judge took the just decision by putting him behind bars. 

4. Jaw-dropping

  • Definition: extremely gorgeous
  • Synonyms: amazing, astonishing
  • Example: Her jaw-dropping beauty made him talk to her.

5. Jim-dandy

  • Definition: outstandingly excellent
  • Synonyms: sensational, fantabulous
  • Example: That new singer on stage is real jim-dandy.

6. Jounce

  • Definition: jolt or bounce
  • Synonyms: jolt, bounce
  • Example: He jounced wildly at the news about his selection.

7. Jovial

  • Definition: cheerfully friendly
  • Synonyms: cheerful, jolly
  • Example: He had a jovial nature before they had broken up.

8. Joyful

  • Definition: someone who is full of joy
  • Synonyms: cheerful, happy
  • Example: He is a joyful child.  

9. Jejune

  • Definition: naive, simplistic, and superficial
  • Synonyms: innocent, unworldly
  • Example: He corrected some of her jejune generalizations.

10. Jubilant

  • Definition: triumphally happy
  • Synonyms: over-joyed, exultant
  • Example: The girl was jubilant when got a job offer.

Positive Words That Start with J to Describe Someone

Greeting “J” word seekers you have landed on the right place to find the best positive words that start with J to describe someone. Go ahead and pick the indescribably attractive positive words beginning with J.

1. Judicious

  • Definition: someone with good sense of judgement
  • Synonyms: wise, sensible
  • Example: Despite being childish she is judicious.

2. Juggler

  • Definition: the one who juggles 
  • Synonyms: entertainer, sorcerer  
  • Example: The juggler astonished the audience by juggling eight bottles at a time.

3. Justly

  • Definition: without partiality
  • Synonyms: fairly, equitably 
  • Example: He justly divided the candies among his siblings.

4. Juvenescent

  • Definition: embodiment of youthfulness
  • Synonyms: young, youthful
  • Example: She still looks juvenescent after her silver jubilee.

5. Jollily

  • Definition: with a lot of fun
  • Synonyms: cheerfully, happily
  • Example: She jollily dealt with all the criticism.

6. Jocund

  • Definition lightheartedly cheerful
  • Synonyms: cheerful, jolly
  • Example: Their hearts were jocund after the declaration of the public holiday.

7. Jocular

  • Definition: playfully funny
  • Synonyms: humorous, funny
  • Example: His jocular mood lifted the mood of the party.

8. Jocose

  • Definition: humorously playful 
  • Synonyms: humorous, jocular
  • Example: His jocose manner was unnecessary at that occasion.

9. Jolif

  • Definition: Joyful; merry
  • Synonyms: joyful, merry  
  • Example: He has a jolif child.  

10. Junoesque

  • Definition: a tall and shapely woman
  • Synonyms: curvy, pneumatic  
  • Example: She is a handsome Junoesque woman.

Positive Words That Start with J to Keep You Inspired

Are you feeling drained? Inspire yourself with the most effectively positive words that start with the letter J. There are numerous ways to inspire others but these inspiring words that start with J are unmatchable.

1. Jaunt

  • Definition: a journey for pleasure
  • Synonyms: trip, outing
  • Example: She got so tired of the city life that she went on a jaunt to the village.

2. Jubilee

  • Definition: a 50th or 25th anniversary
  • Synonyms: anniversary, commemoration
  • Example: They celebrated their silver jubilee at the golf club.

3. Justice

  • Definition: doing right to someone
  • Synonyms: fairness, fair-play
  • Example: The one who seeks justice ultimately gets it.

4. Justified

  • Definition: something that is proven correct on several grounds
  • Synonyms: explained, accounted for
  • Example: His reaction was justified due to her continued bad attitude.

5. Jamboree

  • Definition: a lavish party
  • Synonyms: gathering, get-together
  • Example: I went to an open-air jamboree last week.

6. Jackpot

  • Definition: a big cash prize
  • Synonyms: kitty, pool
  • Example: We won a jackpot with his old lottery ticket.

7. Journalism

  • Definition: a profession related to delivering news
  • Synonyms: the press, report
  • Example: Journalism requires creativity on so many levels.

8. Joint

  • Definition: something interconnected
  • Synonyms: Intersection, link 
  • Example: He talked about the rising issue of global warming in the joint session.

9. Jollification

  • Definition: a celebration as lively as ever
  • Synonyms: rejoicing, raveling 
  • Example: October is quite a month of jollification due to many upcoming marriages.

10. Jumpstart

  • Definition: to push start something  
  • Synonyms: rise, skip over
  • Example: He had to jumpstart his car to ca      tch-up with them.  

Positive Words That Start with J to Keep You Motivated

Just stay motivated as it is the key to be cheerful and contended and to help you with that, we present words that start with J that are positive and laughable. So, dig in and enjoy such wonderful motivational words that start with J.

1. Juxtapose

  • Definition: to compare
  • Synonyms: mix, contrast
  • Example: When I juxtapose my life with others, I thank God for everything I have.

2. Junction

  • Definition: a point where multiple things are joined together
  • Synonyms: intersection, bond
  • Example: The Britain motorway junction is very complicated.

3. Juncture

  • Definition: some particular time
  • Synonyms: point, time, moment
  • Example: At this juncture of our life, we prefer separation.

4. Job

  • Definition: a piece of work
  • Synonyms: position, post
  • Example: He performed his job with all honesty.

5. Jazzy

  • Definition: shiny or colorful
  • Synonyms: showy, flashy
  • Example: His car looked very jazzy due to the vinyl wrap.

6. Jock

  • Definition: a friendly helper  
  • Synonyms: friend, garter, supporter
  • Example: He is a jock even to his enemies.

7. Jeton

  • Definition: coin-like medals 
  • Synonyms: coin, tokens
  • Example: He found an old jeton while using a metal detector in his lawn.

8. Jubilation

  • Definition: a feeling of contentment
  • Synonyms: joy, rejoicing
  • Example: The feeling of jubilation ran across the hall after the announcement.

9. Jointed

  • Definition: joints of joints
  • Synonyms: connect, unite, fix
  • Example: The jointed stems of a tree were very hard to separate

10. Jubilate

  • Definition: showing or expressing contentment
  • Synonyms: rejoice, exuberate
  • Example: The way she jubilates her happiness is adorable.

Positive Words That Start with J to Praise Other People

To send a praise is to receive love and blessings fair trade, isn’t it? Pick your phone up now and start praising your loved ones with these nice words that start with J. Pick your best positive J words now.

1. Jet-set

  • Definition: the people that are high fashion and travels a lot
  • Synonyms: high-society, society
  • Example: He lives a jet-set lifestyle despite his average income. 

2. Joysome

  • Definition: embodiment of joy
  • Synonyms: jubilation, delight
  • Example: The house-warming party was very joysome. 

3. Jovially

  • Definition: very high-spirited
  • Synonyms: blithe, jocundly
  • Example: He nodded jovially at the inside joke.

4. Joyfully

  • Definition: extremely happily
  • Synonyms: joyously, happily
  • Example: He joyfully ran across the hall when his team won the match.

5. Jubilarian

  • Definition: the one who is celebrating a jubilee
  • Synonyms: celebration, festivity
  • Example: There were many jubilarians so we celebrated their 50th collectively.

6. Jiggish

  • Definition: playfully high-spirited
  • Synonyms: skittish, coltish
  • Example: She has a jiggish personality. 

7. Jocosely

  • Definition: playfully humorous
  • Synonyms: humorously, playfully 
  • Example: He jocosely teased his little sister.

8. Jocoserious

  • Definition: a combination of mirth and seriousness
  • Synonyms: moderately funny, moderately serious
  • Example: He is an exceptional jocoserous combo.

9. Jocularly

  • Definition: something meant as a joke
  • Synonyms: humorous, witty 
  • Example: He jocularly hit him and ran away.

10. Jestingly

  • Definition: in a humorous manner
  • Synonyms: jokingly, gag
  • Example: He jestingly hide behind the cupboard.

List of Positive Words That Start with J for Impressive Resumes

“J” words are not easy to find for your resumes but you worth all the effort we put in to find the most inspirational words that start with J. Embrace the incredible list of positive words that start with J.

1. Jannock

  • Definition: the one who is fair and straight forward
  • Synonyms: upright, decent 
  • Example: He is a real Jannock.

2. Journey

  • Definition: a trip to reach somewhere  
  • Synonyms: trip, expedition 
  • Example: It’s a two-hour train journey from York to London.

3. Jeweler

  • Definition: the one who makes and sells jewelry
  • Synonyms: lapidary, gemologist
  • Example: The jeweler’s collection of designs is tempting.

4. Judicial

  • Definition: relating to the legal system
  • Synonyms: legal, judiciary
  • Example: The tax claim is part of a broader judicial investigation into the affairs of the oil group.

5. Justify

  • Definition: to show that something is reasonable, right, or true
  • Synonyms: explain, account for
  • Example: The person appointed has fully justified our confidence.

6. Jestful

  • Definition: full of jokes
  • Synonyms: funny, humorous
  • Example: He is such a jestful guy and makes us laugh all the time.

7. Judge

  • Definition: the person who officially decides who is the winner of a competition
  • Synonyms: inspector, authority
  • Example: Jose is the judge of our football match.

8. Jobber

  • Definition: a person or company that buys large quantities of goods to sell to other companies or directly to the public
  • Synonyms: broker, dealer
  • Example: The wholesale jobber’s company supplies independents in six counties.

9. Jockey

  • Definition: a person whose job involves the use of a particular device, vehicle, object, etc., or who is very interested in a particular thing
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: He is a computer jockey.

10. Judiciary

  • Definition: the collection of judges of the country
  • Synonyms: judicial, judicatory
  • Example: The judiciary is the pillar of a stable country.

More Positive Words That Start with J

Looking for more “J” words? Take out some from these remarkably good words that start with J and use the as per your convenience. These positive words with letter J will enhance your vocabulary and will help you impress the ones you care about.  

1. Juiciness

  • Definition: tastiness of a fruit due to the amount of liquid present in a fruit  
  • Synonyms: succulence, succulency
  • Example: The juiciness of the grapefruit is mouth-watering.

2. Jump

  • Definition: to hop   
  • Synonyms: leap, skip
  • Example: The kids happily jump on the bouncing spring mattress.

3. Jouissance

  • Definition: an ecstasy that is physical or mental   
  • Synonyms: interiority, transcendence
  • Example: He was on the verge to explode with jouissance after he won the race.

4. Jug

  • Definition: a hollow cylindrical container for liquids
  • Synonyms: pitcher, ewer
  • Example: The jug was full of red vine.

5. Jigsaw

  • Definition: a picture in the puzzle pieces meant to be connected
  • Synonyms: puzzle, reciprocating-saw
  • Example: The 10-year-old surprisingly competed the jigsaw puzzle in 5 minutes.

6. Jumble

  • Definition: moving something out of place
  • Synonyms: mix up, disorganize
  • Example: He skillfully organized the jumbled words in the files.

7. Jape

  • Definition: a joke that is practical
  • Synonyms: burlesque, caricature
  • Example: The jape of putting a chewing gum on his seat was pretty childish.

8. Jewelry

  • Definition: wearable ornaments  
  • Synonyms: gems, gemstones
  • Example: She had the most beautiful jewelry that was unfortunately stolen last year.

9. Jingle

  • Definition: a light pleasant sound made by metals touching each other   
  • Synonyms: clink, chink
  • Example: The bells on the charismas tree jingled sweetly.

10. Jeweled

  • Definition: something made of jewels
  • Synonyms: diamonded, gemmed
  • Example: The dress was jeweled with peal-like beads.  

Positive Words That Start with J – Full List (162 Words)

Here we are with the full list of positive words that start with J to amaze and help you scroll to the word you require the most at this very moment. 

  • Jaw
  • Joint
  • Jestingly
  • Jocular
  • Juncture
  • Jokey
  • Jocose
  • Journey
  • Jacket
  • Josh
  • Juxtapose
  • Justice
  • Jobbing
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Jamboree
  • Joss
  • Jazzily
  • Jug
  • Jiggish
  • Jurisdiction
  • Jog
  • Jeton
  • Jet-set
  • Jibe
  • Joyfulness
  • Jester
  • Jocosity
  • Joculary
  • Junction
  • Joking
  • Jazzed
  • Jauntly
  • Jack
  • Joviality
  • Jocosely
  • Jubilant
  • Joker
  • Jock
  • Jig
  • Joust
  • Job
  • Jolif
  • Jubilate
  • Jasmine
  • Jargon
  • Jewell
  • Jollily
  • Just
  • Justify
  • Junoesque
  • Jammy
  • Jimp
  • Jape
  • Jubilation
  • Julep
  • Jokingly
  • Jockey
  • Jehovah
  • Jump-up
  • Juggler
  • Jestful
  • Jewelry
  • Jitney
  • Jocularly
  • Jouissance
  • Journaling
  • Jewelled
  • Justly
  • Jobber
  • Jump
  • Juvenescence
  • Joysome
  • Jitterbug
  • Jampacked
  • Jaunt
  • Jackpot
  • Junket
  • Jejune
  • Joyous
  • Jiffy
  • Jointly
  • Jesus
  • Jannock
  • Juiciness
  • Joiner
  • Journeyman
  • Joyously
  • Jaguar
  • Judicial
  • Jessant
  • Jigsaw
  • Justified
  • Jocundity
  • Jeez
  • Jam
  • Juvenile
  • Jittery
  • Judge
  • Join
  • Jazzy
  • Justifiable
  • Joculator
  • Jaegar
  • Jovial
  • Jocoserious
  • Jubilee
  • Jest
  • Jingle
  • Jeep
  • Jell
  • Jogging
  • Jubilantly
  • Jollification
  • Jovially
  • Jumpy
  • Jolly
  • Journal
  • Jollo
  • Journalism
  • Jo
  • Juicy
  • Jaunty
  • Jigjog
  • Jinnee
  • Jollity
  • Jumbo
  • Jumble
  • Jocularity
  • Jewel
  • Jot
  • Jamming
  • Jointed
  • Judgement
  • Joke
  • Jokester
  • Jesting
  • Jeweler
  • Jocund
  • Jam-packed
  • Jeweled
  • Jigjig
  • Jake
  • Joculatory
  • Judiciary
  • Junior
  • Joy
  • Jumpstart
  • Jaculable
  • Joyful
  • Jim-dandy
  • Jounce
  • Jade
  • Judiciously
  • Judicious
  • Justification
  • Joyride
  • Jungle
  • Judo
  • Joyfully
  • Jazz
  • Juvenescent
  • Jubilarian

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with J

We hope you enjoyed joining the scattered pieces of our “J” word jigsaw puzzle and the search for the most comprehensive positive words that start with J ends here. Life is also like a distorted jigsaw puzzle we have to gather the pieces and then we arrange them in the perfect order to obtain the picture and see it clearly so use some of these positive words beginning with J to set your life straight.

And there is only one way to create your perfect jigsaw image, that is positive attitude that comes with the use of such positive words starting with J. So, open the gates of positivity and make your life a little easier. A simple life is the best life and it can become better with the positive words that start with J.

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