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186 Positive Words That Start with N | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

Have you witnessed a bird nurturing and feeding its little one? These positive words that start with N nurture your vocabulary and thoughts in a similar pattern. They improve your vocal and writing skills so that you can express yourself positively and effectively using these amazing positive words beginning with N.

Try engaging yourself in creative writing and you will notice a considerable improvement in how you put your thoughts across and these positive words that start with N will assist you remarkably. Your skills are like birds the more you feed them the faster they will be able to fly in the sky on such wonderful positive words starting with N.

Go navigate the positive words that start with N that best describe you and your loved one and send them love and affection through incredibly beautiful “N” words. Nurture the positivity that resides in you and feed your relationships with care and endearment as these are the things that stay with you lifelong rather than the materialistic things you chase and work for to survive. Happiness lies in the most trivial of thing you just need to seek it on the right place.

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Common Positive Words That Start with N

It is time to notice the best positive words that start with N and include them in your “N” word list. Let us search for the most suitable and applicable positive words starting with N.   

1. Nutritious

  • Definition: containing many of the substances needed for life and growth
  • Synonyms: nourishing, nutritive
  • Example: Fruit salad is a nutritious alternative for diabetics. 

2. New

  • Definition: something that occurs first time
  • Synonyms: latest, current
  • Example: He bought a new car last year.

3. National

  • Definition: common to a whole nation
  • Synonyms: state, public
  • Example: Pakistan’s national game is hockey.

4. Near

  • Definition: at a reachable distance
  • Synonyms: close, nearby
  • Example: My house is near to hers.

5. Need

  • Definition: something that is essential
  • Synonyms: demand, requirement
  • Example: Technology is a need of time.

6. Navy

  • Definition: armed forces that provide services at the sea
  • Synonyms: army, solidary
  • Example: Pakistan navy has world class pilots.

7. Numinous

  • Definition: spiritual
  • Synonyms: religious, divine
  • Example: We visited a numinous place on the way back. 

8. Nourishing

  • Definition: that is good for health
  • Synonyms: wholesome, healthy
  • Example: Your shampoo must be nourishing to your hair.

9. Now

  • Definition: at present
  • Synonyms: at instant, at the moment
  • Example: He is ready to move on with his life now.

10. Novel

  • Definition: a long fictional story in a form of a book
  • Synonyms: book, paperback
  • Example: It ends with us an amazing novel by Colleen Hoover.

Positive Words That Start with N to Describe a Person

People around you worth your appreciation so use these worth-reading positive words that start with N to describe a person in a way that he feels special. Let’s take a tour of the listed words starting with N to describe a person positively. 

1. Neighbor

  • Definition: the one living next door
  • Synonyms: nearest, closest
  • Example: Sara is my next-door neighbor.

2. Neutral

  • Definition: the one who does not take sides in an argument
  • Synonyms: impartial, unbiased
  • Example: He was neutral so they take his advice to resolve the issue.

3. Nice

  • Definition: attractively pleasant
  • Synonyms: pleasant, pleasurable
  • Example: He seemed to be a nice guy.

4. Nifty

  • Definition: practically skilled
  • Synonyms: skillful, capable
  • Example: The man I met today was nifty.

5. Nimble

  • Definition: steady in movement
  • Synonyms: agile, light
  • Example: The child is youthful and nimble.

6. Noble

  • Definition: the one having moral principles
  • Synonyms: righteous, virtuous   
  • Example: Noble men respect women.

7. Nostalgic

  • Definition: characterized by nostalgia
  • Synonyms: wistful, evocative
  • Example: He became nostalgic when he visited his old home.

8. Normal

  • Definition: usual, and what you would expect
  • Synonyms: usual, standard
  • Example: His cooking skills are normal.  

9. Newborn

  • Definition: the one who is just born
  • Synonyms: infant, baby
  • Example: They were selling the good at half the normal price.

10. Nippy

  • Definition: quick in movement
  • Synonyms: agile, active
  • Example: He is nippy in his movement towards the class.

Positive Words That Start with N to Describe Someone

Your intentions speak for themselves but sometimes positive words that start with N to describe someone play a vital role in making yours and others’ life easier. Let’s take a look at some positive words beginning with N.

1. Nephew

  • Definition: one’s brother’s or sister’s son
  • Synonyms: brother’s son, sister’s son
  • Example: My nephew lives nearby.

2. Niece

  • Definition: one’s brother’s or sister’s daughter
  • Synonyms: brother’s daughter, sister’s daughter
  • Example: Her niece is cute.

3. Newcomer

  • Definition: the one who is new to an organization
  • Synonyms: beginner, novice
  • Example: The newcomer in the class seems to be a bright student.

4. Nubile

  • Definition: an attractive woman
  • Synonyms: attractive, beauteous
  • Example: She looks nubile and very young.

5. Notable

  • Definition: capable of engaging attention
  • Synonyms: noteworthy, outstanding
  • Example: His painting is a notable piece of art.

6. Neonate

  • Definition a newborn
  • Synonyms: baby, infant
  • Example: Her neonate looks exactly like her.

7. Natty

  • Definition: fashionably smart
  • Synonyms: smart, stylish
  • Example: He is a natty hairstylist.

8. Native

  • Definition: associated with a person’s birth country
  • Synonyms: vernacular, domestic
  • Example: I am a native of America.

9. Nascent

  • Definition: only recently formed or started, but likely to grow larger quickly
  • Synonyms: developing, growing
  • Example: As the nascent organization developed, he grew with it. 

10. Nifty

  • Definition: very good
  • Synonyms: skillful, effective 
  • Example: His nifty footwork was amazing.

Positive Words That Start with N to Keep You Inspired

These inspiring words that start with N will make sure that you get inspired and be capable of doing things that you felt you could not be able to do. Let’s get into the best and effective positive words that start with the letter N.

1. Net

  • Definition: the leftover money
  • Synonyms: income salary
  • Example: His net income excelled this year.

2. Numerous

  • Definition: in large number
  • Synonyms: many, several
  • Example: The school has numerous classrooms. 

3. Nod

  • Definition: to move the head down and then up again quickly, esp. to show agreement, approval, or greeting
  • Synonyms: incline, bow 
  • Example: She looked up and nodded for me to come in.

4. Nurse

  • Definition: to take care of
  • Synonyms: caregiver, attendant 
  • Example: She nurses her disable child pretty well.

5. Now

  • Definition: in this instant
  • Synonyms: currently, at present
  • Example: She must start working now to finish it till next morning

6. Natal

  • Definition: relating to the place or time of one’s birth
  • Synonyms: indigenous, innate, native
  • Example: People come to cites for jobs from their natal villages.

7. Narrative

  • Definition: describable events or story
  • Synonyms: account, story
  • Example: His narrative about the fight was poles apart.

8. Naval

  • Definition: relating to a navy or navies
  • Synonyms: army, solidary
  • Example: My close friend is a naval officer.

9. Noiseless

  • Definition: silent
  • Synonyms: silent, quiet
  • Example: Above them an eagle circled in noiseless flight.

10. Nontoxic

  • Definition: something that is not toxic
  • Synonyms: benign, safe
  • Example: The medicine was tested and it was declared nontoxic.

Positive Words That Start with N to Keep You Motivated

Motivation gives you the push you need to go beyond and challenge your limits so read such exceptional words that start with N that are positive to claim yourself and these motivational words that start with N will be your guide.

1. Nutritional

  • Definition: food that satisfy your nutrition
  • Synonyms: nourishing, nutrient 
  • Example: An egg a day is sufficient to fulfill your nutritional needs.

2. Necessity

  • Definition: something that is required
  • Synonyms: fundamental, basic
  • Example: Having a good night sleep is a necessity.

3. Nitid

  • Definition: something that reflects light
  • Synonyms: lustrous, shiny
  • Example: The furniture seemed to newly polished and nitid.

4. Nurture

  • Definition: to help something develop
  • Synonyms: foster, parent
  • Example: She nurtured her plants overtime.

5. Nymph

  • Definition: (in ancient Greek and Roman traditional stories) a goddess or spirit in the form of a young woman, living in a tree, river, mountain, etc.
  • Synonyms: sprite, sylph
  • Example: He dreamt of a beautiful nymph waiting for him in the woods.

6. Nomination

  • Definition: someone or something nominated
  • Synonyms: choice, choosing
  • Example: Do send the nominations for the painting competition by Monday.

7. Neoteric

  • Definition: modern
  • Synonyms: contemporary, new
  • Example: She added neoteric artificial sweeteners in the tea. 

8. Nation

  • Definition: a country, especially when thought of as a large group of people living in one area with their own government, language, traditions, etc.
  • Synonyms: country, state
  • Example: The nation prospers when united.

9. Necessary

  • Definition: very important
  • Synonyms: obligatory, required
  • Example: It is necessary for health to eat three times a day.

10. Nuzzle

  • Definition: rub or push against gently with the nose and mouth
  • Synonyms: nudge, nose
  • Example: He nuzzled her hair.

Positive Words That Start with N to Praise Other People

It is said that if you praise a tree, it will grow and flourish faster so does people, they catch positive energies that such wonderful nice words that start with N emit. Let’s take a tour of these positive N words. 

1. Noticeable

  • Definition: easy to see or recognize
  • Synonyms: considerate, compassionate, generous
  • Example: Her necklace was noticeable despite she wore a high-neck. 

2. Natural

  • Definition: the one with innate talent
  • Synonyms: genuine, real
  • Example: Sara is a natural singer. 

3. Neat

  • Definition: beautifully arranged
  • Synonyms: tidy, orderly
  • Example: He looked neat and tidy in the uniform.

1. Nocturnal

  • Definition: the one active at night
  • Synonyms: nightly, solitary
  • Example: He has a night shift so he has to be nocturnal.

2. Noteworthy

  • Definition: very interesting
  • Synonyms: notable, significant
  • Example: Their team effort against the opposing team is noteworthy.

4. Non-smoker

  • Definition: a person who does not smoke
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: If a person is a non-smoker at 20 he is likely to remain so for the rest of his life.

6. Nonpareil

  • Definition: having no match
  • Synonyms: incomparable, matchless
  • Example: Britain is nonpareil of the 1990s.

7. Notability

  • Definition: the quality of being noble in character
  • Synonyms: honesty, courage, kindness
  • Example: He is a man of nobility and learning.

9. Nirvana

  • Definition: a state of freedom from all suffering that Buddhists believe can be achieved by removing all personal wishes
  • Synonyms: moksha
  • Example: Faith is the first step for the bodhisattva to tread along that path to nirvana.

10. Narrator

  • Definition: the one who narrates
  • Synonyms: story letter, relator
  • Example: He plays a narrator in a TV show.

List of Positive Words That Start with N for Impressive Resumes

Short of vocabulary to fill in your resume? welcome to the professional and inspirational words that start with N to give it an extra boost. Scroll through this list of positive words that start with N.    

1. Nabob

  • Definition: a rich or powerful person
  • Synonyms: tycoon, millionaire
  • Example: He was a nabob of his time.

2. Note

  • Definition: to notice something
  • Synonyms: notice, find
  • Example: They noted the consumers’ growing demand for quicker service.

3. Navigate

  • Definition: to direct the way that a ship, aircraft, etc. will travel, or to find a direction across, along, or over an area of water or land, often by using a map
  • Synonyms: steer, direct
  • Example: Sailors have special equipment to help them navigate.

4. Negotiable

  • Definition: able to be modified
  • Synonyms: discussable, flexible
  • Example: The cost he put across is negotiable.

5. Next

  • Definition: that comes after
  • Synonyms: following, succeeding
  • Example: They will call him next for the interview.

6. Nominee

  • Definition: a candidate for a reward or award
  • Synonyms: designee, appointee
  • Example: She was a nominee for the Oscar.

7. Novelty

  • Definition: something that is original
  • Synonyms: originality, newness
  • Example: That brand has a novelty value.

8. Netizen

  • Definition: a person who uses the internet
  • Synonyms: cybercitizen, cybernaut
  • Example: He is a total netizen.

9. Notice

  • Definition: to see or become conscious of something or someone
  • Synonyms: find, see
  • Example: Mary waved at the man but he didn’t seem to notice.

10. Numerical

  • Definition: relating to numbers
  • Synonyms: fractional, parametric
  • Example: Keep your files in numerical order.

More Positive Words That Start with N

Your “N” word list asks for more good words that start with N so prepare yourself for the incredibly positive words with letter N. Let’s bring your list of “N” words to a great end.   

1. Nest

  • Definition: a place birds choose to lay their eggs
  • Synonyms: roost, eerie
  • Example: A sparrow made a nest on my water tank.

2. Name

  • Definition: a word used to address someone
  • Synonyms: title, tag
  • Example: We finally agreed on the name Luca for our son.

3. Nail

  • Definition: to strike a ball forcefully
  • Synonyms: hit, smash
  • Example: He is willing to nail the ball to the fence.

4. Nugget

  • Definition: a lump of precious metal
  • Synonyms: gold, gem
  • Example: She purchased a gold nugget. 

5. Nectar

  • Definition: a flavored juice
  • Synonyms: beverage, drink
  • Example: I love orange flavored nectar.

6. Night

  • Definition: time from sunset to sunrise
  • Synonyms: evening, dark
  • Example: I usually stay awake at night.

7. Nourish

  • Definition: to provide people or living things with food in order to make them grow and keep them healthy
  • Synonyms: nurture, feed
  • Example: This cream is supposed to help nourish your skin.

8. Newbie

  • Definition: someone new
  • Synonyms: novice, beginner
  • Example: He is a newbie in the share market.

9. Nonviolent

  • Definition: one who is not violent
  • Synonyms: calm, peaceful
  • Example: His nonviolent nature was appreciable.

10. Nearby

  • Definition: at a short distance
  • Synonyms: close, near
  • Example: A police officer was standing nearby.

Positive Words That Start with N – Full List (186 Words)

Navigate to the rarest of the “N” words from the list of positive words that start with N and draft a compelling message to attract the ones you have a crush on. 

  • Nature
  • Nectar
  • Needed
  • Nod
  • Nail
  • Nostalgia
  • Newly
  • Nightlong
  • Nobleman
  • Namaskar
  • Needless
  • Neonate
  • New-fashioned
  • Nice-looking
  • Newfound
  • Neighbor
  • Netted
  • Noted
  • Nascent
  • Nobby
  • Net
  • Naches
  • Noetic
  • Naology
  • Nephew
  • New
  • Noticeably
  • Numerous
  • Nugget
  • Nubile
  • Nonviolent
  • Noogie
  • Narrator
  • Nudge
  • Nimble
  • Nutritional
  • Nearby
  • Nurtured
  • Non-beligerent
  • Niche
  • Nominee
  • Nourish
  • Navy
  • Nob
  • Nook
  • Never-dying
  • Neutralize
  • Newlywed
  • Naval
  • Never-failing
  • Nimbly
  • Need
  • Newbie
  • Neven
  • Normalize
  • Normal
  • Nourished
  • Non-productive
  • Nippy
  • Natural
  • Nonpareil
  • Notify
  • Nabob
  • Non-belligerent
  • Notable
  • Negotiable
  • Necessarily
  • Natty
  • Number
  • Noticeable
  • Nearly
  • Nicety
  • Numinous
  • Nutrient
  • Novelette
  • Near
  • Nationhood
  • Nutriment
  • Never-ending
  • Nobility
  • Nurture
  • Nimble-wit
  • Nymph
  • Naturally
  • Newly-wed
  • Necessity
  • Non-violent
  • Nimbleness
  • Nutrition
  • Non-negative
  • Neutral
  • Nostalgic
  • Noble
  • Non-toxic
  • Nonstop
  • Neat-handed
  • Nicest
  • Nymphet
  • Nifty
  • Noiseless
  • Nourishing
  • Niece
  • Nutritious
  • Nicer
  • Nestling
  • Nitty-gritty
  • Ninja
  • Navigate
  • Neat
  • Nervy
  • Nexus
  • Newsworthy
  • Navigable
  • Nontoxic
  • Nationwide
  • Netizen
  • Nondestructive
  • Newfangle
  • Newcomer
  • Nominate
  • Non-violence
  • Nativity
  • Neoteric
  • Novel
  • National
  • Neighbourly
  • Nest
  • Neaten
  • Notably
  • Nirvana
  • Nicely
  • Nice
  • Niminy-piminy
  • Nursemaid
  • Namaste
  • Netify
  • Now
  • Notice
  • Nurturing
  • Numberless
  • Nutritive
  • Nationalistic
  • Necessary
  • Non-smoker
  • Nonchalant
  • Night
  • Nation
  • Narrative
  • Neighborly
  • Notability
  • Nitid
  • Novelty
  • Neatly
  • Nutrimental
  • Name
  • Newborn
  • Note
  • Nourishment
  • Nouveau
  • Nimble-witted
  • Nurse
  • Nailed
  • Nepenthes
  • Nimble-fingered
  • Nimble-minded
  • Normative
  • Next
  • Nonaggressive
  • Native
  • Nullify
  • Neo
  • Number-one
  • Nuzzle
  • Nestle
  • Normally
  • Nonjudgmental
  • Nocturnal
  • Novaturient
  • Negotiate
  • Nobly
  • Newfangled
  • Nomination
  • Numerical
  • Natal
  • Neighborhood
  • Noteworthy

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with N

We hope the “N” vocab brings positivity and enlighten your mind with the best collection of positive words that start with N and create an invisible boundary around you to protect you from all the negativity that this world possesses.

Such wonderful positive words beginning with N will also enhance your language proficiency and it helps engaging your audience. These positive words starting with N are an effective way to deliver a positive and constructively practical message that stays in people’s heart for a long span of time. So, note and make good use of these positive words that start with N and bring yourself to a place where people appreciate and love you for what you are rather than for the artificiality for which you had to work hard for.

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