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Top VPNs of 2024: Ensuring a Smooth and Secure Online Gaming Experience

by Kimi

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a useful tool that can help protect your online privacy and even thwart viruses, DDoS attacks, and hacking attempts. Additionally, depending on the server you select, they will assign you a new, temporary IP address that will allow you to trick websites into believing you are physically located somewhere else.

This is a fantastic method to get around geo-restrictions and access social networking and streaming media. You can even find offers on new games that are exclusive to your region with this method.

Though there are many VPNs available, very few meet the security and speed requirements of PC gamers. I’ve compiled a list of some of the top VPNs available that accomplish all of this without interfering with your gaming sessions.

I’ve been testing VPNs for years now, continually putting services to the test to see which offer the best performance, affordability, and privacy-enhancing features. In this article, I’ve identified VPNs with excellent desktop programmes that won’t break the bank or tax your CPU. Now, let’s explore the best PC VPN recommendations for 2024.

1. Surfshark

My guy is Surfshark. It offers a terrific combination of reduced ping than my non-VPN connection and a pretty little hit on total download speeds, making it the finest VPN for online gaming that we’ve tested, in my opinion. Though not quite as onerous on uploads as NordVPN, which tops that list, it’s still not enough to turn me off.

For streamers, you should definitely prioritise that upload speed, in which case NordVPN is the best choice. However, as a streamer, you most likely like to always have access to the entire bandwidth.

The app is simple to use. Some of the cool features include an optional kill switch that disables your internet connection in the event that the VPN drops, as well as an allowlist that permits financial apps to get past the VPN block. The business appears dependable in terms of its stringent no-logs policy.

The only service we evaluated that allows access to an infinite number of devices from a single account is Surfshark. Considering how inexpensive it is in comparison to some of its competitors, that is quite remarkable.

The only problem I’ve seen is that torrenting doesn’t seem to be a good fit for it. I had trouble getting anything to work, so you should definitely check at Nord if that’s a deal-breaker for you.

2. NordVPN

Surfshark and NordVPN are nearly equal, however the more robust option has the advantage of having more devices, being less expensive, and having a lower ping. When it comes to PC performance, NordVPN’s high-performance download and upload speeds are the best available. In my tests, when compared to an undisturbed connection and the fastest upload speed, it offers one of the highest relative download speeds.

That appears to be the point at which the majority of VPN providers completely destroy your upload connection. I can’t afford to lose any more data because my upload speed is already ten times slower than my download speed. However, Private Internet Access only provides about 35% of that connection, but NordVPN still provides about 85% of it.

If you find that torrenting is your preferred way to access stuff online, this is also your best bet. In my experience, Surfshark appears to block everything, therefore Nord is the next best option.

The ping performance of the service is also outstanding; it regularly beats my gaming ping results and approaches my unrestricted ping score. NordVPN makes use of NordLynx, the most recent version of the WireGuard VPN technology. It does appear to help it run consistently well, and it’s supposedly the fastest around.

3. IPVanish

Despite being among the least expensive VPN providers we’ve examined, IPVanish offers enough features to make up for its low cost. While it may not have as many features as Surfshark or NordVPN, a new subscription comes with free 250GB of encrypted storage and backup from SugarSync, which may provide you with an extra layer of security for your more important files.

It also functions well. Remarkably little affect is made to my upload and download speeds, and when I play online, it generally lowers the ping in-game. Though not concerning, there was a slight increase in CS: GO, yet there were still less packet drops than with my regular connection.

IPVanish is a fantastic substitute for the top two VPN services on our list if you’re looking for a high-quality service that you can use on your gaming PC and possibly nine other devices at once without spending a lot of money.

4. ExpressVPN

The service with the largest worldwide reach is also the second most costly on our list. With servers spread over an astounding 105 nations, ExpressVPN might be your best option for a dependable, safe, and reasonably fast connection if you frequently travel or want to play with pals abroad.

In my tests, ExpressVPN consistently provided me with a lower millisecond count than my ordinary connection in Battlefield 5, thus its in-game ping performance isn’t too poor. However, it occasionally had trouble with CS: GO. It was the slowest in terms of download speeds, though—nothing against my regular connection at 94%—but the upload hit was second only to Private Internet Access’s appalling performance.

It also offers the fewest permitted simultaneous devices of the top four; nevertheless, with five devices, you can still distribute the workload among your phone, laptop, PC, and significant other. Even while ExpressVPN might not have the best performance I’ve seen from some others, it is still a good, dependable service and a good choice for PC gamers.

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