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251 Verbs That Start with B | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

To help you improve your vocabulary, we are providing you with a series of top verbs that start with B. Read this article on verbs that start with B with Definitions, Synonyms, and Examples to enhance your knowledge of the English Language.

All these verbs that start with B are divided into numerous classifications according to their meanings and their purpose in a sentence. This classification will help you to choose the verbs easily from any verbs that start with B benefitting your conditions.

All the verbs beginning with B are submitted with their definition so that you can get an idea of their usage. Synonyms for each verb are put in as well. Also, an example for verbs that start with B has been provided for you.

How about we investigate the most usually utilized verbs that start with B? Perceive the number you’d prefer to use in your next story or sonnet. Maybe they’ll brighten up your composition!

Now we have a clear idea of action words that start with B, alongside their usage as well. So, let’s start the expedition of the kingdom of verbs.

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Common Verbs That Start with B

The list of the common verbs that start with B is given below. You might already have heard all the below verbs starting with B. If not, then take a look below.

1. Back

  • Definition: just to go reverse
  • Synonyms: opposite, change, anticlockwise, contrary
  • Example: I put the car in reverse and backed down the road.

2. Bake

  • Definition: to cook food in an oven
  • Synonyms: oven cook, roast
  • Example: Bake the cake in a hot oven for 56 minutes.

3. Balance

  • Definition: to make something even in weight, size, or amount
  • Synonyms: stabilize, steady, level
  • Example: Help me balance the seesaw.

4. Base

  • Definition: to build upon a foundation of knowledge
  • Synonyms: ground, root, construct
  • Example: The teaching is based on morality.

5. Be

  • Definition: to become
  • Synonyms: become
  • Example: She grew up to be a famous artist.

6. Beat

  • Definition: to win or to hit
  • Synonyms: triumph, overcome, strike
  • Example: Khabib beat McGregor in Badminton.

7. Bear

  • Definition: to be able to cope with or hold the weight
  • Synonyms: sustain, shoulder, support
  • Example: She can’t bear Ali.

8. Become

  • Definition: to grow or change into
  • Synonyms: develop into, grow into, metamorphose
  • Example: At night, she might become a fairy.

9. Beg

  • Definition: to plead for something
  • Synonyms: implore, entreat, beseech
  • Example: I beg your pardon.

10. Behave

  • Definition: to act in an appropriate manner
  • Synonyms: comport, conduct oneself, act appropriately
  • Example: He behaves like a child.

Positive Verbs That Start with B

Now, let’s take a look at positive verbs that start with B. Sooner rather than later, pick the light! Walk around a path loaded up with positive words and empowering implications to work into your composition and discussions. At the point when you pick energy, the weights of life can unwind a bit. At the point when you pick inspiration, the weights of life can unravel a bit. Start today with a disorderly rundown of positive verbs that start with B, to make our writing and oration a special and a vogue look.

1. Bite

  • Definition: cutting something with the help of teeth
  • Synonyms: nibble, chew, crunch, munch
  • Example: I was bitten by her family cat.

2. Blame

  • Definition: to declare someone as faulty
  • Synonyms: incrimination, inculpation, criticize, reproach
  • Examples: The police officer blamed on politician.

3. Bask

  • Definition: to enjoy a happy or comfortable situation
  • Synonyms: luxuriate, revel, relish
  • Examples: Ali sat basking in the sun.

4. Beam

  • Definition: having a big smile on someone’s face
  • Synonyms: shine, cheerful, glow
  • Example: He was positively beaming with pleasure in front of her.

5. Belong

  • Definition: to be a part of
  • Synonyms: exist, fit, reside
  • Example: That bag belongs to me.

6. Best

  • Definition: defeating someone with efforts
  • Synonyms: overcome, defeat
  • Example: She refused to allow herself to be bested.

7. Better

  • Definition: to be someone or something improved
  • Synonyms: progress, pick up, advance, look up
  • Example: Their early work has never been bettered.

8. Big

  • Definition: to promote someone or something strongly
  • Synonyms: praise, recommend, admire, glorify
  • Examples: Teacher was bigging all the awarded students.

9. Bloom

  • Definition: to yield something further
  • Synonyms: blossom, bud, sprout
  • Examples: Many bulbs bloom in spring.

10. Beware

  • Definition: to be one’s guard or giving warning
  • Synonyms: caution, alert, advise, saving
  • Example: Defence agency bewared public about terrorist’s attack.

Verbs That Start with B to Describe a Person

There are a lot of verbs that start with B to describe a person in English vocabulary. We have collected a list of verbs that start with B, together with definitions and example sentences, to help you learn new verbs that start with B to describe a person and expand your vocabulary. Enjoy!

1. Buy

  • Definition: to purchase or get by an exchange of something of value
  • Synonym: acquire, procure, pay for
  • Example: Money can buy a man.

2. Bypass

  • Definition: to provide an alternative way around
  • Synonyms: circumvent, detour, alternate route
  • Example: To bypass the city, take the highway that circles it.

3. Bury

  • Definition: to place in the ground, cover-up, or hide
  • Synonyms: inter, entomb, bury
  • Example: We will bury it.

4. Burn

  • Definition: to be on fire
  • Synonyms: combust, incinerate, blaze
  • Example: Exercise does help to burn calories.

5. Bully

  • Definition: to force one’s way aggressively
  • Synonyms: browbeat, tyrannize, domineer
  • Example: He was bullying wrong guy so he was slapped.

6. Build

  • Definition: to construct, create or put together
  • Synonyms: erect, frame, make
  • Example: They’re building new houses by the river.

7. Browse

  • Definition: to look at something casually
  • Synonyms: skim, peruse, scan
  • Example: Browse through his brochure and you will begin to see what we mean.

8. Bring

  • Definition: To carry or take something or someone to a location
  • Synonyms: deliver, carry, accompany
  • Example: Riches bring care and fear.

9. Brew

  • Definition: preparing something by brewing (to mix ingredients and boiling)
  • Synonyms: fermentation, infuse, foment, mull
  • Example: She really loves the freshly brewed tea.

10. Breathe

  • Definition: to take air in and let it out
  • Synonyms: respire, inhale, exhale
  • Example: I can’t breathe in this room.

Action Verbs That Start with B

Verbs that show physical action are known as action verbs. But here we are discussing action verbs that start with B which are given below. These 10 action words that start with B are specifically chosen for you.

1. Bubble

  • Definition: making a bubbling sound irregularly
  • Synonyms: gurgle, ripple, eruct, belch
  • Examples: Our sales were small but we were bubbling with excitement.

2. Breach

  • Definition: Infraction or violation of a law obligation, tie, or standard
  • Synonyms: break, split, bust
  • Example: The foreign people breached the border line and killed.

3. Breed

  • Definition: to keep animals or plants for the purpose of producing young animals or plants, often for chosen qualities
  • Synonyms: raise, bring up
  • Example: He bred hogs and cows and sold the meat and dairy products.

4. Bed

  • Definition: fixing something steadfastly into another thing
  • Synonyms: settle, embed, implant, insert
  • Example: He bedded the block into the wall.

5. Blast

  • Definition: to make a loud noise on; blow (a trumpet, automobile horn, etc.)
  • Synonyms: blight, shrivel, destroy, wither
  • Example: He blasted his horn irritably at every car in his way.

6. Bill

  • Definition: to charge for by bill, send a bill to enter (charges) in a bill, make a bill or list of
  • Synonyms: account, reckoning, score, jaw, beak
  • Example: The store will bill me.

7. Battle

  • Definition: trying very much to gain something
  • Synonyms: struggle, strive, fight, combat
  • Example: The soldiers battled very hard to achieve own land.

8. Bargain

  • Definition: try to settle complex issue or matter
  • Synonyms: negotiate, deal, agreement
  • Example: Today we bargained for a red car in the showroom.

9. Blaze

  • Definition: to burn brightly, to shine like a flame
  • Synonyms: burn, flame, let fly, discharge
  • Example: The cottage gardens blaze with irises, lilies, and peonies.

10. Boost

  • Definition: to lift or raise by pushing from behind or below
  • Synonyms: improve, raise, uplift, increase
  • Example: We need to boost our spirits.

English Verbs That Start with B

Here is the list of 10 English verb words that start with B. Verbs that may appear in the below word list will polish your speaking and writing skills by putting these verbs starting with letter B into your routine.

1. Badger

  • Definition: to harass or urge persistently, pester, nag
  • Synonyms: pester, harass, bother, plague
  • Example: I had to badger him into coming with us.

2. Balk

  • Definition: to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to do something specified
  • Synonyms: bar, foil, thwart, frustrate, prevent, stop
  • Example: Westerners balk at the prospect of a snake on the menu.

3. Brag

  • Definition: to use boastful language, to boast of
  • Synonyms: boast, crow, show off, swank, swagger
  • Example: He bragged that he had won.

4. Brevet

  • Definition: to appoint, promote, or honor by brevet
  • Synonyms: agency, Authority, Delegation, Office, Certificate, consignment, function
  • Example: The awarded soldier was breveted as lieutenant.

5. Ballot

  • Definition: to draw lots, to canvass, or solicit (a group, membership, etc.) for votes
  • Synonyms: Vote, suffrage, franchise
  • Example: Many voters will ballot this year.

6. Bait

  • Definition: to prepare (a hook or trap) with bait. To prepare to entice by deception or trickery so as to entrap or destroy
  • Synonyms: decoy, lure
  • Example: Using sing fake signal lights to bait the ships onto the rocks.

7. Bale

  • Definition: to make or form into bales
  • Synonyms: wrap, enclose, grasp, bunch
  • Example: The unnecessary plastic will be baled and then sent for recycling.

8. Bum

  • Definition: to borrow without expectation of returning, to live as a hobo
  • Synonyms: cadge, mooch, sponge, scrounge
  • Example: Could I bum a cigarette off you?

9. Bind

  • Definition: to fasten or secure with a bond or band
  • Synonyms: chain, enchain, enfetter, fetter
  • Example: Bind before it is full.

10. Birl

  • Definition: to move or rotate rapidly
  • Synonyms: binge, carouse, revel, roister
  • Example: Come birl the ale, please.

Useful List of Verbs That Start with B

The verbs beginning with B are generally useful in our everyday lives, such as speaking and academic writing. Here is a list of verbs that start with B that will come in handy when writing.

1. Bail

  • Definition: to release someone when security is paid
  • Synonyms: guarantee, payment, warrantee, recompense
  • Example: I was bailed to present in the court on next mo.

2. Bilge

  • Definition: became cause to leak something
  • Synonyms: bulge, protrude, swell, rush
  • Example: The internal collision bilged the vessels.

3. Ban

  • Definition: to forbid, outlaw
  • Synonyms: prohibit, debar
  • Example: They threatened to ban the book.

4. Bemuse

  • Definition: became cause to confuse someone
  • Synonyms: bewilder, mystify, pose, disorientate
  • Example: Ms Laura bemused all colleagues by asking one question.

5. Beautify

  • Definition: making something attractive
  • Synonyms: adorn, embellish, grace, decorate
  • Example: The dress is beautified by great designer.

6. Begin

  • Definition: just taking first step in any work 
  • Synonyms: start, initiate, commence 
  • Example: The team begun to struggle under his guidance.

7. Banter

  • Definition: to tease playfully and in good humor
  • Synonyms: gossipy, small talk, chitchat
  • Example: Don’t banter her out of her temper.

8. Bash

  • Definition: hitting anybody very hard
  • Synonyms: strike, knock, smash, collide
  • Example: An old man bushed the boy with his stick.

9. Bedeck

  • Definition: to furnish something for attention gaining
  • Synonyms: decorate, ornament, beautify, embellish
  • Example: The car was bedecked by red roses.

10. Befriend

  • Definition: become friend with somebody
  • Synonyms: assist, socialize, associate
  • Example: After my admission in school, I was befriended with Estella.

Unusual Verbs That Start with B to Boost Vocabulary

Following are some unusual verbs that start with B that will help to boost your vocabulary. Have a look how many of them has been known to you already.

1. Budget

  • Definition: being careful (having plan) about the money you spend
  • Synonyms: calculate, compute, estimate, prediction 
  • Example: Twenty million dollars has been budgeted for this project.

2. Bawl

  • Definition: cry, lament, grieve, bemoan, wail
  • Synonyms: cry, howl, wail, roar, sob, shout
  • Example: She likes to bawl against people.

3. Brief

  • Definition: giving information to someone
  • Synonyms: summarize, abstract, tell, report
  • Example: I was fully briefed by the manager about my job.

4. Beguile

  • Definition: to deceive, mislead, charm
  • Synonyms: dupe, bewitch
  • Example: Nothing can beguile the old man.

5. Beckon

  • Definition: to make a summoning to, gesture, motion, nod
  • Synonyms: signal, sign, summon, gesture
  • Example: She crooked her finger to beckon many.

6. Blab

  • Definition: giving information to someone that should be secret  
  • Synonyms: talk, tattle, gossip, chat
  • Example: Clever man blabbed to the defense agency.

7. Bisect

  • Definition: dividing something into two parts
  • Synonyms: cut, split, separate, cleave
  • Example: The whole city was bisected into two parts for management.

8. Beleaguer

  • Definition: harass, surround
  • Synonyms: annoy, badger
  • Example: Enemy troops beleaguered the city.

9. Befuddle

  • Definition: confuse thoroughly
  • Synonyms: muddle, mix up, bewilder, baffle
  • Example: The wine had befuddled them.

10. Belittle

  • Definition: to represent as unimportant, make light of
  • Synonyms: demean, disparage
  • Example: Don’t belittle his achievements.

More Verbs That Start with B

Here are some more verbs that start with the letter B. Try to incorporate these B verbs in your speaking and writing.

1. Bumble

  • Definition: acting in a confused manner
  • Synonyms: stumble, fumble, stammer, mess up
  • Example: I was hearing her bumbling around in the room.

2. Banish

  • Definition: to expel someone from society
  • Synonyms: exile, blackball, ostracise, relegate
  • Example: Robbers were banished from the village for a year.

3. Batten

  • Definition: making oneself strong for facing troubles  
  • Synonyms: prepare, furnish, struggle, machinate
  • Example: Commandos were battened from the initial days of training.

4. Berate

  • Definition: to scold harshly
  • Synonyms: rebuke, admonish
  • Example: She berated herself for being a bad mother.

5. Bribe

  • Definition: to pay someone illegally in exchange for favor
  • Synonyms: corrupt, intemperance, self-indulgence 
  • Example: I was bribed to deliver secret information.

6. Beep

  • Definition: to make a loud sound
  • Synonyms: claxon, honk, toot
  • Example: Washing machine beeped when it had done.

7. Berth

  • Definition: putting any ship in a berth (where ships are fastened)
  • Synonyms: moor, wharf, harbor
  • Example: Our ship was berthed at coast of Indus River.

8. Besiege

  • Definition: to surround to force to give up, harass, cause to feel distressed
  • Synonyms: blockade, surround, beset
  • Example: The troops besieged the fort.

9. Bestow

  • Definition: to give as a gift
  • Synonyms: confer on, award to
  • Example: You should bestow more time to work and less to daydreaming.

10. Beshrew

  • Definition: to wish harm upon someone or invoking evil upon
  • Synonyms: curse, damn, imprecate, maledict  
  • Example: An old woman beshrewed the bad person of building.

Verbs That Start with B – Full List (251 Words)

Are you getting confused by all these synonyms and examples? Don’t worry about that we have just got your back. So, let’s start without wasting a time. Now just look at the list of verbs that start with B.

  • Brighten
  • Brag
  • Border
  • Blue
  • Bag
  • Beatify
  • Buckle
  • Bind
  • Bat
  • Bilge
  • Blight
  • Beleaguer
  • Blush
  • Bellow
  • Bang
  • Boast
  • Branch
  • Bite
  • Breeze
  • Botch
  • Baptize
  • Beep
  • Belittle
  • Beam
  • Better
  • Beshrew
  • Balk
  • Ball
  • Blink
  • Bank
  • Bump
  • Busk
  • Belt
  • Brandish
  • Brake
  • Bug
  • Blemish
  • Bid
  • Bypass
  • Bake
  • Breakfast
  • Bleach
  • Blaspheme
  • Buoy
  • Burgeon
  • Brown
  • Blab
  • Broaden
  • Betroth
  • Button
  • Bombard
  • Burgle
  • Bomb
  • Burden
  • Brood
  • Beget
  • Bisect
  • Brocade
  • Bemuse
  • Berate
  • Bunk
  • Baste
  • Black
  • Bestow
  • Brainwash
  • Burst
  • Brush
  • Befit
  • Burow
  • Bloom
  • Browse
  • Buy
  • Bolt
  • Book
  • Bark
  • Beg
  • Bewilder
  • Birl
  • Boot
  • Bewitch
  • Banish
  • Bless
  • Bristle
  • Botanize
  • Bludgeon
  • Backslap
  • Backslide
  • Beckon
  • Barricade
  • Blare
  • Burn
  • Beguile
  • Blackmail
  • Browbeat
  • Barrow
  • Blur
  • Bully
  • Bet
  • Badger
  • Bivouac
  • Brick
  • Born
  • Befuddle
  • Bray
  • Battle
  • Befriend
  • Bespangle
  • Bungle
  • Ballot
  • Bottom
  • Bucaneer
  • Bath
  • Bawl
  • Blossom
  • Bone
  • Bequeath
  • Belch
  • Back
  • Blunder
  • Blacken
  • Bear
  • Blunt
  • Brisk
  • Blaze
  • Behead
  • Bed
  • Boost
  • Bill
  • Bulk
  • Bait
  • Bar
  • Be
  • Bleed
  • Bounce
  • Ban
  • Blanch
  • Bandage
  • Boycott
  • Besiege
  • Break
  • Bale
  • Bemoan
  • Boss
  • Barter
  • Blurt
  • Brew
  • Bash
  • Booze
  • Box
  • Best
  • Babble
  • Beseech
  • Backfire
  • Build
  • Bruise
  • Batten
  • Breed
  • Bend
  • Batter
  • Blind
  • Breathe
  • Bundle
  • Big
  • Bribe
  • Bury
  • Bargain
  • Boo
  • Blubber
  • Blast
  • Bevel
  • Bedevil
  • Bathe
  • Benumb
  • Behave
  • Brief
  • Bumble
  • Beware
  • Blame
  • Buff
  • Betray
  • Beat
  • Barrack
  • Bore
  • Bead
  • Burnish
  • Banter
  • Begin
  • Brim
  • Believe
  • Butter
  • Bring
  • Bud
  • Bottle
  • Bamboozle
  • Boil
  • Brave
  • Backbite
  • Brutalize
  • Berth
  • Bronze
  • Bubble
  • Buzz
  • Bedeck
  • Buck
  • Blot
  • Behold
  • Bolster
  • Blazon
  • Bejewel
  • Blank
  • Butt
  • Bleat
  • Bog
  • Bow
  • Bias
  • Budget
  • Bouy
  • Bowl
  • Bunch
  • Blend
  • Bluff
  • Base
  • Bust
  • Ballast
  • Boat
  • Bridle
  • Balance
  • Block
  • Blockade
  • Blow
  • Brevet
  • Bereave
  • Bask
  • Brawl
  • Brace
  • Bother
  • Board
  • Budge
  • Beautify
  • Bail
  • Bard
  • Bicker
  • Borrow
  • Bum
  • Bound
  • Breach
  • Become
  • Buttress
  • Belong
  • Braid
  • Broadcast

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with B

This work has been deliberately researched and only selected verbs that start with B are written for you. These verbs that start with B are divided into 8 categories and written in the simplest form for your better understanding.

The motivation behind composing verbs starting with B was to assist you with discovering the importance of verbs that start with B on a solitary site so you don’t need to look elsewhere and to assist you with discovering every verb that start with B effectively with no time squander.

The different categories provided here have 10 verbs each, to help you choose the suitable verbs for your required tasks and need. Not only this, but a simple definition, synonyms, and example for verbs beginning with B have also been provided.

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