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The Main Things You Can Discover About Yourself With Vedic or Western Astrology

by Kimi

Vedic astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, is an additional aspect of Hinduism related to the Vedas. It focuses on determining the ideal moments to engage in rituals aimed at enhancing well-being, wealth, romantic connections, and interpersonal relations. It imparts the belief that the soul has divine qualities, and one can attain inner enlightenment through meditation and overcoming personal barriers that hinder our utmost capabilities.

Vedic astrology examines the exact positions of the planets and zodiac constellations, paying special attention to the Moon. On the other hand, Western astrology focuses on the sun and the changing seasons. Additionally, Western astrology and horoscopes emphasize the mind, delving into our thoughts, behavior, and perspectives. In contrast, Vedic astrology focuses on a person’s karma and his compliance with universal principles known as Dharma.

Receiving information from your birth chart in Vedic astrology can begin self-discovery and provide insight into your true inner self and character.

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Vedic astrology studies your doshas

The doshas you have are the problems and obstacles you have acquired in previous lives. These doshas can be interpreted as negative influences and manifest themselves in various aspects of your life such as relationships, profession, financial status and family. The determination of doshas is based on observing the position of the planet.

Vedic astrology focuses on analyzing your current actions and their consequences.

Our kriyaman karma means our ability to make free choices. It includes the actions and thoughts that we generate for ourselves when we align ourselves with the laws of the Universe.

A courageous, resilient and independent person strives to overcome his ancestral karma by consistently making wise decisions and being aware of his thoughts, speech, behavior, aspirations and feelings. They take control of their destiny by releasing past life issues, emotional wounds, ingrained family values and behavior patterns.

Astrology, as one of the methods of work of psychics, explores the traits of zodiac signs

Similar to Western astrology, Vedic astrology explores the distinctive qualities of the 12 zodiac signs, but assigns them special attributes that are different from their Western counterparts.

For example, a person with Aquarius rising may have a strong desire to express himself and exhibit qualities of patience and intelligence. Likewise, a person with a Libra rising sign may demonstrate deep devotion to his spiritual beliefs, excel at persuasiveness, and exhibit courage.

Vedic astrology studies the essence of each zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has a tattva that characterizes its personality. The tattvas cover the five elements: ether, earth, fire, water and air.

Take for example, if you have a Libra Sun, you have the characteristics of the air element and a penchant for introspection. Your outlook on life is unbiased and your communication skills are exceptional. On the other hand, if you are a Taurus, your elemental affinity is earth, making you grounded and reliable. You make friends easily, are dedicated and reserved, but also have a realistic outlook and emotional depth within.

Vedic astrology focuses on the analysis of the doshas of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine covers three doshas, which are determined by the elements: pitta, vata, and kapha. Each dosha has specific characteristics that affect the well-being of a person’s zodiac sign.

For example, if you are a Leo, you are a combination of pitta dosha, influenced by the elements of fire and water. This means that you have qualities such as being easily provoked, energetic, assertive and charismatic. You also tend to have a higher body temperature and oily skin. Conversely, if you are a Scorpio, your nature consists of kapha dosha, ruled by the elements of earth and water. Some distinguishing characteristics include a prominent physique, calmness, a tendency to be lazy, and often moving at a slower pace.

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