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New Social Networking App: Proven Tips to Increase Threads Followers

by Kimi

Threads is an amazing new app. It instantly attracted millions of users and became the fastest growing social network in the world. Just imagine: 150 million users joined in just 6 days. This is a real record in the online world, and hardly anyone will be able to present something better in the next few years.

The popularity of the new network is understandable: it is clear, friendly and intuitive. It is very similar to Twitter and this is confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta). However, he also clarifies that his application differs from Twitter in openness, friendliness and kindness. There are no aggressive direct sales, swearing and gossip. For users, this app has become a safe haven in the noisy online world.

So now you know why Threads is so popular and loved by people. But how can you be realized here if you are an entrepreneur or a blogger? In this article we’ve collected the 3 best marketing tips for everyone: it doesn’t matter if you have experience in online promotion or not, these methods are clear and accessible to everyone.

1. Investing in your page

Let’s start with a method that doesn’t require your active participation in the process, saves time and effort. We are talking about the opportunity to buy real subscribers – this is an inexpensive, fast and effective tool. See for yourself, prices and packages are available at the link: https://viplikes.net/buy-threads-followers. Why do we say that this method is the simplest possible today? Despite the fact that the competition here is not yet as intense as on other older resources, it can be a difficult task to stand out and become a more visible author. 

Getting subscribers is initially quite a long and labor-intensive process, but advertising companies have figured out how to simplify it. And today you can take advantage of this chance and get a new audience out of nowhere. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what size your page is now, how many fans there are at the moment, engagement and reach. 

The incentive is available to everyone, no matter what your marketing budget is – prices are only a few dollars. This offer is not only faster and more efficient, but also much faster than advertising and hiring specialists. 

Keep in mind: before buying, we recommend that you study the provider’s website and read the reviews. This way you’ll avoid receiving bots and fakes, which can potentially worsen your ratings and even cause blocking. Don’t be afraid to invest, but do it wisely!

2. Post visual content 

Like everywhere else, Threads users love photos and videos. Such content attracts much more attention than naked text and a few emojis. Posts look a little “bigger” than usual and take up more space on the smartphone screen. In this way, they encourage users to pay attention to themselves and stand out from the stream of other posts in the feed. Therefore, such content is like an assistant in getting new subscribers.

Visual content includes almost everything: selfies, landscapes, short clips from trips, behind-the-scenes videos, etc. But the most favorite, of course, are memes. If you are confident in your abilities and can create a really funny meme, be sure to use it. Memes often go viral and bring real fame to their authors.

3. Become a part of the community

Establishing strong connections with other users will open up the opportunity for you to attract new subscribers, this is a fact. You can start with anything: follow popular influencers and little-known authors, or answer questions in posts, comment and meet new people. 

Dating posts are now popular on the platform: people talk about themselves, their profession and social activity. In such publications you can post information about yourself, find like-minded people and get more new subscribers. 

But it is important to remain sincere and friendly. Don’t try to promote your account directly – it’s inefficient here. Be yourself, communicate with other authors, and then you’ll see the result.


Well, now you have the knowledge of attracting subs in your hands. Use them and be consistent. Don’t reinvent the wheel: it’s enough to invest wisely, communicate with users and post creative, interesting and engaging content. We wish you success!

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