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One of the Most Popular Video Shooting Formats: Is It Worth Using Stop-Motion Features?

by Kimi

Videos in the stop-motion style are currently enjoying special popularity. Advertisers use the best TikTok editing app and stop motion for product promotion on the internet, marketers use it as visual aids for instructions, and bloggers publish similar animations to attract audiences on social media.

Almost everyone enjoys stop-motion, and it requires neither editing experience nor special equipment – just the stop motion animation VJump app.

What video format is this?

Creating stop-motion videos entails quickly cycling through photographs of an object captured at intervals during its movement. The process involves situating the object on a pre-prepared background, capturing a photo, shifting the object a short distance, capturing another photo, repeating the process, and so forth. 

When you amalgamate these photos using the TikTok editing app, the result gives the illusion that the object is in motion autonomously. The greater the attention to detail in the incremental changes between frames, the more lifelike and authentic the animation becomes.

How to successfully make such videos

Before you start shooting and use the TikTok video editor, consider the following:

  • Maintain frame stability: The background, camera, and lighting should remain stable until the end of the shoot. You can use time-lapse video shooting apps that automatically capture frames at equal intervals. This helps minimize the number of touches to the camera and the risk of frame displacement.
  • Avoid shadows: Relying on sunlight is not recommended, as it is inconsistent. If you are shooting outdoors or near a window, as the shoot progresses, the angle of light may also change, resulting in shadows. Unless it’s part of the script, shadows can spoil the composition, and the animation may not turn out very successful.

Simple ideas for shooting

Here are a few techniques:

  • Animated toys: Bringing toys to life, especially LEGO figures, is a common option for such videos.
  • Time-lapse progress: Many animations online illustrate the growth of plants, animals, and even children. Some of these are shot over months, but the end result is worth it.
  • Self-creating drawings: With stop-motion, you can make drawings, writings, and sketches appear on paper on their own, without the author’s assistance.
  • Crumpling paper: Paper is a popular subject for shooting. You can use it as both the background and the main subject of the shoot.

Producing full-fledged videos for business can cost a significant amount of money. However, by mastering the TikTok video editor, you can create social media videos independently. Showcase your product in the frame, demonstrate progress or before/after effects, or use animation to explain complex technical details.

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