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What Is Twitter Blue, and How Has It Evolved Since Musk Took Over the Platform?

by Kimi

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there has been controversy after controversy, and things could be looking up for Musk and his business endeavor.

If you are new to drama and everything happening, you are in the perfect place.

Since Musk’s takeover, the company has gone through many changes. Based on research conducted by ExpressVPN, Twitter is expected to lose over 6% of U.S. users by the end of 2023 due to these changes and controversies surrounding the platform.

Let’s go over some of the major changes.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is an added feature that you can add to your Twitter account with a small payment. Not everyone needs to have a Twitter Blue, and there is not much of a difference overall from the typical Twitter experience.

One can add a blue checkmark to their account by subscribing to Twitter Blue. This shows that the account is valid and run by the actual person. Usually, this is a feature used by celebrities and other famous people who have a lot of fake accounts.

Also, by subscribing to Twitter Blue, you can get early access to selected features, such as being able to edit your Tweet. It also enables the person with the blue checkmark to move to the top of replies, mentions, and searches. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you get attention. However, there are more subtle features as well, such as being able to upload 1080p quality videos, use NFTs as a profile picture, change the in-app color, change the Twitter icon, and organize the bookmarks. This subscription will also allow you to experience fewer ads and extended video lengths in the future.

How much does Twitter Blue cost?

The subscription for Twitter Blue is a monthly cost. Each month you will have to pay the fee, and it is not a one-time payment.

If you subscribe to Twitter Blue through a web browser, it will cost you $8 per month. But, if you subscribe through the iOS Store on your iPhone, it will cost $11 USD monthly. It is unclear why this difference in cost is there, but it is the same for YouTube Music as well. You can learn how to subscribe to this feature through the Twitter website.

How has Twitter changed after Musk’s overtake?

Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022 and has already made several changes, and these changes will keep coming. Here are some of the changes that users might or might not have noticed after his takeover.

Boosted his Tweets

Musk made a tweet during Super Bowl Sunday and his takeover, but the tweet did not reach as many people as he wanted it to. Instead, US President Joe Biden had a more engaging tweet.

Therefore, the engineers working for him inflated Musk’s tweets by a factor of 1,000, ensuring that more than 90% of Musk’s followers were able to see the tweet. This is not really something done for the users, but it is still a change in the algorithm.

The feed

Another huge change is how the feed of a Twitter user looks. Now, the timeline has a tab that allows users to choose from the latest Tweets of people they follow as well as Tweets recommended by the platform.

Android users have to hit a star icon at the top to be able to customize the timeline. However, many people are complaining that the timeline mostly consists of people you do not follow and are recommended rather than the Tweets from pages you actually follow.

Other types of ticks

We already know what the blue tick means and how people can access it, but there are other types of ticks as well. Since anyone can use the blue tick, it is no longer special to identify important people and businesses; there are different colored ticks.

The accounts of official brands now have a gold tick next to them, such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, and other such brands. For governmental figures, there are silver badges that help identify them from fake accounts. Ordinary people cannot access these colored badges.


If you want to get Twitter Blue, you know how to do it, and also the services you will get by subscribing to the service. We also mentioned all the ways that the new Twitter is different from the old one. Some people like the changes, while others hate them, so what do you think about Musk’s changes to Twitter?

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