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54 Verbs That Start with Z | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

In this literary excerpt, what will you be studying? This is all about verbs that start with Z, which are really important for your authoring, conversing, and other types of communications. This post will also assist you in assessing all conceivable properties and nature of the interaction of verbs that start with Z, as well as their relationships with other sentence parts.

Furthermore, verbs beginning with Z can be used to express social events and their effects. These verbs change the tone of your writing, among other things. We may be able to generate an outstanding and illustrative piece of work as a result of this strategy for executing prospective ideas. If you’re putting together a master vocabulary list, a comprehensive list of these verbs that start with Z will come in helpful.

Moreover, a verb is required in almost every assertion. As a result, without them, no action would be described, and the statement’s topic and the additional information would be unrelated. Take a look at a collection of action words that start with Z to understand how people communicate.

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Common Verbs That Start with Z

Now, in this section, we’ll concentrate on a few of the most popular verbs that start with Z. These verbs are considered essential aspects of your communication because they play such an important role in the development of any phrase. Furthermore, by utilizing verbs starting with Z, you may simply change the direction of conversation, which means that its power will not be diminished.

1. Zip

  • Definition: to move fast
  • Synonyms: speed, hurry, surge
  • Example: Because of cold weather I zipped into the room.

2. Zigzag

  • Definition: traveling in a path of up and down
  • Synonyms: twist, wrinkle, random, bend
  • Example: The lake zigzags around the city.

3. Zest

  • Definition: scraping a piece form the fruit  
  • Synonyms: rub, scratch, chafe
  • Example: Please zest all pine apples and oranges.

4. Zig

  • Definition: to change direction with sharp angle         
  • Synonyms: turn, divert, break, cut
  • Example: He zigged to left side when saw a car coming towards him.

5. Zot

  • Definition: to destroy something        
  • Synonyms: ruin, demolish, smash
  • Example: The Army zotted helicopter of invaders.

6. Zing

  • Definition: to make high-pitch sound while moving        
  • Synonyms: whistle, shoot, fly 
  • Example: The flying jet zinged on runway.

7. Zoom

  • Definition: changing of focal length of lens          
  • Synonyms: magnify, shrink, amplify   
  • Example: She zoomed her camera to see the person clearly.  

8. Zone

  • Definition: dividing of any region         
  • Synonyms: split, partition, cleave
  • Example: The state was zoned for administrative purpose.

9. Zero

  • Definition: to adjust something to zero value        
  • Synonyms: tare, initiate, reset  
  • Example: Doctor zeroed the thermometer for next checkup.

10. Zonk

  • Definition: to become unconscious from alcohol or narcotic drugs; pass out
  • Synonyms: dim, faint, tire
  • Example: The patient zonked out on the floor.

Positive Verbs That Start with Z

You might be thinking about how positive verbs that start with Z can be used to convey information, especially in a positive sequence, in this phase of your research. These can also be used to offer you a spectacular and amazing positive tone that has a positive or affirmative effect on the person with whom you are conversing. As a result, there are a few important verbs starting with Z to remember:

1. Zincify

  • Definition: covering with zinc or another layer        
  • Synonyms: coat, impregnate, galvanize
  • Example: The outer part of machine was zincified.  

2. Zipper

  • Definition: tie something        
  • Synonyms: fasten, close, terminate
  • Example: I zippered up my coat quickly to go outside.

3. Zeroize

  • Definition: try to reset something at zero         
  • Synonyms: initialize, start, format, edit
  • Example: The electrician zeroized electric meter after planting it.

4. Zephyr

  • Definition: to move like light breeze        
  • Synonyms: wind, air, whiff, puff
  • Example: Morning air zephyred for tourist in the village.

5. Zizz

  • Definition: taking a nap by someone        
  • Synonyms: sleep, snooze, drowse   
  • Example: My mother usually zizzs at 2 o’clock.

Verbs That Start with Z to Describe a Person

In this piece, we examine how the practice of utilizing verbs that start with Z to describe a person might give a basic foundation for phrases and dialogues. Literature is much more than just putting words together in a logical order to convey information. The main purpose of writing is to choose verbs that will explain your ideas clearly and simply. Below is a list of verbs that start with Z.

1. Zap

  • Definition: to hit someone with force         
  • Synonyms: beat, kill, attack, strike 
  • Example: The police officer zapped the thief.

2. Zombify

  • Definition: to transform into zombie         
  • Synonyms: change, alter, turn, transmute
  • Example: The hero was zombofied in the movie.

3. Zuluize

  • Definition: to accommodate the culture of Zulu        
  • Synonyms: adapt, conform, transform, adjust  
  • Example: The researchers were zuluized for six months during research.

4. Zany

  • Definition: to imitate someone foolishly        
  • Synonyms: mimic, copy, mock
  • Example: The struggling actor is zanying the superstar.  

5. Zerg

  • Definition: attacking an opponent with huge amount of power        
  • Synonyms: assail, besiege, assault
  • Example: Tribal people zerged on the neighbor village.

More Verbs That Start with Z

In this section, we’ll include some additional verbs beginning with Z to help you improve your mental skills with verbs. They’ll dispel any remaining uncertainties you might have regarding the verb or its family, as well as expand your verb knowledge and vocabulary in English. As a result, here is a list of verbs starting with Z.

1. Zizzle

  • Definition: making hissing sound        
  • Synonyms: sizzle, birr, whir, whiz
  • Example: The frying egg zizzles often.

2. Zhuzh

  • Definition: making something more plausible or attractive        
  • Synonyms: decorate, furnish, animate, liven
  • Example: The new advertisement zhuzhed the product very well.  

3. Zotz

  • Definition: to knock out someone        
  • Synonyms: kill, beat, eliminate, exterminate
  • Example: Rebellions zotzed so many innocent people. 

4. Zipline

  • Definition: riding over a suspended and inclined cable
  • Synonyms: hang, swing, suspend, dangle
  • Example: At our picnic point we ziplined for one hour around the sea.

Verbs That Start with Z – Full List (54 Words)

The list of verbs that start with Z below includes all the verbs that have already been established and discussed in detail above as well as some extra ones compiled for you.

  • Zany
  • ZZZ
  • Zigzag
  • Zionize
  • Zolaize
  • Zionise
  • Zoom
  • Zing
  • Zone
  • Zoomorphize
  • Zouk
  • Zhng
  • Zed
  • Zoutch
  • Zombify
  • Zoukify
  • Zhoosh
  • Zee
  • Zeroize
  • Zot
  • Zephyr
  • Zinc
  • Zipline
  • Zariba
  • Zhuzh
  • Zuluize
  • Zotz
  • Zero-graze
  • Zip-tie
  • Zeolitize
  • Zorb
  • Zizzle
  • Zigger
  • Zeriba
  • Zag
  • Zest
  • Zip
  • Zig
  • Zonk
  • Zither
  • Zydeco
  • Zionify
  • Zero-rate
  • Zin
  • Zero
  • Zoon
  • Zirconiate
  • Zoologize
  • Zipper
  • Zizz
  • Zap
  • Zincify
  • Zerg
  • Zuz

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with Z

Finally, we’d want to give thanks for taking the time to look into this. Hopefully, you learned a lot about verbs that start with Z. Apart from that, we anticipate that the majority of your questions on this subject have already been answered. You can also observe a unique combination of features of verbs that start with Z in a variety of circumstances.

Additionally, once you incorporate all verbs starting with Z into your preparations, users will benefit from any of this article, as well as the illustrations above, which will allow users to use these verbs in the following situations. Furthermore, as an English language learner, you will gain academic talent quickly because there are synonyms and sentences linked to the given verb.

This post will undoubtedly increase both your ability to speak effectively in ordinary English and your ability to write articles. Furthermore, the key information can help you overcome any apprehensions you may have about employing verbs that beginning with Z in your compositions and demonstrations.

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