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230 Verbs That Start with O | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

In this article, verbs that start with O are listed along with the examples and synonyms that may help you to renovate your communications skills. The usage of different verbs makes your communication more attractive and credible therefore the verbs that start with O create a very crucial role in this aspect.

Verbs can be divided into different categories and the usage of the verbs depends on different scenarios. Action words that start with O therefore are effective to use in formal as well as non-formal communication to make the person more inclined towards significant vocabulary usage.

Verbs are extremely useful and play an important role in our daily lives therefore this article discusses verbs that start with O. If you want to be fluent in English, then you should practice these verbs that start with O.

Now let’s get started with these verbs beginning with O below which can be proved fruitful for a person in a learning environment.

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Common Verbs That Start with O

We are dealing with the verbs that start with O which come before us in our daily conversation. These verbs can add colors to our communication, so you might look for the verbs starting with O you need to use in the list below.

1. Outrank

  • Definition: take precedence over others in rank
  • Synonyms: beat, dominate, excel
  • Example: John outranks everyone in the class.

2. Overvalue

  • Definition: provide an excessively high value to
  • Synonyms: overestimate, misread, overrate
  • Example: The stock market has overvalued the firm.

3. Off

  • Definition: to kill someone
  • Synonyms: kill
  • Example: They offed him and dumped his body in the swamp

4. Orate

  • Definition: speak out or deliver speech with some formality
  • Synonyms: moralize, address, expound
  • Example: Justin opened his mouth and squared himself off to orate.

5. Offset

  • Definition: to compensate or balance out
  • Synonyms: equal, balance, neutralize
  • Example: She rose her pricing to offset for the higher cost of goods.

6. Oxidize

  • Definition: mix with or add oxygen to
  • Synonyms: burn, rust, corrode
  • Example: Rust is formed when iron oxidizes.

7. Owe

  • Definition: be compelled to pay or reimburse
  • Synonyms: lost, incur, be bound
  • Example: I still owe money for the automobile.

8. Overrate

  • Definition: produce an overestimation of
  • Synonyms: magnify, exaggerate, overestimate
  • Example: To be honest, I believe that the Internet is overrated.

9. Overpower

  • Definition: superior force triumphs
  • Synonyms: defeat, knock out, conquer
  • Example: It required eight guardsmen to overpower her.

10. Overhaul

  • Definition:  to renovate or make changes to
  • Synonyms: fix, improve, rebuild
  • Example: You should get your automobile engine overhauled.

Positive Verbs That Start with O

In this section we will see the positive verbs that start with O. You may use these verbs to make your communication more credible and unique.

1. Originate

  • Definition: come into being
  • Synonyms: arise, derive, emerge
  • Example: A new religious concept originated in that country.

2. Organize

  • Definition: start via rigorous planning and collaborative effort
  • Synonyms: construct, coordinate, establish
  • Example: He enjoys organizing people.

3. Outshine

  • Definition: draw more notice and acclaim than others
  • Synonyms: outperform, outplay, beat
  • Example: Alex has started to outshine me in academics.

4. Oil

  • Definition: to cover with oil
  • Synonyms: lubricate, grease, slick
  • Example: She oiled her bike.

5. Outclass

  • Definition: make a person to look in a lower class
  • Synonyms: beat, dominate, excel
  • Example: She thoroughly outclassed his competitors in her next race.

6. Overjoy

  • Definition: to cause to feel great joy or delight; elate
  • Synonyms: delight, amuse
  • Example: It overjoys me to hear of your good fortune.

7. Open

  • Definition: move (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and vision
  • Synonyms: unfasten, unlock
  • Example: Jim opened the door and went in.

8. Offer

  • Definition: present for approval or refusal
  • Synonyms: award, donate, grant
  • Example: He offered every one of us a coffee.

9. Obtain

  • Definition: take hold of and get a certain conduct
  • Synonyms: earn, gain, achieve
  • Example: You may also obtain information by studying.

10. Oblige

  • Definition: give someone a service or a favor
  • Synonyms: bind, compel, impel
  • Example: Situations oblige me to do my work honestly.

Verbs That Start with O to Describe a Person

If you are looking for the verbs that start with O to describe a person, you are on the right place. Here is the list of those verbs with definition, synonyms and examples.

1. Obfuscate

  • Definition: to make things ambiguous
  • Synonyms: bewilder, befuddle, conceal
  • Example: She was criticized for using arguments that obfuscated the main issue.

2. Ogle

  • Definition: gaze at, especially with romantic motives
  • Synonyms: gawk, focus, gaze, leer
  • Example: The majority of girls despise being ogled.

3. Overhang

  • Definition: to stick out over something at a lower level
  • Synonyms: stick out
  • Example: Several large trees overhang the path.

4. Opine

  • Definition: to express one’s feelings without any hesitation
  • Synonyms: believe, conclude, surmise
  • Example: She opines that some disciplines receive excessive funding.

5. Orchestrate

  • Definition: prepare and direct
  • Synonyms: arrange, manage, set up
  • Example: She is unable to orchestrate her own poetry.

6. Overrun

  • Definition: grab control of and defeat
  • Synonyms: occupy, invade, raid
  • Example: The Crusaders overrun a large portion of their land.

7. Overawe

  • Definition: overpower by instilling dread in oneself
  • Synonyms: affect, awe, faze
  • Example: They are overawed by their surroundings.

8. Ostracize

  • Definition: avoid conversing with or engaging with
  • Synonyms: expel, expel, shun
  • Example: Clay was ostracized by his friends.

9. Ossify

  • Definition: create hard and arrange into a standard pattern
  • Synonyms: calcify, crystallize, clot
  • Example: The cartilage will ossify and turn into bone.

10. Officer

  • Definition: to lead or command
  • Synonyms: supervise, manage
  • Example: The aristocracy had significant influence, officering the army.

Action Verbs That Start with O

This section includes action words that start with O. Action verbs are those which show an action so here is the list of action verbs that start with O.

1. Ooze

  • Definition: flow gradually, seem to pass through narrow gaps
  • Synonyms: drain, leak, bleed
  • Example: The water will just ooze out of the hole.

2. Outbrave

  • Definition: to oppose boldly
  • Synonyms: brazen, dare, face
  • Example: She outbraved her adversary.

3. Outlaw

  • Definition: to declare something as illegal
  • Synonyms: ban, condemn, disallow
  • Example: Those types of rules were outlawed last month.

4. Obliterate

  • Definition: abolish from recognition or recollection
  • Synonyms: eras, smash, obscure
  • Example: He attempted to obliterate all memories of his mother.

5. Obscure

  • Definition: reduce visibility or obscurity
  • Synonyms: belie, blur, block out
  • Example: Two new skyscrapers had sprung up, obscuring the view from her window.

6. Obligate

  • Definition: compel someone to do anything
  • Synonyms: constrain, bind, restrict
  • Example: Does her confession obligate her best friend to reconcile with her?

7. Opt

  • Definition: choose one option above another
  • Synonyms: decide, elect, prefer
  • Example: Opting out at this time would be completely illogical.

8. Orbit

  • Definition: to follow a curved path around a planet or star
  • Synonyms: rotate
  • Example: On this mission the Shuttle will orbit the Earth at a height of several hundred miles.

9. Overdose

  • Definition: to have too much of something
  • Synonyms: indulge
  • Example: I think I’ve just overdosed on cheesecake!

10. Overflow

  • Definition: when a liquid overflows, it flows over the edges of a container, etc. because there is too much of it
  • Synonyms: overfill
  • Example: The milk overflowed when I poured it into the jug.

English Verbs That Start with O

Here is the list of verb words that start with O. These verbs starting with letter O can be helpful in daily communication. Below is the list that we have compiled for you.

1. Overact

  • Definition: inflate one’s performance
  • Synonyms: overdo, overuse, magnify
  • Example: Amateur performers frequently overact.

2. Oscillate

  • Definition: swing from side to side on a regular basis
  • Synonyms: waver, dangle, fluctuate
  • Example: The crops in the field began to oscillate.

3. Outline

  • Definition: to provide a synopsis of the major points or overview of
  • Synonyms: draft, trace, summarize
  • Example: Students went on outlining their plans for their model.

4. Overcook

  • Definition: cooking for too long
  • Synonyms: spoiled, overdone, stewed
  • Example: The chef was very careful not to overcook the vegetables.

5. Occur

  • Definition: take place
  • Synonyms: appear, arise, ensue
  • Example: Nothing occurred that appeared significant.

6. Overestimate

  • Definition: to produce an high estimate
  • Synonyms: bloat, augment, widen
  • Example: Unlike girls, boys frequently overestimate their talents.

7. Overcome

  • Definition: win a triumph over
  • Synonyms: conquer, crush, survive
  • Example: You must overcome all challenges.

8. Overlap

  • Definition: expand and cover a portion of
  • Synonyms: flap, overhang, overlie
  • Example: In this congested town, the rooftops of the homes overlap.

9. Overwhelm

  • Definition: to defeat someone or something by using a lot of force
  • Synonyms: defeat, engulf, overpower
  • Example: Government troops have overwhelmed the rebels and seized control of the capital.

10. Okay

  • Definition: to grant approval
  • Synonyms: certify, accept, confirm
  • Example: “I’ll pay you back tomorrow.” “OK, no problem.”

Useful List of Verbs That Start with O

Verbs are useful in having a credible communication. Here is the list of verbs beginning with O. This list of verbs that start with O can be used in daily speech.

1. Orient

  • Definition: ascertain one’s location with relation to another spot
  • Synonyms: adjust, adapt, locate
  • Example: They must orient their efforts to the demands of the markets.

2. Overhear

  • Definition: to listen typically without the speakers’ awareness
  • Synonyms: accept, adopt, observe
  • Example: We overheard the adjacent table’s chat.

3. Overtake

  • Definition: potentially catch up with
  • Synonyms: befall, engulf, outdo
  • Example: Overtaking on a curve is risky.

4. Outsmart

  • Definition: beat via cunning and wit
  • Synonyms: baffle, beat, cheat
  • Example: He can’t even outsmart his own voters.

5. Outsource

  • Definition: purchase products or services from a third-party vendor
  • Synonyms: deploy, utilize, expand
  • Example: Corporate clients are increasingly looking to outsource facility management.

6. Occupy

  • Definition: take on, as in positions or roles
  • Synonyms: attend, fill, involve
  • Example: The young prince will occupy the throne shortly.

7. Overload

  • Definition: put too much load on
  • Synonyms: burden, oppress
  • Example: Please, do not overload the truck.

8. Oppress

  • Definition: bring down or hold down via the unfair use of one’s authority
  • Synonyms: afflict, torture, harass
  • Example: A great ruler never oppresses the poor.

9. Offend

  • Definition: a source of wrath or fury
  • Synonyms: anger, annoy, hurt
  • Example: He had no intention of offending you.

10. Own

  • Definition: have ownership of
  • Synonyms: control, have, dominate
  • Example: She owns three beautiful cars.

Unusual Verbs That Start with O to Boost Vocabulary

Following list include unusual verbs that start with O. These verbs will boost your vocabulary. Also, you will understand the basic concept behind each verb and in this way you won’t forget it in future.

1. Officiate

  • Definition: to be in charge of or to lead a ceremony or other public event
  • Synonyms: lead, host
  • Example: What will I do if I am called upon to officiate at the wedding?

2. Ornament

  • Definition: make more appealing by adding adornment, color, and so on
  • Synonyms: beautify, festoon, adorn
  • Example: She ornamented the Christmas trees by using fairy lights.

3. Overbuy

  • Definition: to purchase more of (something) than is required
  • Synonyms: overspend
  • Example: She overbuys clothes than her income.

4. Oust

  • Definition: removing someone from a position
  • Synonyms: depose, let go, fire
  • Example: The parliamentary assembly decided to oust the country’s former leadership.

5. Ordain

  • Definition: confer ministerial or priestly authority
  • Synonyms: anoint, appoint, elect
  • Example: He ordained himself priests and threatened to appoint bishops.

6. Occlude

  • Definition: bar the way through
  • Synonyms: choke, clog, close
  • Example: We assume that contractions were either completely absent or failed to occlude the intestinal lumen.

7. Obnubilate

  • Definition: darken or cover with or as if with a cloud; obscure
  • Synonyms: becloud, obscure
  • Example: Never to be short of illusions, to obnubilate himself: such was his dream.

8. Opacify

  • Definition: make or become opaque
  • Synonyms: modify, change
  • Example: Milk-glass opacified with arsenic displays a fiery opalescence.

9. Outwit

  • Definition: beat via cunning and wit
  • Synonyms: deceive, con, cheat
  • Example: He constantly manages to outwit his opponents.

10. Oxygenate

  • Definition: oxygen impregnates, mix, or furnish
  • Synonyms: aerate, oxygenize
  • Example: A pump that oxygenates the water in fish aquariums is common.

More Verbs That Start with O

Verbs are the important part of English language learning. This list of verbs that start with the letter O can be helpful in many ways. The O verbs are mentioned below.

1. Operate

  • Definition: behave as intended when applied
  • Synonyms: achieve, act, conduct
  • Example: Doctors think it’s too dangerous to operate.

2. Obey

  • Definition: to be obedient
  • Synonyms: embrace, heed, adhere to
  • Example: As a citizen of this country you must obey its rules and regulations.

3. Object

  • Definition: to complain, criticism, or disagreement
  • Synonyms: balk, criticize, oppose
  • Example: The employees never objected about the quantity of work they were assigned to.

4. Observe

  • Definition: keep a close eye on or pay careful attention to
  • Synonyms: detect, discover, note
  • Example: The judge observed his unusual performance.

5. Obsess

  • Definition: feel concerned about something
  • Synonyms: beset, consume, dominate
  • Example: The whole relationship obsessed me for years.

6. Obstruct

  • Definition: impede the growth or achievement of
  • Synonyms: obscure, retard, hamper
  • Example: Large trees may obstruct light flow.

7. Omit

  • Definition: prohibit inclusion, or acceptance
  • Synonyms: delete, discard, neglect
  • Example: I can’t omit reading this important book.

8. Oppose

  • Definition: be opposite to; show dissatisfaction with
  • Synonyms: argue, deny, defy
  • Example: The initiatives are opposed by both teachers and students.

9. Optimize

  • Definition: change to maximize storage capacity, time, or cost efficiency
  • Synonyms: amend, hone
  • Example: They should optimize our utilization of existing technologies.

10. Order

  • Definition: give a clear ranking or to assign something
  • Synonyms: instruct, hire, adjure
  • Example: The teachers were ordered back to the principal’s office.

Verbs That Start with O – Full List (230 Words)

This is the final section containing the list of verbs that start with O. You can make the right use of these verbs to form a correct speech.

  • Overprint
  • Overuse
  • Overlay
  • Originate
  • Outweigh
  • Owe
  • Obturate
  • Oversee
  • Overstep
  • Object
  • Overburden
  • Outmarch
  • Overcloud
  • Overmaster
  • Overcapitalize
  • Outscore
  • Outbrave
  • Outplay
  • Outbalance
  • Outride
  • Overbid
  • Ok
  • Oink
  • Oppress
  • Obstinate
  • Overwrite
  • Overcast
  • Overprice
  • Opt
  • Obviate
  • Optate
  • Opacify
  • Occidentalize
  • Overdramatize
  • Outrange
  • Okay
  • Overwhelm
  • Oppugn
  • Oblige
  • Overstress
  • Officialize
  • Output
  • Overhaul
  • Overplay
  • Outmanoeuvre
  • Oversew
  • Overrefine
  • Overemphasize
  • Oppose
  • Occupy
  • Overshadow
  • Overvalue
  • Opsonize
  • Overexcite
  • Outsource
  • Oxygenize
  • Outcrop
  • Overlook
  • Outfox
  • Overcultivate
  • Opalize
  • Overfatigue
  • Outperform
  • Overtrump
  • Overbalance
  • Oxidate
  • Overpower
  • Outdraw
  • Outface
  • Offsaddle
  • Oversaturate
  • Outpace
  • Overgeneralize
  • Ornament
  • Overjoy
  • Own
  • Oversimplify
  • Orchestrate
  • Outdistance
  • Outflank
  • Overexert
  • Outsmart
  • Orphan
  • Overeat
  • Opine
  • Overcrop
  • Obtund
  • Outstrip
  • Ordain
  • Organize
  • Outrun
  • Outguess
  • Oxygenate
  • Outsell
  • Overthrow
  • Overdraw
  • Ordinate
  • Outmatch
  • Ogle
  • Overstay
  • Oversupply
  • Overflow
  • Overspread
  • Overcharge
  • Overfill
  • Orbit
  • Overrun
  • Outroar
  • Obstipate
  • Outbid
  • Overhear
  • Overtop
  • Overturn
  • Overload
  • Overweary
  • Obey
  • Ostentate
  • Overbear
  • Odorize
  • Override
  • Overawe
  • Objurgate
  • Oust
  • Outnumber
  • Outgeneral
  • Overfly
  • Orate
  • Overshoot
  • Overtax
  • Omen
  • Outgo
  • Obscure
  • Osculate
  • Oscillate
  • Off
  • Overcome
  • Overtake
  • Outshout
  • Obtain
  • Outline
  • Obstruct
  • Overwork
  • Obsess
  • Ossify
  • Outmode
  • Oil
  • Overstuff
  • Outlive
  • Optimize
  • Overclothe
  • Outlaw
  • Overstate
  • Overreach
  • Overindulge
  • Ovenbake
  • Outwit
  • Overboil
  • Overtire
  • Overlie
  • Occult
  • Overstretch
  • Offer
  • Overrule
  • Obfuscate
  • Oxidize
  • Operate
  • Overprotect
  • Overarch
  • Officiate
  • Outrank
  • Overhang
  • Officer
  • Overact
  • Overcook
  • Occur
  • Overstock
  • Omit
  • Occasion
  • Outstare
  • Outlast
  • Overfeed
  • Overspend
  • Overdress
  • Outmaneuver
  • Objectify
  • Overlap
  • Overspecialize
  • Overdose
  • Obliterate
  • Observe
  • Orientate
  • Outfight
  • Overpay
  • Overachieve
  • Opalesce
  • Open
  • Overdo
  • Orientalize
  • Outrival
  • Overcompensate
  • Overestimate
  • Outshine
  • Overextend
  • Overstrain
  • Ostracize
  • Order
  • Overproduce
  • Overgorge
  • Outpoint
  • Offload
  • Overgrow
  • Obligate
  • Overleap
  • Obnubilate
  • Overdrive
  • Outclass
  • Offend
  • Offset
  • Obtrude
  • Overheat
  • Oversleep
  • Occlude
  • Outcry
  • Orient
  • Outgrow
  • Ooze
  • Overreact
  • Overrate
  • Overbuy
  • Ovulate

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with O

Verbs that start with O are listed above that could prove helpful in formal as well as informal communication. You can use these verbs to build your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills. Verbs that start with O can be proved fruitful to learn unique and most required phrases for communication.

This article contains different ranges of verbs starting with O which are very useful to English language learners. These ranges include the verbs that we use commonly, some positive verbs as well as the unusual verbs.

Verbs beginning with O have a great influence on vocabulary building and practicing daily communication methods. An individual who seeks to learn can improve his speech by using these verbs which are easy to remember as the definition, synonyms and examples in each category are provided.

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