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287 Verbs That Start with P | Best List Ever with Definitions and Example

by Kimi

In this article, you are going to discuss verbs that start with P. And, believe me these verbs will not only strengthen your vocabulary but also your English writing and speaking skills.

Verbs are actually the building block of a sentence. You can never have mastery over English language without good knowledge of verbs. Here, you will totally understand verbs that start with P and I guarantee you won’t consult any dictionary in future relating these verbs.

We have divided all these verbs beginning with P in eight different categories for your convenience. Below each verb there is a clear definition, some Synonyms and Example. It makes me sure that you would easily select any action words that start with P in accordance with your requirements.

This unique arrangement of verbs that start with P will also help you in future whenever you get stuck somewhere. Now, let’s go with me down these verbs beginning with P.

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Common Verbs That Start with P

Do you want to know about common verbs that start with P? Or, if you desire to know different types of verb names then we will make sure that you have come to the perfect spot. So, just check one by one of the verbs starting with P and understand the depth of each verb.

1. Pet

  • Definition: to touch an animal or person gently and affectionately with the hands
  • Synonyms: touch, caress, pat
  • Example: He petted the dog and ruffled its fur.

2. Push

  • Definition: to insist a thing or a person to move, to put force on something
  • Synonyms: impel, knock, force
  • Example: He pushed the dog in the swimming pool.

3. Paint

  • Definition: to color, to coat a surface with paint
  • Synonyms: brush, color, cover
  • Example: She likes to paint the wall with blue color.

4. Participate

  • Definition: to take part in any task or activity
  • Synonyms: contribute, indulge, cooperate
  • Example: They participate in singing competition every year.

5. Pause

  • Definition: to stop for a brief time period
  • Synonyms: delay, wait, gap
  • Example: Please pause the music for a while.

6. Pay

  • Definition: to provide money for services
  • Synonyms: give, provide, reimburse
  • Example: She pays handsome amount to the workers.

7. Perform

  • Definition: to execute tasks or duties
  • Synonyms: accomplish, implement, carry out
  • Example: Jan performs every task efficiently.

8. Permit

  • Definition: to allow or to give permission for some task
  • Synonyms: consent, authorize, sanction
  • Example: Do not permit the students to smoke in the library.

9. Pick

  • Definition: to select something from a number of options
  • Synonyms: select, decide, prefer
  • Example: Don’t pick the rotten apple.

10. Pretend

  • Definition: act in a way that makes it look as though something is true even if it is not
  • Synonyms: imagine, purport, falsify
  • Example: He pretends to be a nice person in front of the guests.

Positive Verbs That Start with P

Positive words are the source of building one’s confidence and increasing optimism. It can be proved helpful for the preparation of an interview or interaction with your instructor.

Each of positive words that start with P below contains positive definition, example and synonyms that could be helpful for you.

1. Pacify

  • Definition: to bring the state of peace to something or to restore
  • Synonyms: sooth, calm, placate
  • Example: To pacify her opponents, she resigned from her post.

2. Pardon

  • Definition: to forgive someone especially after an offensive act by the other person.
  • Synonyms: forgive
  • Example Pardon me interrupting, but there’s a client to see you.

3. Perfect

  • Definition: to make something free from faults
  • Synonyms: improve, better
  • Example: He is keen to perfect his golfing technique.

4. Produce

  • Definition: to generate something
  • Synonyms: create, make, manufacture
  • Example: The factory produces silk in a large quantity.

5. Praise

  • Definition: to show admiration
  • Synonyms: admire, commend, like
  • Example: The principal praises good students for their hard work.

6. Protect

  • Definition: to make something or someone safe from any injury or mischief
  • Synonyms: shield, shelter, defend
  • Example: Always use face mask to protect yourself from the virus.

7. Pal

  • Definition: to be friends with someone
  • Synonyms: make friends
  • Example: She pal up with a girl from her neighborhood.

8. Progress

  • Definition: to move forward in a particular frame of time
  • Synonyms: proceed, continue
  • Example: The technology was improved as the time progressed.

9. Prepare

  • Definition: to make something ready for a task
  • Synonyms: arrange, organize, plan
  • Example: They prepare a drama for annual function.

10. Ponder

  • Definition: to reflect upon something
  • Synonyms: think, consider, wonder
  • Example: She ponders on her mistakes to avoid them in future.

Verbs That Start with P to Describe a Person

Following are ten verbs that start with P to describe a person. These verbs are often confused with adjectives and other nouns but here they are clearly defined with proper Example and synonyms. You can use the following verbs in your day-to-day life to boost your vocabulary.

1. Perplex

  • Definition: to be in a state of confusion
  • Synonyms: confuse, puzzle
  • Example: She was having a perplexing state when she observed his unexpected appearance.

2. Puzzle

  • Definition: to cause someone to feel confused and slightly worried because they cannot understand something
  • Synonyms: confuse
  • Example: He was puzzled about the exam in the morning.

3. Panick

  • Definition: feel or cause to feel panic
  • Synonyms: panic, worry
  • Example: The crowd panicked and stampeded for the exit.

4. Paralyze

  • Definition: affect with paralysis; to make powerless or ineffective
  • Synonyms: cripple, disable, hamstring
  • Example: The snake’s venom paralyzed the mouse.

5. Penalize

  • Definition: to inflict a penalty on; to put at a serious disadvantage
  • Synonyms: castigate, chasten, chastise, correct
  • Example: The company was penalized for not paying taxes.

6. Pressurize

  • Definition: to confine the contents of under a pressure greater than that of the outside atmosphere
  • Synonyms; persuade, influence, force
  • Example: A pump is used to pressurize the fuel.

7. Perceive

  • Definition: to attain awareness or understanding of
  • Synonyms: feel, scent, see, sense
  • Example: We perceive by means of the kaleidoscopic mirror of this life.

8. Philosophize

  • Definition: to expound a moralizing and often superficial philosophy
  • Synonyms: moralize, sermonize, pontificate
  • Example: Students, she complained, had nothing better to do than spend whole days philosophizing about the nature of truth.

9. Plug

  • Definition: to insert material on a hole to fill it
  • Synonyms: block, fill, seal
  • Example: He plugs the socket with the wire.

Action Verbs That Start with P

Action verbs deal with the things or tasks a person can perform. This shows a person is involving in a certain activity. And action verbs that start with P are quite more common in English language. Let’s see some of the action words that start with P below.

1. Press

  • Definition: to make something move by applying force
  • Synonyms: compress, squash, push
  • Example: Do not press this button.

2. Pass

  • Definition: to make something move in any direction
  • Synonyms: exceed, surpass, overtake
  • Example: The car passes by the bus.

3. Put

  • Definition: to place something in a specific position
  • Synonyms: lay, situate, locate
  • Example: Put the ball in the basket.

4. Pour

  • Definition: to flow something especially any liquid
  • Synonyms dispense, gush, stream
  • Example: Pour the milk in the container.

5. Pull

  • Definition: to extract something towards oneself by exerting force on it
  • Synonyms: drag, haul
  • Example: Pull the door to open it.

6. Push

  • Definition: to make something away by putting force on it
  • Synonyms: shove, thrust, drive
  • Example: She pushed the gate to open it.

7. Park

  • Definition: to place something (especially a vehicle) on a particular place
  • Synonyms: leave, place
  • Example: The cars should be parked in the empty area.

8. Punch

  • Definition: to hit someone especially on face
  • Synonyms: blow, beat, clout
  • Example: She punched him right on his face.

9. Pinch

  • Definition: to put a sharp force or hold something sharply between fingers
  • Synonyms: touch, nip, squeeze
  • Example: He pinched the balloon with a needle.

10. Pose

  • Definition: to represent something
  • Synonyms: cause, façade, present
  • Example: A large number of criminals pose threat to the area.

English Verbs That Start with P

Following is a list of verbs starting with letter P. This list along with definitions, synonyms and example will enhance your vocabulary. You can use these verb words that start with P as a reference guide and there is no need to remember it by heart.

1. Puncture

  • Definition: to make a hole in something (something)
  • Synonyms: pierce, penetrate, rupture
  • Example: The knife pierced his ribs and punctured his lungs.

2. Prearrange

  • Definition: to plan ahead of time and agree on (something)
  • Synonyms: pre-plan, pre-establish
  • Example: Online meetings cannot be prearranged without the use of the internet.

3. Placate

  • Definition: to make (someone) less angry
  • Synonyms: pacify, quiet, soothe
  • Example: They tried to placate the pupils with promises.

4. Plagiarize

  • Definition: to pass off someone else’s work or idea as one’s own
  • Synonyms: clone, pirate, and thief
  • Example: He was fined $6,000 for plagiarizing the song.

5. Plague

  • Definition: to annoy or distress someone on a regular basis
  • Synonyms: affliction, agony, and trouble
  • Example: She has been plagued with illness.

6. Plaster

  • Definition: cover (a wall, ceiling, or other structure) with plaster
  • Synonyms: smother, spread, smear
  • Example: Within two days, all of the walls were plastered and painted.

7. Plead

  • Definition: to appeal to one’s emotions
  • Synonyms: beg, entreat
  • Example: She pleaded with them not to gag the youngster.

8. Pleat

  • Definition: fold into pleats
  • Synonyms: fold, tuck, gather
  • Example: She was haphazardly pleating her skirt between her fingers.

9. Picket

  • Definition: act as a picket outside (a workplace or other venue)
  • Synonyms: blockade, isolate, surround
  • Example: A large number of people picketed outside the building.

10. Pump

  • Definition: to use or appear to use a pump to compel (liquid, gas, etc.) to move
  • Synonyms: force, drive, push
  • Example: The heart pumps blood throughout the body.

Useful List of Verbs That Start with P

Following is the list of verbs that start with P that we can use in our daily lives. After understanding the definition and synonyms with example, you won’t be in trouble with verbs starting with P in the future.

1. Post

  • Definition: to send a letter or parcel by post
  • Synonyms: send
  • Example: Did you remember to post my letter?

2. Print

  • Definition: to generate a document that is in written form
  • Synonyms: publish, produce, letter
  • Example: She prints out all the question papers before the exam.

3. Proceed

  • Definition: to start or begin something
  • Synonyms: progress, continue, action
  • Example: You can proceed with the plan after dinner.

4. Prompt

  • Definition: to give confidence someone to say something
  • Synonyms: make
  • Example What prompted you to say that?

5. Propose

  • Definition: to suggest a plan for acknowledgement
  • Synonyms: offer, suggest, recommend
  • Example: He proposed nine points, to maintain the library, in the meeting.

6. Promote

  • Definition: to support an already existing action
  • Synonyms: help, sponsor, uphold
  • Example: She promotes the advertisement ideally.

7. Prohibit

  • Definition: to stop someone from doing something
  • Synonyms: disallow, ban, stop
  • Example: The patient is prohibited by the doctor from eating junk food.

8. Peck

  • Definition: the action of bird striking its beak on something
  • Synonyms: bite, strike, hit
  • Example: The sparrow was pecking on a grain.

9. Pollute

  • Definition: to make something dirty with garbage
  • Synonyms: litter, spoil, infect
  • Example: The mosquito pollutes the drinking water.

10. Peel

  • Definition: to put off especially something out of a skin
  • Synonyms: shed, rind, strip
  • Example: Peel the mask off from her face.

Unusual Verbs That Start with P to Boost Vocabulary

Following list includes unusual verbs that start with P. These verbs will boost your vocabulary. Also, you will understand the basic concept behind each verb and in this way you won’t forget it in future.

1. Punctuate

  • Definition: to add punctuation marks to a text
  • Synonyms: apostrophize, amplify
  • Example: They should be shown how to set out and punctuate direct speaking.

2. Psych

  • Definition: psychologically prepare (someone) for a difficult task or event
  • Synonyms: prepare, nerve oneself, steel oneself
  • Example: He needed to psych himself for a difficult conversation with his wife.

3. Prank

  • Definition: to play a practical prank or a trick on someone
  • Synonyms: deceive
  • Example: The boys prank their friend by pretending to be the thieve.

4. Prattle

  • Definition: to talk incessantly in a silly or insignificant manner
  • Synonyms: chatter, babble, prate
  • Example: She started to prattle about her trip to the zoo.

5. Precipitate

  • Definition: to cause (an undesirable event or situation) to occur suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely
  • Synonyms: bring about, bring on, cause
  • Example: The meeting precipitated a constitutional turmoil.

6. Preclude

  • Definition: to keep something from happening
  • Synonyms: prevent, prohibit, rule out
  • Example: He was unable to preclude the robbers from entering the shop.

7. Pop

  • Definition: to make a light explosive sound
  • Synonyms: crack, snap, explode
  • Example: The children were popping all of the birthday balloons.

8. Pursue

  • Definition: to acquire something
  • Synonyms: chase, follow, hunt
  • Example: He plans to pursue his degree from abroad.

9. Pluck

  • Definition: to take something out of its place
  • Synonyms: pick, remove, extract
  • Example: The boys plucked the leaves from the stem.

10. Pledge

  • Definition: to provide something for an agreement as a security
  • Synonyms: assurance, vow, promise
  • Example: He called the security office to pledge the donations.

More Verbs That Start with P

The following P verbs will further enhance your verb base. The verbs that start with the letter P in the following list are unique. You can remember them with full concept as definition, synonyms and example are provided with each verb.

1. Pucker

  • Definition: forming small folds or forming wrinkles
  • Synonyms: crease, gather, crumple
  • Example: The girl’s face puckered when she began to cry.

2. Promulgate

  • Definition: to make something broadly known
  • Synonyms: spread, circulate, transmit
  • Example The objectives were promulgated within the society.

3. Puke

  • Definition: to throw something out of the mouth or to vomit
  • Synonyms: vomit, throw up, retch
  • Example: She puked due to the high alcohol consumption.

4. Pulp

  • Definition: to crush something into tiny pieces
  • Synonyms: flesh, mash, squash
  • Example: She pulped the bales of the wasted paper.

5. Pulsate

  • Definition: to generate a throbbing sound
  • Synonyms: palpitate, pulse, throb
  • Example: She heard the pulsating noise from the basement.

6. Pulverize

  • Definition: to press or crush something until it becomes powder or a soft mass
  • Synonyms: press, crush
  • Example: Seashells were pulverized by the ocean’s waves.

7. Pan

  • Definition: criticize severely
  • Synonyms: criticize, condemn, attack
  • Example: The movie was panned by the critics.

8. Peer

  • Definition: look with difficulty or concentration at someone or something
  • Synonyms: squint, peep
  • Example: John peered at her with suspicion.

9. Pontificate

  • Definition: dogmatic way of expressing the opinion
  • Synonyms: hold forth, dogmatize, preach
  • Example: He was pontificating about science and arts in the class.

10. Pilot

  • Definition: to fly an aircraft
  • Synonyms: fly, operate, steer
  • Example: She piloted the aircraft to safety after one of the engines failed.

Verbs That Start with P – Full List (287 Words)

Following is the full list of verbs that start with P. 80 of them are already explained above in detail.

  • Pace
  • Perish
  • Print
  • Penalize
  • Petition
  • Present
  • Pick
  • Prize
  • Plug
  • Peel
  • Psych
  • Procreate
  • Prevent
  • Perfect
  • Presuppose
  • Polarize
  • Pledge
  • Prophesy
  • Pencil
  • People
  • Perk
  • Plaster
  • Peek
  • Perceive
  • Purr
  • Procrastinate
  • Pig
  • Partner
  • Pasture
  • Puke
  • Promulgate
  • Predispose
  • Pack
  • Pull
  • Phrase
  • Preform
  • Persuade
  • Paraphrase
  • Purpose
  • Potter
  • Puzzle
  • Proceed
  • Paper
  • Parade
  • Pave
  • Purge
  • Pretend
  • Proclaim
  • Pierce
  • Privilege
  • Pulverize
  • Probe
  • Pamper
  • Pester
  • Pry
  • Predominate
  • Pant
  • Plan
  • Prescribe
  • Parody
  • Perturb
  • Purchase
  • Permeate
  • Prompt
  • Punctuate
  • Perform
  • Proctor
  • Palm
  • Paw
  • Prejudge
  • Pollute
  • Petrify
  • Perplex
  • Pleat
  • Place
  • Peregrinate
  • Pucker
  • Portray
  • Pervert
  • Preserve
  • Persevere
  • Pirouette
  • Punch
  • Pillage
  • Perfume
  • Plate
  • Pedal
  • Profess
  • Perpetuate
  • Padlock
  • Please
  • Pilfer
  • Price
  • Pause
  • Pity
  • Pasteurize
  • Patronize
  • Pile
  • Prank
  • Palliate
  • Profane
  • Pan
  • Praise
  • Prosecute
  • Premeditate
  • Preoccupy
  • Pose
  • Preach
  • Phone
  • Power
  • Pop
  • Post
  • Pray
  • Peg
  • Panick
  • Prelude
  • Proportion
  • Poach
  • Partition
  • Paint
  • Pipe
  • Poison
  • Prey
  • Persecute
  • Plunder
  • Propulse
  • Pontificate
  • Patrol
  • Pronounce
  • Predict
  • Push
  • Pearl
  • Pinion
  • Prohibit
  • Pulp
  • Protest
  • Publish
  • Purify
  • Pour
  • Presage
  • Photograph
  • Pacify
  • Pal
  • Profit
  • Polymerize
  • Pervade
  • Pit
  • Put
  • Pivot
  • Prevaricate
  • Protect
  • Project
  • Populate
  • Position
  • Propagate
  • Prolong
  • Patent
  • Peak
  • Prevail
  • Pretty
  • Pain
  • Poise
  • Postpone
  • Pinch
  • Panel
  • Pare
  • Pursue
  • Perforate
  • Plead
  • Powder
  • Pair
  • Predetermine
  • Putrefy
  • Play
  • Presume
  • Personify
  • Precipitate
  • Plagiarize
  • Picket
  • Part
  • Protrude
  • Pertain
  • Persist
  • Pluck
  • Produce
  • Punish
  • Pen
  • Permit
  • Perpetrate
  • Provoke
  • Paste
  • Pot
  • Poke
  • Postdate
  • Pine
  • Pin
  • Prowl
  • Prostitute
  • Philosophize
  • Percolate
  • Pioneer
  • Polish
  • Prosper
  • Prick
  • Prime
  • Predestinate
  • Perch
  • Pocket
  • Pet
  • Popularize
  • Pirate
  • Prearrange
  • Pilot
  • Pound
  • Provide
  • Prospect
  • Promise
  • Prove
  • Pepper
  • Program
  • Personalize
  • Prop
  • Peer
  • Pension
  • Palaver
  • Precede
  • Pressurize
  • Puff
  • Pass
  • Particularize
  • Phosphorate
  • Ponder
  • Progress
  • Proliferate
  • Preside
  • Prepare
  • Promote
  • Pullulate
  • Propose
  • Prefer
  • Pleasure
  • Pay
  • Paragon
  • Plague
  • Piss
  • Profile
  • Process
  • Plot
  • Pitch
  • Perspire
  • Pulsate
  • Participate
  • Plump
  • Possess
  • Patter
  • Pore
  • Prune
  • Point
  • Puncture
  • Press
  • Pep
  • Penetrate
  • Preexist
  • Picture
  • Poop
  • Pad
  • Pump
  • Peruse
  • Pact
  • Peddle
  • Prattle
  • Practice
  • Parley
  • Plait
  • Preclude
  • Pat
  • Patch
  • Park
  • Paralyze
  • Propel
  • Paddle
  • Pardon
  • Peep
  • Peck
  • Plunge
  • Parent
  • Placate

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with P

In this article, we have provided you with well-researched verbs that start with P in different categories. The article has touched different sources in order to further conform the validity of each and every verb being in proper category and with suitable definition and example. Mostly, verbs that start with P are not addressed due to narrow niche of the categories we discussed above, but we did it for you.

In the article, verbs starting with P, definition and example are matched with standard dictionaries in order to avoid any mistake. In English language, such verbs are really important to be learnt with proper concept because in future it can easily be recalled and used.

You can use this article as a guide. We believe you’d have thoroughly understood verbs beginning with P.

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