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84 Verbs That Start with Q | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

verbs that start with Q are not so abundant and thus not easy to find a lot, but we are here to help and we’ve compiled a list of Q verbs which will make your claims worthy and also exchanging information easy. The usage of verbs that start with Q depends on a number of factors; we are confident that at least some of them will be part of your writing style.

These verbs beginning with Q can be used to portray people, change the tone of your writing, and so much more. We may be able to concoct fantastic and illustrative events to carry out potential thoughts as a result of this approach. If you’re putting together a master vocabulary list, a thorough list of verbs that start with Q will come in handy.

Verbs are necessary in almost all sentences. There would be no expression of action and no relationship between the subject of the sentence and supplementary information without them. Let’s have a look at following action words that start with Q and see how they all work together.

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Common Verbs That Start with Q

We’ll look at some popular verbs that start with Q. Because they are so important for sentence structure, their worth cannot be diminished. They also have the ability to change the course of a sentence at any time, which is why they have an obvious position in a sentence. Here are some examples of common verbs starting with Q:    

1. Quiz

  • Definition: examine someone’s knowledge about targeted topic
  • Synonyms: test, inquire, interrogate
  • Example: Two men were being quizzed by police after the murder.

2. Quit 

  • Definition: ending of any activity or state      
  • Synonyms: discontinue, stop, cease, resign  
  • Example: He didn’t quit the exam because he could pass it.

3. Quiet  

  • Definition: to become silent       
  • Synonyms: mute, still, hushed, soundless   
  • Example: She is very good at quieting the students.

4. Quip   

  • Definition: making jokes         
  • Synonyms: taunt, enjoy, laugh, banter     
  • Example: All the students were quipped during party.

5. Quarrel

  • Definition: having a disagreement over something        
  • Synonyms: argue, dispute, bicker, brawl    
  • Example: He quarreled with his brother over their father’s will.

6. Quantify

  • Definition: to express as a number or measure of quantity          
  • Synonyms: evaluate, gauge, assess, count  
  • Example: Would you like to quantify your result?

7. Quack

  • Definition: making noise        
  • Synonyms: uttering, vocalize, articulate      
  • Example: These are quacking every time.

8. Quilt

  • Definition: sewing something together        
  • Synonyms: darn, stitch, suture, repair   
  • Example: Recently, we quilted both curtains easily.

9. Quintuple

  • Definition: to be five times greater         
  • Synonyms: fivefold, arise, increase, multiply   
  • Example: Rates of petrol have quintupled within one year.

10. Quarry

  • Definition: to take something (especially stone) by extraction        
  • Synonyms: obtain, extract, mine, dig    
  • Example: We have been quarrying in that place.

Positive Verbs That Start with Q

By looking forward, we can see how positive verbs that start with Q can be used as a message-conveying source, especially in a positive manner. Furthermore, these can be employed to give a phrase or remark a positive tone and have an affirmative influence on the individual who is opposing you. As a result, there are a few key verbs that must be used:  

1. Quarantine

  • Definition: putting someone in isolation        
  • Synonyms: immure, enter, confine, lock up    
  • Example: You should quarantine all the new guests for a month.

2. Quackle  

  • Definition: to scrag someone        
  • Synonyms: strangle, choke, suffocate, garrote        
  • Example: A wise man quackled all of his bad desires.

3. Quat

  • Definition: to satiate something         
  • Synonyms: replete, gorge, overeat, fill         
  • Example: He was quatting praises at party.  

4. Quave        

  • Definition: the reflex motion of something       
  • Synonyms: tremble, jolt, wobble, quiver   
  • Example: The literate nation quaved corrupt government.  

5. Querken  

  • Definition: to become cause to gasp        
  • Synonyms: suffocate, moan   
  • Example: He querkened during the final race.

6. Querl

  • Definition: to turn around         
  • Synonyms: twirl, coil, wind around, whirl     
  • Example: Some government offices querl public.  

7. Quill 

  • Definition: to compose something    
  • Synonyms: writing, paraphrase, point down     
  • Example: Finally, the boy quilled all his assignments.  

8. Quirk  

  • Definition: twisting or curve abruptly        
  • Synonyms: shift, excuse, pretense, loophole      
  • Example: Unfortunately, she quirked the situation to the wrong side.

9. Quickstep  

  • Definition: to be ready for quick action        
  • Synonyms: march, action, battle    
  • Example: Commandos quickstepped to save mission.

Verbs That Start with Q to Describe a Person

Verbs that start with Q to describe a person could breathe new life into your work. Writing includes more than just putting words together in a logical order to convey information. The core essence of writing is selecting verbs that will convey your message in a clear and succinct manner. The following is a list of these verbs.  

1. Quest

  • Definition: seeking for any particular goal         
  • Synonyms: request, petition, prayer    
  • Example: She quested some money for her treatment.

2. Qualify

  • Definition: proving any ability          
  • Synonyms: eligible, capable, certify, license    
  • Example: This course qualifies you to teach in any secondary school.

3. Quaff

  • Definition: to swallow quickly         
  • Synonyms: drinking, swig, gulp     
  • Example: The man quaffed down all drinks.

4. Quarter

  • Definition: cutting something into four parts         
  • Synonyms: divide, distribute, trim     
  • Example: Mother quartered the pizza among children.  

5. Quirl

  • Definition: to curl multiple things each other         
  • Synonyms: twist, twine, wrap, rotate    
  • Example: Technician quirled both cables for better performance. 

6. Quote

  • Definition: taking highly influential words of others          
  • Synonyms: mention, speak, cite    
  • Example: Our teacher always quotes some words from novel named as “Forty Rules of Love”.

7. Question

  • Definition: to analyze something considering as valuable         
  • Synonyms: interrogate, inquiry, query     
  • Example: Marry always questions on valuable topics.

8. Queen

  • Definition: promoting someone to leader especially any lady        
  • Synonyms: crowned, upgrade, appoint   
  • Example: She was queened for long time.

9. Quicken 

  • Definition: moving faster          
  • Synonyms: accelerate, speed, invigorate     
  • Example: She quickened her courage to defeat enemies.

10. Quell

  • Definition: to suppress something        
  • Synonyms: subdue, put down, forcing    
  • Example: His efforts easily quelled the crimes.

Action Verbs That Start with Q

We can easily portray human behavior about a specific action using verbs. As a result, the following list of action verbs that start with Q will be about people’s actions that emphasize the accomplishment inside the sentence. So check these action words that start with Q.

1. Queer

  • Definition: making ineffective someone’s efforts           
  • Synonyms: frustrate, thwart, cross, invalidate     
  • Example: They were a lot more apt to queer it than help it. 

2. Queue

  • Definition: waiting someone in a line of people        
  • Synonyms: line up, align, cue,     
  • Example: Many customers are queuing in front of shop.

3. Quadruple 

  • Definition: becoming four times bigger         
  • Synonyms: quaternate, fourfold, quadruple      
  • Example: This month sales of shop have quadrupled.

4. Quantize   

  • Definition: limiting the number of possible vales of quantity         
  • Synonyms: compute, calculate, work out, figure    
  • Example: Just refer to quantize for the description of valuable objects.

5. Quieten  

  • Definition: becoming some sort of soundless      
  • Synonyms: quiet, hush, calm, tranquilize    
  • Example: The students Quietened when teacher came.

6. Quiver

  • Definition: slightly movement with shivering    
  • Synonyms: quake, shudder, shake, vibrate    
  • Example: Child’s lips quivered and then started to cray.

7. Quadruplicate

  • Definition: production of any entity four times much          
  • Synonyms: quadruple, quaternate, fourfold     
  • Example: This bill is quadruplicated because of manager.

8. Quail 

  • Definition: to lose heart        
  • Synonyms: frighten, discourage, fear, daunt    
  • Example: The boy quailed when they showed the slaughtering of the calf.

9. Quibble          

  • Definition: complaining someone in trivial manner        
  • Synonyms: argue, squabble, quarrel, tiff     
  • Example: You don’t need to quibble over electric bill.

10 Quiesce

  • Definition: to be quiet in some matter         
  • Synonyms: shut up, still, hush up, pipe down    
  • Example: The audience quiesced when the concert started.

English Verbs That Start with Q

Furthermore, there are a number of verbs starting with letter Q that completely expose the function of the verb within a clause, phrase, or sentence, as well as the subject’s performance in all circumstances. As a result, the category beneath emphasizes certain verb words that start with Q.

1. Quetch

  • Definition: to express any complain         
  • Synonyms: repine, discontent, nag    
  • Example: His brother was always quetching.

2. Quoin

  • Definition: to render (a wall) with quoins        
  • Synonyms: making corner, inclined   
  • Example: The white sheet walls quoined with blue sandstone blocks.

3. Quech

  • Definition: to mix something        
  • Synonyms: stir, blend, combine      
  • Example: She queched juice and took biscuit.

4. Quantitate

  • Definition: to find quantity in numerical terms        
  • Synonyms: quantify, estimate, evaluate     
  • Example: Scientist quantitated the body cells by advance microscope.  

5. Quadrate

  • Definition: making a square         
  • Synonyms: boxed, enclose, sculpt, incline,
  • Example: The labors quadrated whole plot for work.  

6. Queme

  • Definition: to satisfy someone        
  • Synonyms: please, comfort, content    
  • Example: She arranged a birthday party to queme her best father.

7. Quiddle

  • Definition: talking nonsense things        
  • Synonyms: waffle, vague, quibble     
  • Example: They are always quiddling with the teacher.

8. Quop

  • Definition: to quiver        
  • Synonyms: beat, pulsate, throb    
  • Example: His heart quopped due to incident.

9. Quench

  • Definition: to mix something        
  • Synonyms: blending, stir, agitate
  • Example: Jam quenched his tea and ate cake.

10. Quoit

  • Definition: to throw rings           
  • Synonyms: gamble, adventure, compete      
  • Example: College students were quoiting at beach side.

Useful List of Verbs That Start with Q

Basically, this section comprises verbs beginning with Q that are used in relatively common contexts. These could have an impact on official, casual, spoken, and written communication. Furthermore, this list of verbs that start with Q could include both complicated and simple terminology. As a result, here’s how it goes:

1. Quitch

  • Definition: to move something with effort either small or much        
  • Synonyms: shake, movement, stir, flinch    
  • Example: He used to quitch some tea leaves in soup.

2. Quire

  • Definition: to collect something as twenty-four in quantity         
  • Synonyms: stich, sew, gather, bind    
  • Example: Eventually he succeeds to quire gold leaves.

3. Qualm

  • Definition: having some sort of sickly feelings       
  • Synonyms: stress, worry, doubt     
  • Example: He qualms whenever he does something wrong.

4. Quant

  • Definition: propelling by using quant        
  • Synonyms: instruct, support, motivate, encourage
  • Example: She was quanted by the crown.

5. Quitclaim

  • Definition: releasing a claim                    
  • Synonyms: relinquish, renounce, waive, give up      
  • Example: The teacher will quitclaim his post to become head of school.

6. Quap

  • Definition: to flutter something         
  • Synonyms: quaver, tremble, shake      
  • Example: My whole body was quaping due to fever.   

7. Quoif

  • Definition: to arrange hair         
  • Synonyms: coif, design, decorate
  • Example: Michael’s hair is quoified by his mother.   

8. Quinch

  • Definition: to move or agitate          
  • Synonyms: blend, mix, stir      
  • Example: Teacher quinched all chemicals very carefully.   

9. Quod

  • Definition: to place convicted people          
  • Synonyms: imprison, caught, confine    
  • Example: All dangerous robbers were quoded for long time.

Unusual Verbs That Start with Q to Boost Vocabulary

We can employ a high degree of vocabulary with the use of unusual verbs that start with Q, and we may also come across a selection of uncommon, strange, and distinctive verbs. These will undoubtedly aid you in improving your grammar skills and gaining a better comprehension of the verb family as a component sentence. As a result, here is their list:

1. Quob

  • Definition: to be throb        
  • Synonyms: quiver, pulsate, beating    
  • Example: Their mind quobbed because of betrayal.

2. Quaver

  • Definition: shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness         
  • Synonyms: shiver, tremble, flutter    
  • Example: The old man was quavering during speech.  

3. Quash

  • Definition: to defeat someone decisively         
  • Synonyms: crush down, suppress, subdue    
  • Example: His great team quashed his enemies.

4. Quelch

  • Definition: to stir something         
  • Synonyms: shake, move, mix    
  • Example: She quelched the solution very well.

5. Quoth

  • Definition: to say something about anything         
  • Synonyms: comment, state, tell, utter    
  • Example: She will blame the selectors, quoth she.

6. Quay

  • Definition: to tie up        
  • Synonyms: land, bind, berth, moor      
  • Example: Yesterday, we quayed our boat there.

7. Quid

  • Definition: chewing something        
  • Synonyms: masticate, crush, crunch      
  • Example: I was guiding very sweet bubble gum. 

8. Quiff 

  • Definition: arranging something in a manner        
  • Synonyms: design, decorate, coif    
  • Example: My mother always quiffs my hair smoothly.

9. Quirt

  • Definition: to hit someone with quirt        
  • Synonyms: scourge, lash, whip  
  • Example: The instructor often quirts the students.

More Verbs That Start with Q

By incorporating some more verbs that start with the letter Q later in this section, your intellectual level will be increased. They will undoubtedly clear up any remaining uncertainties about the verb or its family, and these Q verbs will also broaden your mental approach to verbs and your English vocabulary. As a result, the following list is available:

1. Quick-freeze

  • Definition: freeze rapidly so as to preserve the natural juices and flavors
  • Synonyms: frost, ice, preserve, cool    
  • Example: Quick-freeze the shrimp please!

2. Quicksilver

  • Definition: to mix metal with mercury          
  • Synonyms: amalgamate, volatile, erratic    
  • Example: The factory was quicksilvering to raise selling rate.  

3. Quarterback

  • Definition: taking part in something like a leading character        
  • Synonyms: preside, operate, supervise, lead     
  • Example: She quarterbacks her cricket team at national level. 

4. Quinella

  • Definition: participation in any contest or sort of bet         
  • Synonyms: punt, parlay, ride    
  • Example: The boys were quinellaing yesterday morning.  

5. Quagmire

  • Definition: to embroil anyone in complexity or difficulty          
  • Synonyms: trouble, scrape, plight, pinch    
  • Example: John will quagmire when goes to lock up.

6. Quenelle

  • Definition: forming quenelle or to form mixture         
  • Synonyms: cooking, poach, boil    
  • Example: You just quenelle sauce and roast on a bowl.

7. Quisle    

  • Definition: the act of quisling (betraying one’s country)         
  • Synonyms: deceive, betray, fraud    
  • Example: She quisled for the last time further she won’t.

8. Quaere

  • Definition: asking question imperatively       
  • Synonyms: interrogate, inquire, query    
  • Example: Police officer quaered victim’s brother.

9. Quern

  • Definition: to grind something        
  • Synonyms: break down, crush, ruin     
  • Example: At earlier times querning is done by hands with stones.

10. Queep

  • Definition: to emit a specific sound like machine        
  • Synonyms: utterance, chirp, modulate   
  • Example: Suddenly the machine queeped and stop.

Verbs That Start with Q – Full List (84 Words)

The following list of verbs that start with Q includes all of the verbs that have been defined and described earlier and some more for you to learn yourself. Furthermore, this list will make it easier to recall all of the verbs described above and to visually face them.

  • Quack
  • Quieten
  • Quop
  • Quab
  • Quaver
  • Quay
  • Quiddle
  • Quinella
  • Quoin
  • Quich
  • Quarry
  • Query
  • Quadruple
  • Quant
  • Quickstep
  • Quick
  • Quat
  • Quake
  • Quirt
  • Quoif
  • Quave
  • Quantize
  • Quagmire
  • Quench
  • Quarantine
  • Quadrate
  • Qualm
  • Quarterback
  • Querl
  • Quiesce
  • Quill
  • Quick-freeze
  • Quiet
  • Quit
  • Quoit
  • Quob
  • Quetch
  • Quote
  • Querken
  • Quaff
  • Quicken
  • Quest
  • Quell
  • Quiver
  • Queer
  • Quilt
  • Quip
  • Quire
  • Quitch
  • Quod
  • Queue
  • Quid
  • Quoth
  • Quisle
  • Queen
  • Quail
  • Quap
  • Quern
  • Quitclaim
  • Quirl
  • Quirk
  • Quantify
  • Queme
  • Quiff
  • Quarter
  • Quibble
  • Quarrel
  • Quantise
  • Queep
  • Quelch
  • Quenelle
  • Quech
  • Quadruplicate
  • Quicksilver
  • Quintuple
  • Queck
  • Qualify
  • Quaere
  • Quash
  • Quiz
  • Quinch
  • Quackle
  • Question
  • Quantitate

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with Q

Finally, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your willingness to interact with us. We hope you learned a lot about verbs that start with Q. Apart from that, we’re guessing that many of your questions about this post have been answered. Furthermore, you are allowed to observe various characteristics of verbs that start with Q in various contexts.

Furthermore, you will benefit from this section if you use all verbs starting with Q in your phrases, and the examples above will assist you in using these verbs in subsequent sentences. Furthermore, as an English language student, you will clearly develop academic talent quickly because there are synonyms and sentences relating to the supplied verb.

This post will undoubtedly aid your content writing career and help you improve your speaking and writing fluency. Furthermore, the following article can answer any questions you could have regarding employing verbs beginning with Q in your writings and presentations.

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