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126 Verbs That Start with U | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

Verbs are extremely useful and play an important role in our daily lives therefore this article discusses verbs that start with U. If you want to be fluent in English, then you should practice these verbs that start with U.

Verbs are an essential component of not simply English, but all languages. A language cannot function without these verbs that start with U. So, keep reading this article to learn some new verbs beginning with U. These verbs will aid in the expansion of your vocabulary and the improvement of your writing skills.

If a person is serious about expanding his vocabulary, he/she should study these informative terms as if you have a strong vocabulary then you can inspire people in a variety of ways, including by teaching them new words as you speak to them so they remember them in a better way.

This article’s list of verbs that begin with the letter U is divided into categories based on their usage. Make sure to keep reading the action words that start with U to find out what they are.

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Common Verbs That Start with U

If you’re experiencing difficulty in expanding your vocabulary, then we are providing several easy and common verbs that start with U. The below verbs starting with U might be extremely helpful to you.

1. Unbox

  • Definition: to take something out of a box
  • Synonyms: takeout, take out, empty
  • Example: She unboxed her birthday gifts.

2. Undercut

  • Definition: remove the underside of
  • Synonyms: undermine, cut, hollow
  • Example: The Company will be able to undercut its competition while still profiting.

3. Unbalance

  • Definition: to throw off the balance of one’s mind; to render mad
  • Synonyms: disequilibrium, instability
  • Example: Her stress threatened to unbalance her mind.

4. Underline

  • Definition: to draw a line or lines beneath the image to draw attention to it.
  • Synonyms: highlight, point out, indicate
  • Example: The teacher underlines the wrong answers.

5. Underestimate

  • Definition: create an overly pessimistic assessment of
  • Synonyms: underrate, belittle, undervalue
  • Example: She underestimates the amount of effort that went into the project.

6. Understudy

  • Definition: to learn the lines of other actors in a play, so that you can replace them if necessary, for example if they are ill
  • Synonyms: substitute, cover
  • Example: Big roles are always given to big stars, so understudying is the only way in the beginning.

7. Undertake

  • Definition: enter into a legally binding agreement
  • Synonyms: begin, launch, offer
  • Example: Students are required to undertake simple experiments.

8. Undress

  • Definition: to take off the clothing
  • Synonyms: unmask, disrobe, shed
  • Example: The nurse undresses the injured patient.

9. Unpack

  • Definition: take it out of its packaging
  • Synonyms: take out, unload, empty
  • Example: He went to his office to unpack his belongings.

10. Unfold

  • Definition: expand or stretch to a longer or complete length
  • Synonyms: spread, display, expand
  • Example: We can fit eight people around the table if we unfold it.

Positive Verbs That Start with U

Positive words are generally believed to be calming and nourishing to the soul. The given positive verbs that start with U will change your perspective on life and encourage you to think more deeply.

1. Unite

  • Definition: to become a part of a group
  • Synonyms: join, affiliate, link
  • Example: The two stores will unite to form a big hall.

2. Utter

  • Definition: to convey vocally
  • Synonyms: articulate, mutter, recite
  • Example: After the accident, she could not even utter a single word.

3. Use

  • Definition: to put something such as a tool, skill, or building to a particular purpose
  • Synonyms: utilize
  • Example: These lights are used for illuminating the playing area.

4. Usurp

  • Definition: to claim as one’s own right or ownership
  • Synonyms: annex, assume, arrogate
  • Example: A handful of attempts were made to usurp the young monarch.

5. Usher

  • Definition: to take someone to their seats
  • Synonyms: steer, conduct, initiate
  • Example: She was ushered into the principal’s office.

6. Update

  • Definition: bring it up to date in terms of technology
  • Synonyms: amend, renew, restore
  • Example: I just updated the software.

7. Upsell

  • Definition: to try to persuade (a consumer) to buy something extra or at a greater price
  • Synonyms: trade, advertise
  • Example: They begin upselling by proposing upgrades to a higher-class accommodation.

8. Undergo

  • Definition: to go through
  • Synonyms: endure, have, endure
  • Example: Most athletes undergo some sort of exercises.

9. Uncork

  • Definition: to take the cork out of (bottles)
  • Synonyms: expand, free, release
  • Example: Lopez uncorked the bottles of champagne.

10. Underwrite

  • Definition: to agree to buy or guarantee something
  • Synonyms: approve, provide, secure
  • Example: No company will be willing to underwrite such loss.

Verbs That Start with U to Describe a Person

This section contains verbs that start with U to describe a person. These verbs may be used for a variety of purposes and can also help you express yourself more effectively.

1. Universalize

  • Definition: to make everything universal
  • Synonyms: generalize, normalize
  • Example: The stories in this author’s collection universalize modern themes.

2. Undermine

  • Definition: to ruin property or obstruct regular activities
  • Synonyms: erode, hurt, ruin
  • Example: She was always trying to undermine his self-assurance.

3. Unbar

  • Definition: remove one from the bars/ doors
  • Synonyms: let go, disengage, liberate
  • Example: The gatekeeper unbarred the school’s gate.

4. Unnerve

  • Definition: to disrupt the tranquility
  • Synonyms: bewilder, daunt, agitate
  • Example: Ordinary folks are unnerved by the rising housing prices.

5. Uninstall

  • Definition: to remove something especially from computer/ phone
  • Synonyms: abolish, delete, eject
  • Example: If you dislike the app, simply uninstall it and forget about it.

6. Underscore

  • Definition: lend more weight to (a communication)
  • Synonyms: highlight, mark, indicate
  • Example: These failures underscore the difficulties of what we’re seeking to do.

7. Undulate

  • Definition: move in a wavy pattern or in an up-and-down manner
  • Synonyms: flow, heave, billow
  • Example: I adore the Dales’ softly undulating slopes.

8. Unbutton

  • Definition: unfasten the buttons of
  • Synonyms: loose, open, undo
  • Example: He’d started unbuttoning his shirt.

9. Undeceive

  • Definition: devoid of trickery or delusion
  • Synonyms: disenchant, disabuse
  • Example: Her actions gradually undeceived him as to her genuine intentions.

Action Verbs That Start with U

In the below section, the list of verbs is intended to memorize the action words that start with U. These action verbs that start with U come in handy when it comes to expanding your vocabulary.

1. Uplift

  • Definition: to fill with euphoria
  • Synonyms: boost, cheer, elate
  • Example: The purpose of art is to uplift the mind and spirit.

2. Upgrade

  • Definition: assign to a higher rank or grant a promotion to
  • Synonyms: promote, increase, enhance
  • Example: The indexing software may be easily upgraded.

3. Utilize

  • Definition: put to work or use for a certain purpose
  • Synonyms: apply, exploit, handle
  • Example: The farmers must utilize the available resources.

4. Understand

  • Definition:  to accept the nature or significance of
  • Synonyms: apprehend, tolerate
  • Example: We must understand the reason behind his aggression.

5. Uncap

  • Definition: to take off a cap or covering
  • Synonyms: untie, unroll,
  • Example: Uncapping this new sort of bottle is simple.

6. Unshackle

  • Definition: to be liberated
  • Synonyms: detach, free, rescue
  • Example: Chloe can unshackle you from the lust of money.

7. Unscramble

  • Definition: make comprehensible
  • Synonyms: clarify, shorten, analyze
  • Example: He unscrambled the old messages.

8. Unfetter

  • Definition: to be released from fetters
  • Synonyms: deliver, free, rescue
  • Example: This is definitely an unfettered decision.

9. Undo

  • Definition: to cancel out
  • Synonyms: loosen, unlock, untie
  • Example: The child is unable to undo his shoelaces.

10. Unsubscribe

  • Definition: to stopover subscribing
  • Synonyms: delete, remove, unfollow
  • Example: You may unsubscribe from the newsletter by going to the website now.

English Verbs That Start with U

If you are a beginner and just starting to learn English, these are some verbs starting with letter U. These verb words that start with U are pretty common and you can always use them in your daily life.

1. Upholster

  • Definition: offer cushioning, springs, webbing, and coverings for furniture
  • Synonyms: drape, slipcover, plump
  • Example: Clara would want the chairs to be upholstered in soft material.

2. Unwind

  • Definition: reversing the twisting or winding of
  • Synonyms: unravel, free, loosen
  • Example: Trix shake the rope to allow the coils to unwind.

3. Untangle

  • Definition: cause undoing by separating the strands or threads of
  • Synonyms: clear up, explain, solve
  • Example: I’m having trouble untangling these accounts.

4. Unthread

  • Definition: to draw or pull a thread from
  • Synonyms: unknot, unlace, undo
  • Example: He took the needle from my sash and unthreaded the red string.

5. Uphold

  • Definition: assistance in defeating an opponent
  • Synonyms: confirm, advocate, promote
  • Example: They have a legal obligation to uphold the law.

6. Unsolder

  • Definition: to take away the soldering
  • Synonyms:  fasten, unite, patch
  • Example: The row of pins must be unsoldered.

7. Unearth

  • Definition: recover by digging
  • Synonyms: bring to light, discover, exhibit
  • Example: Archaeologists still unearth human bones here on a regular basis.

8. Unionize

  • Definition: organize or recruit for a union
  • Synonyms: combine, corporate, associate
  • Example: The industrial workers agreed to unionize.

9. Unharness

  • Definition: take the harness off
  • Synonyms: unhitch, undo
  • Example: Bella made no effort to unharness herself from the parachute.

10. Unseat

  • Definition: eradicate oneself from a seat.
  • Synonyms: dismount, get down
  • Example: She discovered that she couldn’t unseat him.

Useful List of Verbs That Start with U

These are some useful verbs beginning with U that you are likely to use and are already familiar with. So, keep reading the below list of verbs that start with U and decide for yourself whether you recognize them or not.

1. Uproot

  • Definition: violently remove (people) from their homes
  • Synonyms: demolish, displace, exile
  • Example: Many people were uprooted as a result of this fight.

2. Unload

  • Definition: to take off the load
  • Synonyms: clear out, dump, get rid of
  • Example: The farmer unloads the bags of wheat.

3. Urbanize

  • Definition: make it look more industrial or urban
  • Synonyms: sophisticate, metropolitanize
  • Example: Some people opposed to urbanize the country, preferring that money be invested on roads instead.

4. Undervalue

  • Definition: to assign a value that is too low
  • Synonyms: devalue, underrate, minimize
  • Example: One should never undervalue the significance of liberty.

5. Unravel

  • Definition: to become undone
  • Synonyms: resolve, disclose, sort out
  • Example: His office began to unravel because of the lazy employees.

6. Unwrap

  • Definition: remove the outer wrapper or cover
  • Synonyms: free, untie, unroll
  • Example: Let’s start unwrapping the presents!

7. Underrate

  • Definition: to fail to recognize the importance, value, skill, power, etc., of someone or something
  • Synonyms: underestimate
  • Example: Never underrate your opponent in a political contest.

8. Urge

  • Definition: impel or push in a specific direction
  • Synonyms: advice, ask, endorse
  • Example: Mother urged his son to complete the home task.

9. Uncover

  • Definition: to discover something secret or hidden or remove something covering something else
  • Synonyms: discover, detect
  • Example: The biography is an attempt to uncover the inner man.

10. Upend

  • Definition: to push or move something so that the part that usually touches the ground is not touching the ground any more
  • Synonyms: push, move
  • Example: She upended the chessboard halfway through the game because she was losing

Unusual Verbs That Start with U to Boost Vocabulary

In the section below, you’ll find a list of unusual verbs that start with U which are both entertaining and helpful. So, continue reading to improve your English language skills.

1. Unbuckle

  • Definition: unfasten the buckle of
  • Synonyms: release, unbelt, unloose
  • Example: Kindly, unbuckle your seat belt.

2. Bridle

  • Definition: to let go or to be liberated from restriction
  • Synonyms: enthusiastic, crazy
  • Example: Children have an unbridled craze for candies.

3. Unbind

  • Definition: untying or unfastening
  • Synonyms: free, release, disengage
  • Example: She unbound her hair and let it sway in the breeze.

4. Ulcerate

  • Definition: affected by an ulcer
  • Synonyms: blister, decay, gall
  • Example: Aspirin can cause to ulcerate the stomach.

5. Unbolt

  • Definition: to remove the bolt
  • Synonyms: ease, alleviate, release
  • Example: Clay unbolted the main door.

6. Unfurl

  • Definition: to be unroll
  • Synonyms: unfold, open up, spread out
  • Example: They began to unfurl all of the sails.

7. Unhinge

  • Definition: upset the mind, make one feel uneasy, or cause one to be concerned or scared
  • Synonyms: fluster, detach, distract
  • Example: She was unhinged by her cousin’s death.

8. Unhook

  • Definition: to remove a hook
  • Synonyms: save, rescue, loose
  • Example: He started unhooking the keys.

9. Unmuzzle

  • Definition: take off the muzzle from (a dog)
  • Synonyms: get rid of, release
  • Example: He unmuzzled the dog when his friends left the house.

10. Unsaddle

  • Definition: take the saddle off
  • Synonyms: withdraw, take away, off saddle
  • Example: When he was unsaddling, he was greeted with a raucous welcome.

More Verbs That Start with U

Verbs that start with the letter U are almost used everywhere and by everyone. Among the hundreds of verbs, these U verbs are those from which everyone is familiar.

1. Unstick

  • Definition: to liberate oneself from a condition of attachment
  • Synonyms: detach, disjoin, free
  • Example: Joe couldn’t unstick the Pepsi caps out of her waste disposal.

2. Unseal

  • Definition: to remove the seal
  • Synonyms: free, open, remove
  • Example: The little boy finally unsealed his lips.

3. Unlace

  • Definition: untie the knots of
  • Synonyms: let go, ease, detach
  • Example: The boy took a seat to unlace his boots.

4. Unroll

  • Definition: to be unrolled, unfolded, or spread out
  • Synonyms: uncover, reveal
  • Example: He unrolled the lead to put the oven plug into the socket.

5. Unveil

  • Definition: take off or to reveal
  • Synonyms: tell, open, disclose
  • Example: She hopes to unveil the secret.

6. Unmask

  • Definition: to expose the actual nature
  • Synonyms: expose, uncover, bare
  • Example: He will unmask that cowardly fraud.

7. Untwist

  • Definition: open or cause to open from a twisted position
  • Synonyms: free, loosen, unbraid
  • Example: She took the champagne bottle’s wire and untwisted it.

8. Unnail

  • Definition: to undo by removing nails
  • Synonyms: unfasten, separate
  • Example: My mother unnailed the fence planks.

9. Unplug

  • Definition: to remove the plug
  • Synonyms: lance, draw, use
  • Example: Kindly unplug the television before going to office.

10. Unpick

  • Definition: cause undoing by separating the strands
  • Synonyms: unknot, untangle, unravel
  • Example: She didn’t want to unpick the hurdles.

Verbs That Start with U – Full List (126 Words)

Here is the full list of verbs that start with U and can be used to make others feel alive, happy, and confident. Let’s revise all the verbs to memorize them.

  • Unload
  • Unscrew
  • Uninstall
  • Unleash
  • Unbelt
  • Unpick
  • Unbutton
  • Unbalance
  • Untie
  • Usher
  • Unlock
  • Unhinge
  • Unjoin
  • Unveil
  • Unstitch
  • Unsettle
  • Unseal
  • Unthread
  • Unnail
  • Unbridle
  • Unbuckle
  • Unpack
  • Unbind
  • Unharness
  • Understand
  • Urbanize
  • Undulate
  • Unhitch
  • Utilize
  • Uncloak
  • Uncurl
  • Underwrite
  • Underrate
  • Unbias
  • Unclothe
  • Untangle
  • Unfreeze
  • Use
  • Usurp
  • Undeceive
  • Understudy
  • Unfetter
  • Unwind
  • Unswaddle
  • Underlay
  • Unfold
  • Unravel
  • Unman
  • Unmask
  • Uncrate
  • Uproot
  • Unstring
  • Unbolt
  • Unseat
  • Undermine
  • Urinate
  • Unbar
  • Unsubscribe
  • Unsolder
  • Unbraid
  • Upsell
  • Unify
  • Upset
  • Unsaddle
  • Unwrap
  • Unmuzzle
  • Unbewitch
  • Unanchor
  • Unfasten
  • Unionize
  • Unearth
  • Undergo
  • Unfurl
  • Unclog
  • Unplug
  • Unplait
  • Up
  • Undo
  • Upholster
  • Undomesticate
  • Unpleat
  • Unlearn
  • Uncover
  • Undress
  • Uplift
  • Undervalue
  • Upbear
  • Unbox
  • Underscore
  • Upload
  • Utter
  • Unstick
  • Underestimate
  • Unnerve
  • Ulcerate
  • Underfong
  • Upend
  • Uphold
  • Uncork
  • Unroll
  • Undercut
  • Undertake
  • Uncoil
  • Universalize
  • Upgrade
  • Upcheer
  • Unconfound
  • Unbenumb
  • Underline
  • Unknot
  • Unlace
  • Underbid
  • Update
  • Uncouple
  • Underbear
  • Unite
  • Upstand
  • Unburden
  • Urge
  • Unshackle
  • Unbethink
  • Unhook
  • Undersell
  • Untwist
  • Uncap
  • Unscramble

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with U

Thank you for reading the whole article which contains verbs starting with U. We tried all our best to mention all the informative and important verbs that start with U in this article.

Do these verbs beginning with U seem to be a perfect fit for you? While reading these words, I’m sure you’ll come across some familiar verbs as well as some unfamiliar ones which results in learning about new ones.

You can revise this article whenever you need some of the mentioned verbs that start with U. This article will not only assist you with your requirements but will also help you in enhancing your English speaking and writing abilities. Continue reading to expand your vocabulary, and I hope you enjoyed this article.

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