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185 Verbs That Start with T | Best List Ever with Definitions and Examples

by Kimi

If you are looking for verbs that start with T, then you are at the right place. This article will provide several lists and categories of verbs beginning with T to boost and enhance your vocabulary. Go through all the mentioned categories and lists of verbs that start with T and then you will be able to speak and write an effective language.

Verbs play a key role in everyday speaking and writing as every sentence is incomplete without the presence of verbs. So, the mentioned verbs will also help you to figure out the action words that start with T, and then you will be able to use them while speaking and writing. All you need is to note down the given verbs and more importantly to memorize them.

Following are the lists of verbs that start with T for you and all the verbs are informative and validated as they are chosen from recognized English dictionaries that you should learn and incorporate into your everyday routine. Let’s begin to read the informative article and this will wow you if you enjoy reading it.

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Common Verbs That Start with T

Some verbs starting with T are frequently and commonly used in our daily speech and writings. Below is the list of some verbs that start with T that you might have come across before.

1. Talk

  • Definition: to convey oneself verbally
  • Synonyms: utter, speak, chat
  • Example: She often talks about love.

2. Train

  • Definition: function as a trainer or coach, to supervise someone
  • Synonyms: groom, prepare
  • Example: She is training our football team.

3. Type

  • Definition: to identify as a member of a specific group
  • Synonyms: print, lettering
  • Example: It is impossible to type such folks.

4. Tell

  • Definition: to give a full account of or narrate
  • Synonyms: apprise, notify, inform
  • Example: The grandmother told her daughter a story.

5. Transfer

  • Definition: to move from one location to another
  • Synonyms: carry, shift, move
  • Example: The patient was transferred into ICU.

6. Thank

  • Definition: to show appreciation
  • Synonyms: bless, praise
  • Example: John thanked his friend for the help.

7. Throw

  • Definition: cause for a fall
  • Synonyms: flip, thrust, switch
  • Example: The inexperienced horse threw the rider.

8. Time

  • Definition: to set the speed or the method of execution
  • Synonyms: plan, schedule, set
  • Example: Our automotive manufacturing process is meticulously timed.

9. Test

  • Definition: to examine a person’s understanding of a subject
  • Synonyms: analyze, try, verify
  • Example: Will you test me on the chemistry I’ve been learning?

10. Transmit

  • Definition: message sent from one person to another
  • Synonyms: carry, convey, pass on
  • Example: The employee transmits a message to his boss.

Positive Verbs That Start with T

The positive verbs add a positive meaning to our speech and writing. They result in spreading positivity to describe our feelings, skills, and emotions. Let’s read the following positive verbs that start with T.

1. Take

  • Definition: the act of taking something into one’s possession
  • Synonyms: grab, grip, grasp
  • Example: Kindly, take the shopping bags.

2. Tame

  • Definition: to reduce the intensity
  • Synonyms: moderate, tone down
  • Example: Some of the author’s potentially objectionable words were finally tamed.

3. Think

  • Definition: to consider
  • Synonyms: imagine, suppose, guess
  • Example: I think she is really intelligent girl.

4. Tog

  • Definition: put clothing on or furnish with clothes
  • Synonyms: clothing, garb, covering
  • Example: He got togged up hiking boots for the hike.

5. Tone

  • Definition: If you tone a part of the body, you make it firmer and stronger, usually by doing physical exercise
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: This is a good exercise for toning up the thighs.

6. Transform

  • Definition: to change
  • Synonyms: convert, alter, change
  • Example: He transferred the messy room into a clean one.

7. Try

  • Definition: to endeavor or make an effort
  • Synonyms: work, aspire
  • Example: Try to flourish your work.

8. Transpire

  • Definition: occurring or to happen
  • Synonyms: arise, ensue, chance
  • Example: We have no idea what will transpire when we get a new boss.

9. Turf

  • Definition: to be dismissed from a position
  • Synonyms: sward, sod, peat
  • Example: All the managers were turfed after the big loss.

10. Theorize

  • Definition: to build or create theories
  • Synonyms: speculate, formulate, guess
  • Example: It’s simple to theorize on what may have happened.

Verbs That Start with T to Describe a Person

There are several verbs that start with T to describe a person as they are common. Continue reading to learn what those verbs are and whether or not you are familiar with them.

1. Typewrite

  • Definition: to write by means of a typewriter; type
  • Synonyms: type, write
  • Example: Please typewrite all that you hear.

2. Tutor

  • Definition: provide individual instruction as a tutor
  • Synonyms: educate, coach, clue
  • Example: She tutored us in German.

3. Tucker

  • Definition: to weary; tire; exhaust
  • Synonyms: beat, exhaust, wash up
  • Example: The game tuckered him out.

4. Thieve

  • Definition: to take something by means of stealing
  • Synonyms: hook, rob, loot
  • Example: John thieves money from the bank.

5. Temper

  • Definition: add anything extra to make it more moderate or desirable
  • Synonyms: ease, abate, curb
  • Example: I learned to temper my criticism.

6. Team

  • Definition: to establish a group
  • Synonyms: affiliate, attach, collude
  • Example: They teamed up for their upcoming match.

7. Teach

  • Definition: transferring of knowledge
  • Synonyms: coach, lecture, train
  • Example: The kids are taught to obey their school rules.

8. Taper

  • Definition: progressively decrease
  • Synonyms: decrease, narrow
  • Example: The lights are gradually tapered.

9. Tailor

  • Definition: adapt to a particular requirement or market
  • Synonyms: adapt, alter, conform
  • Example: Tailor your requirements according to your surroundings.

10. Tourney

  • Definition: to participate in a tournament
  • Synonyms: clash, attack, bout
  • Example: European warriors also tourneyed in their country.

Action Verbs That Start with T

The most common types of T verbs are action words that start with T as they highlight our actions and the things we do. Let’s memorize the given action verbs that start with T.

1. Tweet

  • Definition: make a chirping or faint sound
  • Synonyms: twinge, chirp
  • Example: A little bird was tweeting in the early morning

2. Tar

  • Definition: to put tar on a surface, esp. a road
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: They tarred the road within two days.

5. Tear

  • Definition: divide or cause to split up suddenly
  • Synonyms: rip up, shred
  • Example: Kindly, tear the useless papers.

4. Terminate

  • Definition: to remove someone from an office or position
  • Synonyms: abolish, cancel, abort
  • Example: The agreement can be terminated by any side.

5. Titter

  • Definition: to laugh nervously, often at something that you feel you should not be laughing at
  • Synonyms: giggle
  • Example: A couple of the younger teachers tittered at his dirty jokes.

6. Target

  • Definition: intend (something) to go in the direction of a specific aim
  • Synonyms: aim, point, direct
  • Example: The teacher is targeting the attentive students.

7. Tabulate

  • Definition: to organize or input data in a tabular format
  • Synonyms: arrange, codify, list
  • Example: Tabulating the findings took me ten hours.

8. Twinkle

  • Definition: emitting or reflecting light in a jerky way
  • Synonyms: gleam, glow, glint
  • Example: The stars are twinkling in black sky.

9. Taunt

  • Definition: annoy by constant criticism or whining
  • Synonyms: insult, mock, deride
  • Example: He taunts me and beat me up.

10. Tot

  • Definition: to calculate the total, to sum up
  • Synonyms: cast, count, calculate
  • Example: She tot up the amount for the rent.

English Verbs That Start with T

No one can construct any sentence without the usage of verb words that start with T as they are the key to giving proper information. Below is the list of verbs starting with letter T.

1. Tack

  • Definition: to construct by combining components or members
  • Synonyms: aim, bend, tangent
  • Example: She tacked together some pieces of poetry.

2. Tally

  • Definition: maintain track of the score, much as in a game
  • Synonyms: mark, account, tab
  • Example: The numbers didn’t appear to tally.

3. Transmute

  • Definition: a change in shape, appearance, or nature
  • Synonyms: transform, change, alter
  • Example: Their life tales were transmuted into the fiction works.

4. Tap

  • Definition: o hit something gently, and often repeatedly, especially making short, sharp noises
  • Synonyms: valve, cock, knock
  • Example: She was tapping her fingers anxiously on the table.

5. Transfix

  • Definition: to immobilize, as with a fixed look or by instilling fear or awe
  • Synonyms: mesmerize, fascinate
  • Example: The calming voice of the singer had them all transfixed.

6. Tempt

  • Definition: to arouse desire by being appealing or enticing
  • Synonyms: dare, charm, invite
  • Example: Nothing could tempt me to stay here.

7. Thrill

  • Definition: overflowing with divine passion
  • Synonyms: delight, inspire, tickle
  • Example: He relished the thrills of the hunt.

8. Tilt

  • Definition: move sideways or in a shaky manner
  • Synonyms: bend, dip, shift
  • Example: Her cap was tilted.

9. Top

  • Definition: to furnish with a top or to complete a top (of a structure)
  • Synonyms: exceed, surpass,
  • Example: She topped the mountain in the evening.

10. Tow

  • Definition: to drag backwards
  • Synonyms: pull, drag
  • Example: Barges were towed along the canal by horses.

Useful List of Verbs That Start with T

Following verbs beginning with T are useful, commonly used, and easy to remember. So, read the below list of verbs that start with T.

1. Travel

  • Definition: move, journey, or progress, both literally and symbolically
  • Synonyms: proceed, move
  • Example: People nowadays travel by plane.

2. Transport

  • Definition: transporting something or someone; generally over vast distances
  • Synonyms: convey, move, shift
  • Example: A van at office transports the employees to their houses.

3. Treat

  • Definition: resolving a problem
  • Synonyms: deal with, cherish
  • Example: My fractured leg was treated by the doctor.

4. Trouble

  • Definition: make an effort to achieve something; be concerned about one’s own well-being
  • Synonyms: bother, disturb, worry
  • Example: She didn’t trouble to call her friend on her weeding.

5. Turn

  • Definition: revolve around an axis or a focal point
  • Synonyms: spin, rotate, revolve
  • Example: The wheels of bicycle are turning.

6. Tie

  • Definition: use a rope, thread, or cable to attach or secure
  • Synonyms: bind, strap, connection
  • Example: Tie the knot as much as possible.

7. Tip

  • Definition: to give someone who has provided you with a service an extra amount of money to thank them
  • Synonyms: (none)
  • Example: Don’t forget to tip the waiter.

8. Tend

  • Definition: to be likely to behave in a particular way or have a particular characteristic
  • Synonyms: be likely to
  • Example: He tends to be excited for his performance.

9. Touch

  • Definition: come into contact with
  • Synonyms: meet, join, connect
  • Example: For good luck, touch the stone.

10. Torture

  • Definition: the act of causing great physical or mental pain in order to persuade someone to do something or to give information, or to be cruel to a person or animal
  • Synonyms: punish, abuse, mistreat
  • Example: A large number of the refugees have been tortured.

Unusual Verbs That Start with T to Boost Vocabulary

Several verbs are unusual and people don’t even know about such verbs. If you want to learn new verbs then below is the list of some unusual verbs that start with T, which might help you.

1. Teeter

  • Definition: sway or to move in an unsteady, rocking manner
  • Synonyms: toddle, totter
  • Example: The kids teeter at the park.

2. Teethe

  • Definition: develop teeth; remove baby teeth
  • Synonyms: grow, develop
  • Example: The baby is now teething.

3. Taint

  • Definition: to spoil something or give it an unpleasant quality
  • Synonyms: spoil, ruin
  • Example: His reputation was permanently tainted by the financial scandal.

4. Transgress

  • Definition: ignore laws, regulations, commitments, or agreements
  • Synonyms: err, misbehave
  • Example: Your statements must not transgress any local laws.

5. Tarnish

  • Definition: create filthy or splotchy, as through air exposure
  • Synonyms: rust, discolor, stain
  • Example: Silver tarnishes easily.

6. Trek

  • Definition: go a long and arduous distance
  • Synonyms: tramp, hike
  • Example: The team trekked towards the South Pole.

7. Tamp

  • Definition: to press down firmly
  • Synonyms: compress, compact
  • Example: Tom tamped down the tobacco with his thumb.

8. Thaw

  • Definition: soften or liquidize
  • Synonyms: melt, defrost
  • Example: Before cooking, thaw the frozen meat.

9. Thresh

  • Definition: squeezing the seeds from a grain
  • Synonyms: shift, separate
  • Example: Wheat is being threshed by the farmers.

10. Thwart

  • Definition: impair or obstruct (someone’s) efforts, goals, or desires
  • Synonyms: foil, baffle, balk
  • Example: She must thwart his nefarious plans.

More Verbs That Start with T

It is important to know and learn new T verbs to use them in our writings and speech. The verbs listed below are the verbs that start with the letter T.

1. Twist

  • Definition: to create a spiral shape
  • Synonyms: warp, crush
  • Example: The trail twisted its way through the woods.

2. Trade

  • Definition: submit as payment or a portion of payment for a purchase
  • Synonyms: market, deal
  • Example: Trade in your old vehicle for a new one.

3. Trace

  • Definition: to find, or ascertain the course of something’s growth
  • Synonyms: discover, detect, find
  • Example: She traced the circumstances surrounding her birth.

4. Tolerate

  • Definition: to allow the presence of (an activity) without opposing or forbidding it
  • Synonyms: bear, allow, permit
  • Example: Our teacher cannot tolerate noise in the class.

5. Transplant

  • Definition: raise and reposition in a different soil or environment
  • Synonyms: move, transfer, transport
  • Example: Young rice plants should be transplanted.

6. Toss

  • Definition: fling with a light motion
  • Synonyms: flip, pitch
  • Example: He should toss out all those outdated publications.

7. Thrust

  • Definition: to push or compel
  • Synonyms: shove, propel
  • Example: He thrust the bag into his hand.

8. Thrive

  • Definition: to expand rapidly, make steady development
  • Synonyms: flourish, bloom prosper
  • Example: The new worker is thriving.

9. Trickle

  • Definition: to flow slowly
  • Synonyms: flow, drip
  • Example: Water trickled across the yard from the broken hose.

10. Testify

  • Definition: give proof for
  • Synonyms: prove
  • Example: His actions testified to his incompetence.

Verbs That Start with T – Full List (185 Words)

Here is the full list of verbs that start with T; you will find hundreds of verbs that begin with T. Let’s go over the verbs on the list to help you remember them.

  • Tweet
  • Tend
  • Trumpet
  • Thumb
  • Telephone
  • Truncate
  • Teethe
  • Thrive
  • Twitch
  • Toady
  • Taint
  • Throttle
  • Threat
  • Tailor
  • Titivate
  • Thicken
  • Title
  • Trek
  • Tax
  • Train
  • Text
  • Truss
  • Trim
  • Term
  • Trustee
  • Twinkle
  • Tremble
  • Trade
  • Thin
  • Tidy
  • Tamp
  • Top
  • Tender
  • Trust
  • Torpedo
  • Team
  • Tabulate
  • Tell
  • Tap
  • Throb
  • Target
  • Thread
  • Translate
  • Teach
  • Tackle
  • Thwart
  • Transplant
  • Theorize
  • Tinkle
  • Triple
  • Teem
  • Tick
  • Tide
  • Type
  • Transfer
  • Tie
  • Turmoil
  • Transfuse
  • Tarnish
  • Tame
  • Transpose
  • Triumph
  • Trick
  • Typewrite
  • Tune
  • Toss
  • Transfigure
  • Tickle
  • Tilt
  • Tighten
  • Tipple
  • Try
  • Trespass
  • Temper
  • Trouble
  • Teeter
  • Transform
  • Tube
  • Trench
  • Toboggan
  • Totter
  • Transfix
  • Terminate
  • Thank
  • Tot
  • Tuck
  • Twist
  • Treat
  • Torment
  • Trace
  • Transcend
  • Topple
  • Terrify
  • Titillate
  • Test
  • Talk
  • Tucker
  • Transmit
  • Thrum
  • Tamper
  • Thieve
  • Tempt
  • Timber
  • Tag
  • Trot
  • Travel
  • Tail
  • Toll
  • Turn
  • Toddle
  • Threaten
  • Trump
  • Torture
  • Tumefy
  • Thatch
  • Take
  • Transpire
  • Transmigrate
  • Trigger
  • Tariff
  • Tile
  • Travesty
  • Trip
  • Treasure
  • Tog
  • Tinge
  • Trickle
  • Triangulate
  • Taste
  • Tyrannize
  • Tally
  • Tweak
  • Thresh
  • Trepan
  • Transgress
  • Toughen
  • Tone
  • Touch
  • Thrust
  • Track
  • Televize
  • Tutor
  • Thaw
  • Tip
  • Tout
  • Transport
  • Tumble
  • Tease
  • Thrash
  • Taper
  • Transmute
  • Taunt
  • Thrill
  • Tow
  • Tan
  • Tolerate
  • Toy
  • Telegraph
  • Trample
  • Tire
  • Temporize
  • Tangle
  • Tint
  • Trail
  • Tattoo
  • Tousle
  • Throw
  • Toast
  • Tear
  • Tun
  • Testify
  • Turf
  • Tetanize
  • Thunder
  • Time
  • Titter
  • Trap
  • Tourney
  • Total
  • Tar
  • Tool
  • Traipse
  • Think
  • Tack
  • Terrorize

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with T

All of these verbs that start with T are extremely strong and motivating. If you wish to improve your thinking and intellectual level, this article can help you do so. It has sufficient facts to make you stronger and more confident. This will also assist you in improving your speaking abilities. To gain a handle on them, practice with a friend.

The verbs beginning with T will astonish you and give you a surge of energy. Continue to read and put forth the effort to enhance your English and impress those around you. This article on verbs that start with T will help you with that.

You can share the article regarding verbs starting with T with your friends and family to enhance their vocabulary. You will feel more confident, focused, and full of positive energy after reading this article.

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